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Here’s a list of posts covering a wide range of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about auto GPS receivers:

General auto GPS FAQs (and other helpful posts)

Garmin-specific auto GPS FAQs

Auto GPS buyers guides, etc.

What else?

Do you have suggestions for other auto GPS FAQs worthy of a post? Chime in below.

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  1. Ed Rainer says:

    Is there any ratings on the speed of the processors in the gps units.
    I realize that some calculations take long but when in a crunch, you need a reroute fast!

    • No, Garmin doesn’t release the specs and I know of no third-party data. Disabling trafficTrends will speed up rerouting though.

      • Ed Rainer says:

        Just as computers specify what processor and the clock speed, GPS units should provide similar information in order to compare how rapidly they can crunch info.

        Also, is there any way to compare how well they capture the satelite signal (db??measuemet?)

  2. Ed Rainer says:

    (Sorry about the typo on measurement….my T—-ba laptop has developed two bum keyboard keys.)

  3. I wish the Nuvi 2597 had the ability to make the speed signs larger; also enlarge street names.

  4. L.E. Gillette says:

    Will my 52LM interact with my cell phone to notify me of incoming calls?

  5. How do I export the waypoints to SD card?

  6. I have a gps myo 720. How can I update?

  7. Try to put iGO

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