Sunday, March 18, 2012

Strava Wants to Turn Your Smartwatch into A GPS Watch

stravaA GPS running app has been updated to allow a sleek and sexy smartwatch to replace your clunky sport GPS watch or your plastic oddly-colored fitness tracker. The Strava Running and Cycling GPS app has been around for a while, and recently announced compatibility with android wear smartwatches in an effort to get in on the new fad and hopefully take over for your GPS. The app for both phone and watch require using your phone’s GPS which, as we all know, isn’t nearly as reliable for positioning as a dedicated GPS device. However, unlike a dedicated GPS device, the app is free (with a premium option, of course). read more

Touratech Announces Anti-theft Mount for Zumo 590LM

Zumo 590LM Locking MountTouratech has announced the release of their latest anti-theft device, designed exclusively for Garmin’s new Zumo 590LM GPS. This locking mount gives riders the confidence to momentarily leave their bikes unattended and provides a tenacious grip on the unit, absorbing damaging vibrations. read more

New GPS Sport Watch with Connected Devices Announced

Suunto Ambit3 family GPS Watch App Heart Monitor

Suunto has announced a whole family of connected devices to help athletes and outdoors enthusiasts get the most out of their sports adventures. Suunto’s first Bluetooth Smart compatible product family consists of a new Suunto Movescount App, Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS Watch and Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS watch, and the Suunto Smart Sensor for heart rate monitoring. The device family can either be used together or separately, and will be available for purchase in the beginning of September, 2014. Details on price have not yet been released. read more

Waymarking for Beginners

waymarkingIf you are a geocacher, you have probably heard of virtual caches or webcam caches whilst tromping through geocaching.com’s extensive list of options. If you have, you will know that they’re not logging any more on that website and the reason is because the company behind geocaching.com, Groundspeak, has a better platform for this type of thing–waymarking.com.

What is Waymarking?

While geocaching is about treasure hunting for containers in unique locations, waymarking is all about visiting new places and just exploring what is there. Many of the waymarks are in cities and they point out interesting locations, fun activities, good food or just plan old weird stuff. For waymarkers, it’s all about discovering a new location and exploring places you otherwise might not have known existed. read more

SonarCharts Expands Compatibility to Multiple GPS Units


Navionics has announced that it’s award-winning SonarCharts is now compatible with Garmin, Hummingbird, Lowrance, Raymarine, Simrad and B&G units. This cutting edge software empowers individual users to easily improve the accuracy of their charts by uploading sonar logs and downloading updated charts as necessary. Navionics then processes and integrates your data quickly, giving more detail on critical areas, as well as continuous changes in sea, lake and river bottoms. read more

Introducing the Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro

Bad Elf 2200 Pro

The Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro is a handheld GPS receiver and datalogger designed for iPod, iPhone and iPad products. Able to sync with up to five devices at a time, this simplistic device has a myriad of applications for adventurers such as sharing geolocation data with your entire crew, passengers, family members or anyone with an applicable device and marking waypoints without having to keep a GPS app running on your phone. read more

New Rugged GPS Released for Extreme Conditions

sXtreo GN11 Precision GNSS Device

sXtreo GN11 Precision GNSS Device

Stesalit has announced the availability of their sXtreo line of handheld GPS computers, designed to withstand just about anything. Designed for use in field surveys, field work under extreme conditions, industrial use, and infrastructure sectors such as agriculture, forestry, roads, security and construction, these devices are rated IP68 and are waterproof, dustproof and shockproof with a wide range of features including  built-in mobile GIS applications. All the devices come with a USB port for uploading data, and the ability to do waypoint surveys, geotagging photos and other GPS features. Initially designed to be used in India’s varying climate, these devices would be suitable for use in dozens of other countries as well. read more

New Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch does more than GPS

Garmin Approach S5 Golf Watch

All golf watches provide GPS for on the green, helping avoid traps and get around doglegs, but the new Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch strives to go even further. With innovative technology, the Approach S6 Golf Watch will measure your swing metrics and provide valuable training aids for getting it just right with SwingTempo, designed to help with backswing and downswings, SwingStrength, so you know how hard you hit the ball, and TempoTrainer to help golfers synchronize their swing mechanics and fine-tune their tempo. read more

Magellan Releases Cyclo Series in North America


Magellan’s popular GPS cycling computers, the Cyclo 315 and Cyclo 505, are now available in North America. Launched in Europe and Australia last year, these devices are designed with both serious and hobby cyclists in mind. The Cyclo 315 and 505 can provide route options, sensor support and is compatible with more than 130 ANT+ sensors for monitoring heart rate, speed, cadence and more. They also support wireless Shimano Di2 ANT. With a 3″ screen, this Cyclo line has the largest touch screens in the GPS cycling computer category and the interface is simple and easy to navigate and read at a glance. These devices also provide a highly detailed road network with cycling POI’s and turn-by-turn navigation, as well as the popular Open Street Map bike network for both the U.S. and Canada. read more

Magellan Cyclo coming soon

Magellan CycloWe’ve been hearing for awhile now that the Magellan Cyclo series is coming to the US, and it has now cleared the FCC, complete with a manual for the Cyclo 315 and 505, so I suspect we’ll hear an official announcement soon. read more