Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magellan Echo sports watch review


Hands on with the Magellan Echo

I was really curious to try out the Magellan Echo sports watch since it relies on a smartphone (in my case an iPhone 5s) and app to capture running workouts. After two months of usage during December and January, it’s time to look at how it performed. read more

iOS 7 to feature in-car integration

iOS 7 in car navigation

Apple Maps navigation on your car’s built-in screen

At Apple’s WWDC yesterday, the company unveiled iOS 7, which includes vehicular integration due to roll out to a dozen car manufacturers next year. Basically, this will connect your iPhone to your car’s built-in screen, transforming it into an infotainment center, complete with turn-by-turn (albeit Apple Maps-based) navigation. read more

Google Maps comes to iPhone; Apple to acquire TomTom?

Google Maps for iPhone

The Google Maps app is now available for the iPhone and other iOS devices

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Apple ditching Google Maps in the iPhone 5 in favor of their own app was widely panned this year, with GPS World dubbing it the location story of the year. And the news continues to be bad for Apple. Earlier this week Australian police warned people about using Apple maps, although that debacle may not have been entirely their fault. So with that background, here are today’s related stories: read more

Apple iOS 6 maps complaints widespread

iOS 6 Maps FailThe Internet has been buzzing for the past 24 hours, filled with complaints about Apple’s new Maps app in iOS 6. Back in June, Apple revealed the app, letting folks know that free turn-by-turn navigation was coming to iOS and that they were dropping Google Maps. The problem is that Google has been mapping the world since 2005 and has a seven year lead on local search, fixing errors, etc.

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Garmin GLO brings GLONASS to your smartphone or iPad

Garmin has announced the Garmin GLO, a portable GPS and GLONASS receiver that connects to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth. The company claims it is the first wireless receiver to feature both GPS and GLONASS capabilities. read more

iOS 6 brings turn-by-turn navigation; Apple licenses TomTom content

Apple has provided a sneak preview of iOS 6, letting us know that turn-by-turn navigation is coming to the next version of the iPhone and iPad operating system (click the image above for a larger view).

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Garmin StreetPilot Onboard iPhone app gets traffic camera option

Garmin StreetPilot 2.0 PhotoLive Traffic 3Tired of inaccurate traffic data? How about live traffic camera images instead? Well that’s a new option as of today’s update to the Garmin StreetPilot Onboard app for the iPhone. The update will also add live weather info and the ability to share points of interest via Facebook and SMS. While the update is free, the photoLive Traffic Cameras feature will cost you $9.99 as an in-app purchase.

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Garmin Fit Apps and ANT+ adapter announced

Garmin Fit screens 1

UPDATE: Looks like the ANT+ adapter for iPhone will be available later this week.

Garmin has announced the Garmin Fit app for iPhone and Android this morning, and an ANT+ adapter for the iPhone (that link wasn’t live when I posted this, but it probably will be later this morning). This is Garmin’s first fitness app, allowing users to track speed, pace, distance, time and calories. And at $0.99, it’s likely to gain a lot of users pretty quickly.

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Bad Elf GPS for iPad, iPod and iPhone

badelf-gps-ipad-iphone-ipod-touchThe Bad Elf GPS Receiver plugs into your iPod touch, early generation iPhone, WiFi iPad or iPad2, allowing you to start using your beloved iOS device for navigation and all sorts of geo-goodness. I’m not yet an iOS user (though an iPad 2 is on my wish list), but the Bad Elf is so popular that I thought it deserved a post. As I compose this, it’s ranked number 23 on Amazon’s GPS bestseller list and has been in the top 100 for 147 days.

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Preserving cellphone battery life in the backcountry

Dazzle-Android-batteryI imagine that a lot of our readers are trying out their smartphones in the backcountry, using mapping applications for navigation. One of the problems with this (and there are several), is that few things will drain your battery faster than your phone searching for a signal where there is none, or where reception is marginal.

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