Sunday, March 18, 2012

Planning Geocaching Days Out

Geocaching planning using the map

I don’t know if you’re like me, but come the weekend my motley crew and I want to go out geocaching.  Trouble is that it usually gets left to me to organise things.  And with that invariably comes a list of requirements: injuries that mean we have to limit the distance walking, or restrictions due to someone needing to be back by a certain time, or warnings that people are bringing pets and so don’t want to cross a lot of fields with livestock.  And if you’ve been geocaching for some time you find that you’ve done all the local series and it seems like there is nowhere to go. read more

Geocaching: Trackables 101

Geocaching trackables

It’s likely that if you’ve ever been geocaching, you’ve heard people talk about trackables.  But if you’ve ever wondered what exactly they are or how they form part of the game this article should give you the answers to all the basics and provide a few tips for moving trackables or setting off one of your own. read more

Using field notes when geocaching


Geocaching field notes on iPhone

Using an iPhone to submit geocaching field notes

Newer technologies such as smartphone apps have put less emphasis on logs. As a result, many a new geocacher has fallen foul of just putting a dot or a ‘TFTC’ (Thanks For The Cache) for entirety of their log, only to be reminded politely (or in some cases not so politely) by the geocache owner that more detailed logs are ‘encouraged’. read more

Finding Multi-Caches With Geocaching Buddy

Geocaching Buddy

As a general rule I don’t like Multi-caches. These are the class of geocaches that have you visiting a number of locations, collecting clues along the way which you then pump into a final formula to give you the location of the actual cache. I must stress that my dislike is entirely personal. Why go for a three mile walk to find one geocache when that same walk could be made as a circular series of 5 – 10 caches? It always seems like a waste of space and time to me. read more

Getting accurate coordinates for your geocache hides

Getting accurate coordinates for hiding geocaches

If you’ve ever gone geocaching you’ve undoubtedly found yourself thinking about hiding your own geocache. You’ve probably said, “I know somewhere that would make an excellent hide…” Maybe you’ve wisely waited until you have a number of finds under your belt. Maybe your area is so saturated with geocaches that you’ve yet to set one. Or maybe you’ve set a few and had geocachers come back to you and say that your co-ordinates are way off. If so, then this month’s article on getting accurate co-ordinates when placing geocaches should be of use to you. read more

Munzee – A scavenger hunt for your smartphone

It seems every time you look there’s a new geolocation game on the market. Some of these are little more than thinly veiled behaviour tracking vehicles fighting for a place in an already crowded segment of the app market, but some of them are genuinely fun games offering something a little different. Munzee is one of the fun ones, sitting somewhere between traditional geocaching and smartphone based location-based games such as Foursquare. read more

Handheld GPS FAQs

Here’s a list of posts covering a wide range of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about handheld GPS receivers: read more

5 Reasons Every Geocacher Could Benefit From GSAK

If you’ve been geocaching for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard experienced cachers talk enthusiastically about the PC software application GSAK. And no doubt, if you’ve asked them what’s so special about it, and what it can do that your GPS cannot, you’ve received some vague answer that hasn’t had you completely convinced.

GSAK stands for Geocaching Swiss Army Knife and it’s a very apt name, because GSAK can do a lot of those fiddly things manipulating your Pocket Queries and ‘found caches’ data in a way that you wish your GPS could.

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The Geomate.jr is back

It appears that the phoenix-like rise of the Geomate.jr from the ashes is almost complete. In a Facebook post yesterday, the new owners shared the following with geocachers: read more

Geomate.jr to be revived after latest acquisition?

The geocaching one-trick-pony Geomate.jr may be about to get a second life. We reported back in January that the product had been discontinued, but if you login to update your Geomate.jr today, you’ll get a message saying the page is temporarily out of service. The interesting part is that the page is “signed” by Brand 44.

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