Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Motorcycle Mount for GPS Released Today

Techgripper nuviToday, PowerSportsUS has announced the release of their newest motorcycle mount, the TechGripper. This super strong mount can be attached to a motorcycle in a number of ways and has a range from 2 inches to 4.2 inches, allowing users to mount small GPS devices or even a phone without having to remove the phone case. This mount has an 18-pound per inch grip using stainless steel springs and a super strong polymer resin.

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Geocaching: Traveling Items Guide

travel bugPart of what makes geocaching so fun is getting to explore the world around you and experiencing that thrill when you find the hidden cache. A lot of times, the treasures inside aren’t really anything super exciting—just trinkets and little items. Occasionally, though, you’ll come across a traveling item.

In my opinion, these traveling items are probably one of the cooler parts of geocaching. A traveling item is exactly what it sounds like: an item that has a goal or destination which generally involves traveling (duh). A geocacher’s job when they find a traveling item is to try and help it reach its goal–which might be as vague as traveling “as far as possible” to extremely specific, detailing a certain place it wants to be or even just a set of parameters such as “stay near water.”

But there are at least three different kinds of traveling items and etiquette that geocachers need to be aware of before removing them. read more

GPS Fail: Driving Across the Ocean

Photo: Chris McCormack.

Tourists get stranded in the ocean after following GPS directions.  Photo: Chris McCormack.

There are times when GPS is a lifesaver, whether you are driving or out on the trail. I get turned around occasionally and in unfamiliar cities sometimes it can be hard to watch the traffic and read the tiny street names to make sure you’re on the right path. GPS comes quite in handy then. However, there is a certain sense of, well, common sense that ought to be present while navigating anywhere.

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TomTom Continues to Expand Business

tomtom-logo_1It wasn’t too long ago that TomTom was THE name in GPS. If you had a dedicated GPS unit in your car, it was probably a TomTom. And, while TomTom is not quite as popular as they once were, it seems they aren’t planning on going anywhere. Today TomTom has announced that their TomTom Telematics unit has had a 47% year-on-year growth, with more than 30,000 customers, 400,000 vehicles and 395,000 subscriptions to their fleet management vehicle tracking software in Europe. That’s a lot of big numbers. If you look at their second quarter report, you’ll see what that really means is that TomTom may not have the majority of users in the dedicated GPS units market anymore, but they aren’t backing out of the GPS world either. read more

New NY Law Allows Police to Prosecute for GPS Tracking Victims


GPS trackers, like this Linxup LPVAS1 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System Device can be purchased by anyone.

GPS trackers, like this Linxup LPVAS1 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System Device can be purchased by anyone.

Normally, I wouldn’t include a legal article on the blog, but since we’ve posted about GPS trackers in the past, it seemed appropriate. A new law has been signed into effect in New York today making it a Class B misdemeanor to use GPS to track someone’s vehicle or movements with the intent to harm and without their permission. Under this law, police can now prosecute without requiring the victim to press charges. As GPS trackers of all types, sizes and prices are becoming extremely common, I’m not incredibly surprised to see legislation starting to finally catch up. What’s actually surprising is that it took this long.

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Top Ten Bestselling Cycling GPS Units on Amazon

Garmin Edge 500 GPS deal

Garmin Edge 500, shown here in blue

1. Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS

This lightweight cycling computer features high sensitivity GPS, an easy to read display, a barometric altimeter and comes in red, blue or black. The device is meant for training more than routes and it measures speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent, and heart rate (when paired with a heart rate monitor). It also supports Garmin Connect.

This device is the No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon for Cycling GPS Units

On Amazon, it received 4.4 stars

The list price for the Edge 500 is $199.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.

2. Garmin Edge 800

The Edge 800 is a little larger than the 500, and has some of the same basic features including high-sensitivity GPS receiver and a barometric altimeter. Unlike the 500, it also has a touchscreen, a built-in base map with a microSD card slot for adding your own maps/tracks, training tools that include workout planning, auto pause, auto lap and courses and ANT+ power meter. The device is compatible with Garmin Connect and is rugged and waterproof with an IPX7 rating.

On Amazon, it received 3.8 stars

The list price for the Edge 800 is $449.99 and can be purchased on Amazon for $281.23 read more

Strava Wants to Turn Your Smartwatch into A GPS Watch

stravaA GPS running app has been updated to allow a sleek and sexy smartwatch to replace your clunky sport GPS watch or your plastic oddly-colored fitness tracker. The Strava Running and Cycling GPS app has been around for a while, and recently announced compatibility with android wear smartwatches in an effort to get in on the new fad and hopefully take over for your GPS. The app for both phone and watch require using your phone’s GPS which, as we all know, isn’t nearly as reliable for positioning as a dedicated GPS device. However, unlike a dedicated GPS device, the app is free (with a premium option, of course). read more

Voice Caddie Golf GPS Ups Its Game…And Yours

Voice Cady VC300Voice Caddie’s newest golf GPS unit is almost in a league of its own. With a sleek, futuristic screen-less and hands-free design, the VC300 allows golfers to focus on what really matters–their game. This voice output GPS rangefinder is equipped with nine pre-recorded languages, and speaks in a clear easily-understood voice. It also features volume control and is designed to clip to a hat, shirt, golf bag or anywhere else. The device comes pre-loaded with more than 3,000 courses worldwide and can recognize the course the golfer is playing. With a simple touch and GPS technology, the VC300 can measure the distance to the front, back, and center of the green as well as the shot distance for drives. read more

Garmin Upgrade for GTN Provides Features, Better GPS

GTNGarmin has announced an upgrade will provide additional features to their GTN touchscreen avionics. New features include Connext cockpit connectivity, which allows for wireless flight plan transfer between the TGN 750/650 series navigators and Garmin Pilot (which also recently received an upgrade). Connext will also provide better GPS position data and the option to display weather, traffic and altitude information. This upgrade will include database syncing capabilities, FastFind to make searches easier and more streamlined,  airspace altitude overlay, WireAware to help avoid wires and more. read more

Exhibit Teaches Kids about GPS

GPS adventures CanadaWith so many video games and other things to distract kids, it can be hard to find something to get them interested in the outdoors or in navigation. If you live in or near Canada, then the Telus World of Science has a solution with their new travelling exhibition. Designed to teach kids about GPS and how it works, this interactive exhibition is currently at Edmonton at the science center.

The name of this exhibit is GPS Canada Adventures. The life-sized interactive maze will teach both kids and adults to maneuver their way through a collection of adventures and 3D puzzles in four different rooms, learning about navigation and GPS technology on the way. Equal parts technology, nature and treasure hunting, kids will get a chance to improve their critical thinking skills and memory retention to navigate their way through the maze. With a geocaching-like twist, kids can discover four hidden caches to reveal a secret code. Collect all four secret codes and find a treasure! read more