Sunday, March 18, 2012

TomTom Golf Watch To Be Released

Tomtom golf watch

GPS Business News has reported that TomTom has created a golf watch, which is expected to be released this month. According to reports, the watch was introduced during a press conference at the KLM Dutch Open last week. TomTom does not have any information on their site about the watch, but I found a little bit of leaked information. read more

Holux Introduces Multipurpose Bike Computer

sportrex 1305

Holux Technology launched their latest multi-function handheld GPS device this week. The SporTrex 1305 designed for all kinds of cyclists from serious to hobby. The device has features designed to for touring, competitive cycling and mountain biking, and has can measure and calculate a number of information fields in addition to recording tracks with GPS. The SporTrex 1305 is also shock resistant and IPX7 water resistant.

One of the cooler (albeit rather pointless) features is the Carbon Reduction Function, which converts the amount of carbon emissions you are saving into trees planted in a sort of odd numbers-game. The device itself is advertised as “earth friendly’ and uses lithium-ion batteries and low power consumption to help the environment. read more

Rumor: Controlling Garmin With Handlebar Remote?

garmin control

photo by Bike Radar

I read an interesting rumor today on Bike Radar that suggested that Garmin representatives are contemplating a partnership with Shimano Cycling, a company known for cycling equipment and accessories.

According to their article, both companies were discussing a possible partnership during a cycling conference earlier this week. The partnership, if it happened, would likely be to design technology to control a Garmin cycling GPS with Shimano’s shifting lever hoods. Nothing is solid yet, but both companies seemed quite excited by the idea. read more

Epson Dives Into Sport Watch Market

epson running watch

Epson Runsense

Epson, a company known for printers and other office-like equipment has, surprisingly, delved into the world of sport watches with two activity and heart rate trackers called Pulsense and a line of GPS running watches called Runsense.

This UK company has two models of Pulsense which offer heart rate tracking to help monitor your activity during exercise and during the day. They also can track caloric intake and monitor your sleep. The Pulsense exercise band and the watch are supposedly available in the U.S. as well as Europe, but I didn’t see a ‘buy’ button on their site. Only a ‘subscribe for updates’ screen. read more

Find Your Way With Smart Shoes

The Lechal shoes (shown above) give directions using haptic feedback

The Lechal shoes (shown above) give directions using haptic feedback

While Smartshoes are not a new idea–we have actually written an article about tech-savvy shoes before–they are generally aimed at the very young, the very old or the disabled. But now, a start up company in India is intent to change of all that with the Lechal.

Meaning “Take Me Along” in Hindi, the Lechal shoes are quite eye-catching. But that isn’t all they do. Those bright red shoes can also give you directions using a combination of Google Maps and haptic feedback. The makers of the shoe, Krisipan Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma, say that the ‘smartshoes’ change the process finding your way around from a complicated affair involving staring at a tiny screen or trying to read instructions to an instinctive, fun process. read more

Leikr GPS Sport Watch Features OpenStreetMaps


Introducing the Danish-made Leikr GPS Sport Watch, a multi-sport GPS watch designed for running, cycling and endurance sports. The watch has features that you would expect in any normal GPS sport watch including measuring speed, distance, heart rate (with the appropriate heart monitor), calories burned and pace to name a few. What makes this watch stand out for me, however, is their integration with color maps from OpenStreetMaps and the large 2 inch screen which features several levels of zoom and shows you an actual map view of the streets around you. read more

10 Best Hunting GPS Units

Deep breath. Take the shot. You see a flash of fur and excitedly rush away from your stand to see if you got a hit. You find it (or don’t) and then you turn back and… wait… which way was the stand again? The use of a Hunting GPS unit isn’t necessary but it definitely adds a sense of security and safety to any wilderness activity.

Amazon doesn’t have a list specifically for hunting GPS units, so I did a search on my own to find the ones that seemed most suited. They aren’t listed in any particular order, so read through and see which one would work for you!


Magellan eXplorist 350H

Magellan eXplorist 350H

Magellan eXplorist 350H Handheld GPS - This GPS unit is designed specifically for hunters. Retailing at $249.99 on Amazon, the device has 3.4 stars, but only a handful of reviews.


  • Hunt specific waypoints
  • Hunting Boundary information for 40 states
  • Boundary Alerts to keep you off private property
  • a topographic map contour layer
  • preloaded maps
  • hunting calendars
  • satellite imagery

read more

Timex Announces Standalone GPS Watch

timex_ironman_one_gps_plus_officialTimex has become the first traditional watchmaking company to enter the smartwatch market with a new GPS watch available this fall. The new Timex Ironman One GPS+ (what a mouthful!) is seeking to simplify wearable technology by offering stand-alone wireless connectivity that doesn’t require a phone of any sort. The device is a little clunky, with the watch face measuring at 2 inches and the screen at a 1.5 inch rectangle. It is being marketed as a smartwatch that doesn’t require a smartphone and sport watch for when you don’t want to take your phone with you. It has some pretty standard features, only made more interesting because of the stand-alone wireless connectivity. read more

Step, Sleep Tracking On New Echo Fit

echo_fit_1Magellan has finally announced details of their new Echo Fit, a multi-purpose sport watch that syncs with apps and has a pretty impressive range of features—not to mention the cool design. This newest addition to the Echo line has step and sleep tracking in addition to traditional running watch functions (tracking distance, track, calories burned, heart rate, etc) in an attempt to make an ‘everyday’ watch that will capture a picture of exactly what you do and how to meet your fitness goals. read more

Memory-Map Releases Android GPS for UK

Introducing Memory-Map GPS TX3, the newest smartphone/GPS hybrid for the UK

Introducing Memory-Map GPS TX3, the newest smartphone/GPS hybrid for the UK

Half smartphone, half GPS, the Memory-Map Android GPS TX3 does a little bit of everything with a rugged rating that will make the most adventurous spirits jealous. Unfortunately, it’s only available for the UK region, but the idea is kind of awesome, so I thought I’d include it in case we have any readers ‘across the pond’ so to speak. Seems about time someone thought to add an actual GPS chip inside a smartphone… read more