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  1. My new nuvi 55LM GPS says to first charge the battery. I don’t want to charge it through my computer and don’t want to get an a/c charger just yet. Does that mean I have to drive around for hours with the unit plugged into the lighter before I can start to use it? And would I leave it on or off? Thanks

  2. Kennard says:

    I want to avoid any route which requires a right turn at a no-right-on-red. Did my google homework, couldn’t find answer. I know about “custom avoidance” for bypassing an entire sub-route between given intersections, but this question is different. I *don’t* expect the GPS to know this from its map data (especially in my town, which is constantly adding these turn restrictions). But i’d like to be able to tell the GPS, “Never plot a route with a right turn at ‘5th & Main’ ‘”, or “at my current location”. I *don’t* want to have to do it by entering a custom route for every one of my usual or potential destinations — especially since i’m not always departing from the same origin.
    What GPS might do this? Even better if it’s an older model which i can buy more cheaply, refurbished.

  3. My wife and I are just starting to adventure into Oregon back country on multiple day back packing trips. I have never used or owned a GPS before. I like maps and compasses. Though.I was thinking for a back up safety net I should purchase a GPS. I see amazon has a deal on the Dakota 20. Would you recommended this unit for what I need?

  4. Looking to find a reasonable priced gps. One of the best inventions of all time in the gps

  5. I have purchased a Garmin 64s GPS and it does many more things than I need.
    I’ve looked at numerous Youtube videos and they tell me more than I want to know.
    I just want to know very specific things – I don’t want to know everything about everything and I don’t have time to become proficient with the whole device.

    1, I want know how to find where I am – base camp
    2. I want to set a course for getting to a point.
    3. I don’t know if I have a map built into the device – if I do not I want to load it.
    4. I want to make a number of uncharted (path or directions or course) in the wilderness. “Bush Wack”
    6. And find my way back to base camp.

    Thank you.

  6. I’ve been searching for — and having a surprisingly difficult time finding — a low-cost device that just does one thing: creates a log of its own location every few minutes.

    Most devices I’ve looked at are way too feature-rich (and expensive) for my purposes. What I’d really like is something you could (e.g.) attached to a cat, and then a week later plug into your computer and see a map of everywhere the cat has gone. No need at all to be able to track the cat in real time. I’m not actually going to use it on cats (although that would be sort of cool), though, so it doesn’t need to be really tiny or anything. The main thing I’d like it to be is cheap. Any thoughts?

    Thanks kindly.

  7. Sam seymour says:

    i have purchased a GPSmap62s.with Australia NZ maps loaded…… year i am hiking in the UK, i have i think downloaded a tracklog of a specific UK walk to my device?….Hmmmm.maybe?

    so how do i check my device to see if its in there???. do i need to put a micro SD card of UK map to see the said tracklog????.

    Regards& thanks

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