Sunday, March 18, 2012

Map Your Runs and Give To Charity at the Same Time

charity miles

Sure, mapping your daily runs is awesome, and can really help you track your fitness progress and goals. But what if you could do some good as well (I mean, it IS the season for that sort of thing, after all)? Well, a new app released for Android and iPhone (with Windows Phone coming soon) is designed with that idea in mind. Called Charity Miles, this app will track your run, walk, or bike ride and help you earn money to donate to the charity of your choice.

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Testing Begins for GNSS-Enhanced Search & Rescue


An example of the range of the Cospas-Sarsat coverage area and system. Photo from Inside GNSS

Inside GNSS reported earlier this week that the European Space Agency has completed the tests of their component of the GNSS satellite-aided search and rescue service known as Cospas-Sarsat. Now that the European portion of the system has been completed successfully, the whole system will be undergoing tests to determine accuracy and work out kinks before becoming available in 2016.

Created in 1979 as a collaboration between Canada, France, the USSR and the United States, Cospas-Sarsat is a global satellite system designed to detect distress signals and then send them to the nearest rescue stations for faster locating of those in need. It has helped rescue more than 35,000 people since its first launch.  read more

Garmin Oregon 600 Sale at REI

oregon 600

I saw yesterday that REI currently has the Garmin Oregon 600 marked down to $250 from the normal $400 sale price. I’m not sure when the reduced price launched or when it will expire, so if you’re in the market for a great outdoor GPS unit for someone on your Christmas list (or even for yourself) then I might suggest taking advantage of it when you can. read more

TomTom Map Updates to Come Sooner Than Ever


Last week, TomTom announced the release of their new MultiNet-R map format, which will feature real-time maps with incremental updates. Starting in 2014, updates are expected to be completed monthly instead of yearly. TomTom further promised weekly map updates starting in 2016. Sounds like quite a lofty goal, and if they manage to pull it off, it will be a heck of a boon for TomTom. read more

TomTom Technology in New Fiat


TomTom, the dutch-based navigation company, has announced a new partnership with Fiat on their newest automobile, the Fiat 500X. The new Fiat, which is expected to ship in Europe in 2015, will feature TomTom’s Uconnect infotainment system, which will include TomTom Traffic, TomTom Speed Cameras, TomTom Weather and TomTom Places. read more

Russia, China Agree to Build GLONASS Stations


Earlier this month, Russia unveiled plans to set up GLONASS monitoring stations in at least one, location in China. According to itar-tass, the station will be used for transport, farming, rescue operations, environment monitoring and law enforcement, but not military. The plans for the stations were pitched by Russian Space Systems Company, a leading company in design, production and operation of space information systems. read more

This Week in GPS — November 14, 2014


This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. This week’s featured image is a new lightweight pet tracker that is currently working through crowdfunding to pay for the last mile in production. Here’s what else happened this week: read more

New Pet Tracker Debuts on Kickstarter


It has been a while since we took a look at some upcoming GPS technology on Kickstarter, so I decided to take a peek and found a promising pet tracker called Pip. Created by PetSimpl, this tracker is advertised as having a GPS chip that is accurate to within five feet, but also uses cell data to inform you of geofence breaches, etc. And the coolest part? If your furry friend goes wandering, then the unit will work with your phone to give you GPS directions to your pet in real-time. The unit also has a really long battery life–an expected three months before needing a recharge–and is waterproof and rugged so your pal can romp and play without worry. read more

GPS Poppy in London Honors Soldiers

poppy GPS

I’ve written about GPS art a few times in the past, mostly because I find the marriage of art, technology and exercise both interesting and beautiful. So, while Veteran’s Day has already passed, when I read this story about a disabled war veteran creating a poppy on the streets of London to help raise money, awareness and support of war veterans around the country, I had to share it.

In the US, UK, Canada and several other countries around the world, red poppies have become to represent remembrance of the fallen soldiers and the sacrifices by those in the military service in defense of their country. These little red flowers are often handed out by military veterans and adorn windows around the middle of November, thanks to a poem written by John McCrae called “In Flander’s Fields.”

This year, 27-year-old British war veteran Ben McBean ran a total of 31 miles to draw the outline of a remembrance poppy on the streets of London. Then McBean, who was grievously injured in Afghanistan in 2008 and has a prosthetic leg, called to the public to run around the city and color in the flower. The public took up the call and ran more than 7,500 miles, coloring in the poppy almost completely as of yesterday and raising more than $23,000 (£ 15,000).

McBean told The Mirror in an interview that he wasn’t doing it to get press–the project was all about honoring veterans.

“I want people to do it, I think the main thing is remembering what happened 100 years ago… Even now [after Iraq and Afghanistan], the parents of soldiers who have died in battle are living with that, that’s why I did the run, it’s all about remembering,” McBean said.

GPSTracklog Salutes Veterans


From everyone here at GPSTracklog, I wanted to take today and just say thank you to all of the veterans and active military members who have served to protect the United States over the years. Through your hard work, dedication and sacrifice, millions of Americans have been able to enjoy the freedoms that America offers. So thank you, and Happy Veterans Day!