Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wahoo Enters GPS Market With New Bicycle Computer

elemnt on bike_600_479

The GPS market is pretty saturated and in most segments is pretty well controlled by Garmin. And, while I think that Garmin makes some pretty solid products, it’s always nice to see newcomers getting their feet wet in this rapidly growing market. The most recent entry into the world of GPS is the fitness company Wahoo, who recently introduced its first GPS cycling computer, a device called the Elemnt.

This standalone unit does all of the things that you would expect from a midrange GPS device including measure key metrics like speed, distance and elevation as well as provide route navigation, live tracking and even notifications from your smartphone. It is designed to be simple, although I haven’t personally tested it to see if that’s actually true. read more

TomTom Spark Adds Music to your Workout

Tomtom fitness watch gps

There is some hefty competition going on in the watch world between smart watches and GPS running watches. Both can do similar things with varying degrees of efficiency, but for many having two watches simply wasn’t worth the money. However, in the wake of GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring being added to various smart watches, TomTom has responded by adding music and activity tracking to its own watch.

This week the Dutch company introduced several models of the TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch, some of which will include the ability to store, stream and play music directly from the watch without the need to tether to a smartphone. The watch comes with Bluetooth and can be paired with most Bluetooth headphones for wireless music while on runs or other exercising routines. read more

Garmin Announces New 2015 Montana Devices


Garmin seems to be on a trend this year with releasing slight upgrades to popular units from previous years. While this isn’t anything new at all (just look at the mess that is the Nuvi line or the various and recent iterations of the eTrex line) it does look like it’s going to be a continued trend.

This week Garmin introduced four new Montana devices as successors to the popular Montana 600 and 650 series. Dubbed the Montana 610, 610t Camo, 680 and 680t, these devices feature slight upgrades over the previous models. And while they certainly look a lot shinier and slightly less bulky than previous devices, I’m not really sure they’ll be enough to convince Montana users to fork out the additional dough. The good news? The Montana 600 might finally drop down in price. read more

Garmin Introduces Edge Explore 1000


Garmin has released details on a new cycling computer this week. The Garmin Edge Explore 1000 is similar to the Edge 800 with a few safety upgrades as well as the ability to create routes on the fly, search for addresses, input routes and connect with various devices and sensors for a more immersive and statistics-driven experience. Hailed as a “touring and adventure” unit, the Edge Explore 1000 is attempting to be an all-in-one device for the serious cyclist. read more

Garmin Announces New Forerunner 25


Garmin has a handful of devices in its up-and-coming GPS running watches, most specifically the Forerunner series. Well, earlier this week Garmin released details on its newest running watch aimed at both beginner runners and people new to the running watch market. Designed to be a successor to the popular hobby running watch the Forerunner 10, this device is even lighter in terms of functionality which may or may not appeal to some.

The Forerunner 25 is, at its core, a pretty basic running watch. It includes the ability to track all of the things you’d expect on an entry-level running watch including distance, pace, heart rate (when using a heart rate monitor), number of steps taken and calories burnt.

The press release doesn’t say anything specifically about tracking route, I would assume that it also does this although I am sure that you’d have to upload the data to a computer to be able to view it. The device also is capable of Live Tracking when compared with a compatible smartphone so that friends and loved ones can follow your runs and workouts. read more

New eTrex Units Add Touchscreen

eTrex Touch

Garmin’s eTrex units have been some of the more popular handheld GPS devices, especially for hiking and geocaching. You might remember in May, Garmin announced the next generation of eTrex devices, which will likely be available sometime this month. And, while those handhelds look pretty nice, last week Garmin went a step further and said that it would also be offering an offshoot referred to as the eTrex Touch Series. And, as the name implies, they will all boast touchscreens for a more intuitive experience.

There are a total of three devices in the series right now, the eTrex Touch 25, 35 and 35t. All three units will share some features, although the more expensive two also include additional connectivity that the 25 does not. Here are some of the features that all the devices share: read more

New Edge Boasts Strava Live Segments


In a continuation of the flurry of product announcements from GPS giant Garmin, the company reportedly will be releasing yet another device in its popular cycling computer lineup, the Edge 520 this fall. This mid-range device measures a myriad of metrics and, unlike previous Edge devices, this GPS also has Strava Live Segments built-in. read more

Garmin Announces New Rino 650t


One of the more popular handheld GPS units over the years has been the versatile Rino line created by Garmin, undoubtedly the most popular GPS maker in the world. Part GPS satellite navigation and part walkie-talkie, the Rino products are excellent for any outdoorsman looking for a bit of extra protection while on the trail with friends. So I have to say I was pretty excited to see that on Friday Garmin announced that it will be releasing a new Rino product this summer, the Rino 650t.

In line with previous Rino products, the 650t features a built-in 5-watt FRS/GMRS radio which allows communication of up to two miles over FRS and 20 miles of GMRS, allowing users to communicate with the touch of a button and send their exact GPS location to other Rino users with the Position Reporting Feature. Short text messages relaying information like waypoints, routes, tracks and more is also supported through ANT+ with other compatible Garmin units. read more

Polar Announces New GPS Cycling Computer


Polar, an active training technology company, has announced the upcoming availability of its newest unit, a GPS cycling computer. The M450 features a small, lightweight and splash proof design with a smart visibility LED light and various personalized training meters and metrics to suit everyone, regardless of skill or fitness level.

The M450 has the following features: read more

Garmin Introduces New eTrex Handhelds


Just about every handheld top 10 features at least one, if not more, of Garmin’s eTrex line. These durable and affordable devices are incredibly popular, so it’s no surprise that Garmin has finally announced the next-generation eTrex devices: the eTrex 20x and 30x. The new eTrex units are expected to be available this summer and will share many features with the original eTrex line including the simple, easy-to-use interface. read more