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  1. Fred Jacobs says:

    I have a TomTom One Second Edition. The maps are old and the battery does not hold a charge for long. I think that it is time to buy a new GPS. However, there are so many brands and models that it is difficult to find one that suits my needs.

    I travel to Europe often, so I need a model that I can easily install a Western Europe map. I prefer this instead of transfering my U.S. map to the computer and reloading the Europe map. I use rental cars often, so I need a portable model that does not attach permanantly to the car. I prefer a window mount which is easier for me to see. While other options are nice, these are my basic requiremets.

    Can you suggest a model(s) that fits my needs?

    • There is a TomTom XXL 540 World Traveler Edition you could look at, but I think you have to manage the maps with your PC. I don’t think you can have the US and all of Europe loaded to it at once.

      If you don’t mind switching brands, I’d look at a Garmin nuvi. The trans-Atlantic models end in 7x. Current ones include the 1370T and 275T. There is a new model that should be out in early 2011, the 2370LT.

      Another option would be a TomTom GO with an SD slot, or any nuvi, and add European maps with an SD card.

  2. I am currently looking for a handheld gps that I can take hiking with me to insure I don’t get lost or back to where I want to go. Would you recommend anything specific.


  3. My husband has the Magellan Meridian Handheld GPS (very old). I would like to surprise him with a new hiking gps. He always talks about not getting a new one because how would he transfer all his info to the new gps. Is there a model he could get that he could move all his past hiking routes over to the new gps? He likes Magellan but I notice most people (including you) favor Garmin – would a Garmin be better? We do a lot of day hiking and he likes to take it with when we canoe, or go boating in the Florida Keys (we vacation there sometimes). Any suggestions? Would it be best to stick with a Magellan? Should I wait til later in the year when the new one’s come out? Thanks for any help.

    • I believe he can convert that data to another format using GPS Babel…

      I prefer Garmins and would recommend that. I don’t expect to see many new handhelds from them until next summer. If you have some idea what you want to spend, I could try to make a recommendation.

      • Thank you so much for your quick response and awesome website. I would like to go top of the line because he keeps things forever so I want it to last and have all the bells and whistles. We ride bikes, hike, canoe, kayak and boat and he takes his handheld gps on all of these. Whichever one would work best with these applications. We hike in a lot of different places as that is usually one of our vacations. He goes to Boundary Waters once a year also if that would make a difference. Thanks for any recommendation and for your awesome site!

  4. Hi,
    I need to purchase a Vehicle GPS (TomTom or Garmin) with features of: 5 Inches screen, Lifetime update Maps and Traffic, Speaking street names,voice command, within budget between $200-250. Also, If there are other GPSs with less than this range and have good capabilities. I would be appreciated if you can advice me in which one I should obtain.

  5. Yes, and sorry if that was not clear enough.

  6. tell me the truth is the magellan 350h JUNK or NOT. it sounds great if it does work. but i don’t now yet but i am going to find out when i buy it. thanks

  7. Thank you for this post.

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