Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Here are our GPS buyers guides:


  1. I have a magellan road mate 2000 .IT was a gift out of the box . I have been
    trying to charge and update,This product. do not have anything that came with
    the originol purchace


    thank you JOSEPH lACHUT

  2. Mine is actually a question.

    I am looking for a gps where I can enter up to 300 points (locations) in longitude-latitude form, choose one and get to it with the gizmo’s help.

    I do not need surveyor precision but I would need to prefeed all the points.


    • Most handheld GPS receivers will allow you to do this. Some auto units will. I’d suggest one that you can connect to your computer, so you can create them in a mapping program and then transfer them to the unit (rather than keying them all in on the unit itself).

  3. I’m looking for a unit that will let me put in points with a one button touch, and track my movement continually and show where I’ve been by line or points on a map, and what the area of covered ground measures. Agriculture application for spraying weeds in pasture & cropland, so obviously no streets there, but plotting where I’ve been and putting that on a map that can be analyzed for any missed spots, or rechecking infestations by tagging them and comparing that info with ground already covered. Being able to store, transfer via email or flash, and print data on a decent topo representation, or even actual satellite imagery is necessary for results presentation. Also wondering about incorporating still or video shots that can be uploaded and accessed, so if a point had imagery associated with it, that would be a clickable option on a computer displaying the info….dang, guess it better make coffee too, while I’m wishing for features.

  4. A lot of Garmin units have the area calculation tool. You’ll want one of the newer models with a high-sensitivity chipset. It will take two clicks to mark a waypoint. Be aware that consumer-grade handheld units will generally give you accuracy of 10-30′, depending upon conditions.

    The Oregon 550 series has a built-in camera for geotagged photos (, but if you go that route, I’d buy from someone with a lot of turnover (Amazon perhaps) to get a later production run with the improved screen ( Sorry, no coffee maker!

  5. Dear Sir
    I am new on Garmin GPS, interested to get one soon suitable for my travel needs. worry to get the wrong unit. can utilized for my oversea travel and local auto travel, live in Malaysia but travel to other parts of the world especially Asia, Canada, Australia and other continants at times. which model is most suitable to buy with prloaded maps and user friendly. what is the approximate cost to buy extra maps not preloaded or with most free maps available? Thanks for your advice pls help

  6. Hi
    I’m looking for a gps that will allow me enter 50 addresses and than optimize the route. I have a megallann but it only allow me optimize 20 addresses. I’m in the lawn care business

    Thanks for any help

  7. Which nuvis did you buy? You have to go in to Routes or Trip Planner to optimize; in earlier models you can’t do it by using Where To and inserting a via point.

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