Sunday, March 18, 2012

TomTom Sports App to Debut on Apple, Android Devices


For athletes, there are dozens of apps that provide a wide range of statistics and ways to measure your performance in whatever sport you choose. But, sometimes, all of that data can be hard to process and each app has something that it does well. If you’re into more than one sport, this can result in athletes trying to monitor and compare multiple apps across platforms for all the different activities that they engage in. Now, TomTom has introduced a solution.

The new TomTom Sports App, co-created with several athletes and fitness app users, is designed to help athletes not only track their workouts and data, but do it all in one place. The app can handle 12 different activities and offers various social sharing functions, smart trends, and easy-to-understand performance stats.

The app has the ability to track a variety of sports including running, cycling, swimming, skiing, trail running, hiking, and more. It can track activity trends and comparisons, show changes in body composition, provide resting heart rate, track performance stats down to the second, and has social sharing features so you can tell your friends all about your newest record. It shows users their latest efforts and can communicate seamlessly with several third party app platforms including Strava, Nike+, Endomondo, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, and others. Additionally, the app features motivational messages to help users want to get out there more often.

“We have been creating wearables since 2009, and since then much has changed. The large amounts of data people now have access to, is overwhelming. What people really need in that moment where excuses beat conviction, is motivation and a better understanding of what works for them. With our new TomTom Sports app we turn data into insights to do just that,” said Corinne Vigreux, Co-Founder and Managing Director TomTom Consumer in a press release. “This launch marks the beginning of what will be a hugely exciting year for our brand in the world of sports.”

Here’s a promotional video TomTom put out showing how the app could be used:

The TomTom Sports app will be available for Android and iPhone users by the end of the month. It currently supports syncing with the TomTom Runner, TomTom Touch, TomTom Adventurer, TomTom Spark, and TomTom Multi-Sport wearable devices.

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