Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Announces New Advanced HRMs

garmin HRM

If you use any kind of sport or activity tracker for anything other than the most basic, casual run then you probably have a heart rate monitor (HRM) to go along with it. And, having worn a few in my time, I know how uncomfortable they can be. Well, it looks like Garmin agrees and wants to fix that.

This week, Garmin introduced two new heart rate monitors, the HRM-Tri and the HRM-Swim. Both devices are still in development but should be compatible with a number of its activity tracking devices including the Forerunner 920XT, Forerunner 620, Fenix 3, Fenix 3 and Epix. The HRMs are designed to be comfortable to wear with adjustable straps with hidden seams and smooth edges. read more

Garmin Announces Tracking Collars for Small Dogs


astro T 5

Only a few days after the recent announcement of the Sport PRO handheld for training dogs, Garmin has announced that it will be adding two additional dog collars to its popular Astro and Alpha GPS dog tracking and training systems. The new collars, dubbed T 5 Mini and TT 15 Mini are designed for smaller dogs but still have the same functionality as their larger counterparts.

“The new T 5 mini and TT 15 mini are the ideal solution for sporting dog owners who run smaller breed dogs – from dachshunds to beagles to brittanys,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales in a press release. read more

Smart Tracker Still a Hit on Indiegogo


smart tracker

A couple of months ago, we wrote briefly about a new GPS tracker called Smart Tracker. The tracker was notable because it blasted through its (admittedly small) goal and promised a lot. Well, in a only slightly shady move, the company behind Smart Tracker has written off its last project in favor of Smart Tracker 2, an updated version of the original. All former backers from Smart Tracker were invited to upgrade to Smart Tracker 2 for an additional $50, or else request a refund as the first Smart Tracker is no longer in production.

Much like the previous Smart Tracker, Smart Tracker 2 makes a ton of promises and has a pretty slick looking campaign which is set to end this coming Tuesday. Surprisingly, the Smart Tracker 2 has also blasted through the funding goal with far less work and development already on the table. The company is incredibly reticent about specs as well, which makes me a little leery.

Regardless, because it has had so much interest I wanted to go ahead and make a brief obligatory post about it and let you guys be the judges. Here’s a video talking about all of the things that the Smart Tracker 2 can do: read more

This Week in GPS — July 24, 2015


This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. This week’s featured image is a really cool GPS history app called Next Exit History that we covered this week. Check out the link below to read the full article!

Here are some other things that happened in the world of GPS this week: read more

GPS App Maps History Sites


There are all kinds of GPS apps and various mapping programs to help users find new locations and interesting locations. There are geocaching-like games such as waymarking, beautiful locations with apps like Stand Here and even GPS-guided audio tours of some cities. But what if you simply want to see some historical or significant places while on a trip? Well, the app Next Exit History was designed with that exact goal in mind.

“One of the frustrations that all of us who have worked on this project have had with other apps and programs is that they are developed for one organization, one community or one geographical location and it places the burden on the user to fish around to find a particular app for wherever you are,” said Dave Strohmaier, Project Manager for Next Exit History. “We wanted to create a seamless experience for visitors so that you could have one app to travel around the world and access content both on and offline.” read more

TomTom Expands Global Maps


Dutch company TomTom has almost undoubtedly one of the biggest mapping footprints, and the company is constantly expanding and adding new points and details to its global maps. Most recently, TomTom announced that it has added an additional 13 countries, expanded points of interest and made other improvements.

Here are some of the improvements that TomTom has made recently: read more

Garmin Debuts New Remote Dog Trainer


You might be looking at that headline and thinking that it seems a little odd for Garmin to be involved in making dog training equipment. And, I can’t say that I really disagree with you but since Garmin has had a dog training line since around 2007, obviously it’s been doing something right. And, most recently, the corporation announced that it has a new dog training system aimed at sporting dog owners.

The Sport PRO is a handheld dog training device that works with a variety of Garmin dog collars including the Delta devices. This handheld is light, rugged, and waterproof and was designed to help dog owners spend less time looking at a screen or interface and more time connecting with their canine friends. The Sport PRO is versatile and can train up to three dogs at once. read more

Garmin Amps Up Aviation Segment With New Products


It looks like Garmin finally remembered that it has an aviation unit and flooded my inbox with information about no less than six new improvements and aviation units. However, since a majority of you tend to focus more on handheld and automotive GPS units, I thought I’d go over it all in one post to keep things nice and simple.

Here is a brief overview of some of the new aviation features and updates: read more

Scout GPS Tracker to Launch in September

Scout GPS tracker

There are a lot of different GPS trackers on the market, many of which we’ve talked about in the past. All of them claim to be the first at something and some of them never even launch from Kickstarter. So, despite how cool the new tracker Scout looked, I admit I had no plans to write about it. The website looks pretty nice, but the Kickstarter page received next to no funding. Almost a total flop.

However, the company has been setting up orders on its website and recently made a Kickstarter announcement that it simply hasn’t had the time to devote to the Kickstarter, but that production will continue as planned and the device is set to release in September. How, exactly, it will be funded with a flopped Kickstarter campaign I am unsure. So while I’m going to go ahead and tell you a little bit about it, I might suggest that consumers be a little wary. read more

Amazon Top Ten Bestselling Handheld/Sport GPS Devices

Garmin GPSMAP 64

Garmin has a variety of handheld devices and it’s been a while since we looked at Amazon’s bestseller list for these devices. So today, I’ll pulled 10 of the most popular and frequently purchased handheld devices from the list to compare: read more