Sunday, March 18, 2012

MapQuest To Continue Deal with TomTom


TomTom, the Dutch navigation and mapping company, has announced that it has expanded its deal with the GPS navigational software company MapQuest. The original deal, which was first struck in 2012 and has been extended since then, allows MapQuest to use TomTom’s extensive map database for its digital platforms. But this year, some additional things were added.

According to the press release, MapQuest, a subsidiary of AOL, has also brokered access to TomTom’s traffic information, leading speculation that MapQuest will soon be offering better traffic options. Currently, MapQuest already offers some traffic information for drivers, although it is not always accurate. However, this partnership may mean some big things for MapQuest. read more

Truck Driver Hits Low Bridge in NY Following Wrong Type of GPS Device

tomtom trucker 6000

Devices like this TomTom Trucker might have prevented the entire incident.

There are many different kinds of GPS devices and here at GPS Tracklog, I try and do my best to cover as many of them as possible. However, one thing that I don’t really write about (due to it’s immense specalization) is commercial GPS devices designed for truck drivers. These devices contain specific perimeters designed to help professional drivers choose the safest routes, and this blog is really more dedicated to hobbyists and GPS enthusiasts. However, today I saw an article that simply proves that drivers need to be more aware of what kind of GPS device they are buying.

According to a news site in Schenectady, NY, a truck driver recently hit a low hanging bridge in Glenville, NY, damaging his truck and halting traffic on the road. And, more interestingly, this was the second accident of its type that day alone. The bridge in question, the Maple Avenue Bridge in Glenville, NY, has been hit an estimated 20 times since 2013 when the road was widened. While you can read the full story here, basically it looks like yet another case of someone following a GPS device blindly, but with a little twist. read more

This Week in GPS — December 2, 2016


This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. This week’s featured image is an APE cache, as one was recovered this week in Washington, original case and all! Below, you’ll find some other things going on in the world of GPS this week. read more

Top 10 Geocaching Acronyms You Need To Know

Hiding geocache with Garmin GPS

Geocachers simply love their acronyms. It’s not uncommon to open a logbook or read the notes on a cache only to find a string of what looks like alphabet soup. And, while some of them are standard, many geocachers make up their own acronyms which makes things extremely complicated. However, there are a handful that everyone should know.

1. FTF – First To Find

This acronym is often written in logbooks or online when a geocacher is the first one to a newly created cache. Getting an FTF is pretty exciting and something that many geocachers strive towards. read more

Dedicated GPS Devices Are Better Than Smartphones

Volvo Car Group initiates a world unique Swedish pilot project with self-driving cars on public roads

It’s true that smartphones are rapidly overtaking GPS technology, and since everyone has a cell phone, for some people it might seem like a waste of money to buy a device that does something your smartphone can already do. Heck, that mentality is exactly what keeps me from getting a tablet—I already have a phone and a laptop; how could I possibly justify the expense?

However, what many people don’t realize is that while smartphones do have a lot of overlap with dedicated GPS devices, there are things that really make it far more worthwhile than people realize. And yes, you could get around most of these if you really wanted to, but using a GPS device negates the need for all of those workarounds. read more

Missing APE Cache Found in Seattle


Easily one of the greatest and most compelling mysteries in the geocaching world has to be the location and fate of the fabled APE caches. Sought after by millions of Geocachers around the world, many of these caches have been reported missing (most likely ‘muggled’) or simply located in hard-to-find spots, like the one in Brazil.

However, it looks like one of the original APE caches was recently found in Washington, thanks to a dedicated team of geocachers. The missing cache, Mission 9: Tunnel of Light, was found more than 3,000 times before being muggled and eventually archived in 2011. But, now that it has been found, the debate has begun about what to do with the cache. read more

Garmin Introduces GPSMAP 64sc


Earlier this month, Garmin announced an addition to its popular GPSMAP devices. The GPSMAP 64sc might look very similar to other GPSMAP units, but it packs quite a few additional features that are sure to make it a win with hunters, geocachers, and hikers alike. Unlike previous editions. the GPSMAP has added an 8MP camera with flash and geotagging, so users can take pictures of the breathtaking views they see on their journeys. The unit also features a dual GPS and GLONASS receiver, allowing it to acquire and maintain signals better even under heavy foliage and in canyons.

Of course, the unit also features a range of features that are similar to other devices in the lineup. Here’s a list of just a few of the perks of Garmin’s newest device: read more

It is Illegal to Use Phone GPS While Driving in RI


The Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal made a landmark decision recently that may have cemented the beginning of troubles for phone GPS apps. Recently, the ruling from the Tribunal’s Appeals Panel upheld a state fine for a man in Rhode Island who was given a ticket for looking at his phone while driving. The man claimed that he was checking his GPS, not texting.

“…Based on the plain language of the statute,” the judges wrote in their decision, “a reader may be looking at any visual display on the phone’s interface and be in violation of the statute. To hold otherwise would defeat the purpose of the statute: to prevent drivers from distractions caused by operation of a cell phone while driving.” read more

5 Reasons Why You Need a GPS Bike Computer

elemnt on bike_600_479

As the fight to help reduce the use of fossil fuels heats up around the world, more and more people are walking, taking public transportation, and riding bicycles. And, while the average smartphone can definitely do a lot of the same tracking and such that a dedicated GPS bike computer can, there are also some major benefits to having a separate device for your bike. read more

This Week in GPS — November 25, 2016

Black Friday week GPS deals at Amazon

We’re revigint the This week in GPS link roundup here on GPS Traklog! This segment, which will be every Friday, is a roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. This week’s featured image is, of course, Black Friday deals! Make sure to take advantage of all of the deals going on. Find more info here! Then, read through these other things going on in the world of GPS below: read more