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This Week in GPS — October 24, 2014


This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. This week’s featured image is one of Magellan’s three new massive GPS units released this week. All three units measure 7 inches and are designed for larger vehicles. read more

Geocaching Souvenirs


It’s natural for geocachers to want to showcase their accomplishments but all too often that can boil down to simple numbers or statistics.  Some geocachers aren’t interested in the number of caches they find but just want to showcase that they attended a special event or found a cache in a different location.

For a number of years, cache owners have created online virtual badges for attendees or finders to display on their profile page.  These can range from showcasing attendance of a specific geocaching event to having completed a series of caches.  The problem with these is severalfold.  They are arbitrary and depend on the cache owner taking the time to create the graphic and provide the code for you to add to your profile.  You then need to go in and manually add them, meaning that if you’re not familiar with HTML or web programming languages you can easily get yourself into a mess. read more

Magellan Introduces 7-inch GPS Family


Magellan introduced three new device yesterday dubbed the RoadMate family. All three devices feature huge seven inch screens designed for safer driving and navigation in larger vehicles. With screens this size, the days of squinting at the map while driving down the road are long past.

The three new devices introduced are the RoadMate 9400-LM, 9412T-LM and 9465T-LMB. All three have brightly colored touchscreen displays and spoken street names. Here are some of the other features the GPS family shares:

read more

Rumor: Fitbit ‘Superwatch’ with built-in GPS


From what it sounds like, Fitbit has refocused its attention on serious athletes with the upcoming release of several new fitness trackers. Two of the new trackers seem to be remodeled versions of the Fitbit Force with a few extra features. But the one that caught my attention was the Fitbit Surge—a new ‘superwatch’ that is designed to have all of the activity, fitness and sleep tracking you could ever want, complete with built-in GPS capabilities.

Nothing official has been announced yet, and I am aware that normally fitness trackers aren’t the sort of thing that we would cover. However, the built-in GPS rumored to be in the Fitbit Surge is what caught my attention. In addition to the normal fitness tracking abilities, this new watch/tracker will also be able to map your routes and combine it with fitness data to get a complete look at your run. read more

Omaha Police Confuse Geocache with Pipe Bomb

bomb cache scare

This geocache was mistaken as a bomb and reported to authorities last week

It might seem like something pretty common sense, but making a geocache look like a pipe bomb is probably not the brightest idea if you intend to have a long lasting cache. In Omaha last week, a geocache was spotted by park goers and reported immediately to the police, who promptly cordoned off the entire northern part of the Memorial Park. The bomb squad was called in to investigate only to find the ‘bomb’ was simply a harmless geocaching container covered in camouflage duct tape. read more

GPS Tracks as Art



An image of the GPS tracks of Manhattan

There is nothing cooler than seeing technology and art combine. Being at opposite ends of the spectrum, the two can pair beautifully and create some really interesting and fantastic pieces. Although, that might just be me—I am a huge fan of both art and technology. If you are too, then you’ll definitely want to check out Steve Coast’s GPS Art Poster project.

These beautiful pieces are created by overlaying GPS track data from a specific area on a blank canvas. Each individual line is a separate route made by a real person, with the thick lines representing more traffic. The result is a unique piece that captures the movement and pulse of a city. I’ve seen things kind of similar to this before, but nothing quite so detailed or artistic. read more

Indian Satellite Successfully Launched

GPS Block IIIA satellite

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has announced that they successfully launched the third satellite in their Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) on Thursday. This satellite has joined two fully operational satellites launched in July 2013 and April 2014.

The most recent satellite is an independent navigation satellite, which will provide GPS-like position information for India and the regions 1,500 km around the country. The IRNSS will consist of a total of seven satellites–three in geostationary orbits and four in inclined geosynchronous orbits. The arrangement is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015. The next satellite for the IRNSS is scheduled to launch in December of this year, leaving three more to be deployed next year. read more

This Week in GPS — October 17, 2014


This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. This week’s featured image is a drone created by Northrop Grumman, who was accused of faking tests on GPS units installed in thousands of drones and other tech. read more

Monitor Teen Driving with GPS


Everyone knows that teen drivers sometimes are not the safest, and no one can deny how nerve-wracking it can be handing your keys to a new driver and watching them drive off by themselves for the first time. So, Agilis Systems, LLC, a fleet management and asset tracking company, came up with a solution created specifically for consumers–the MOTOsafety Teen Driving Coach.

The MOTOsafety driving coach is actually two separate parts—a GPS device that hooks into your teen’s car and various notifications, alerts and daily driving reports sent directly to you to help monitor your child’s driving habits. The device can be plugged in or hardwired to the car and provides realtime tracking so parents always know if a child has arrived safely. Parents can set interactive map boundaries with alerts if they are crossed and track speeding and other bad driving habits. read more

TomTom Releases Online Maps


TomTom has expanded their product portfolio this week with the introduction of free internet-based mapping and routing. The TomTom Route Planner was introduced yesterday and is available on any internet-connected device. Functioning similar to Google Maps or other mapping programs, this free online route planner relies on TomTom’s extensive map database and is available in several countries worldwide. read more