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  1. KIM WASHBURN says:

    Ivan was kind enough to rush my new Magellan Roadmate 1475t to me and I received it Thursday.

    The item id #390198345170

    Kim Washburn is my name and I sent him an email asking him if I could please receive the vehicle charger and cradle (which I originally thought I had) but my GPS was stolen and they did in fact take those items too.. I had other chargers in my vehicle and I thought that I already had the right charger, but it was for my bluetooth and the other was for my phone.

    I am so very sorry for any in-convenience this may cause.. but I myself told Ivan I had these items and that he didn’t need to ship them.
    Now I need them and have changed my out of town leave date to Tue the 1st of June.

    Can someone please let me know if I could still get the charger and cradle sent to me and I will pay for shipping of course?

    Thank you in advance, and I know it is not Ivan’s fault and I am certainly hoping you will work with me on this.

    Please let me know as soon as you can as time is an issue at the moment.

  2. Janet S. says:

    I was wondering if I bought ASUS R600 could I still get updates on maps and traffic, speed, emergency,etc, all the important stuff? I have been comparing GPS for my trip back home that will include LOTS of stops along the way. What would you recommend. I have a very tight budget.

  3. I don’t know if Asus provides a way to update maps. It’s not rated very highly. Are you in the US? I’d look at a refurbished Garmin nuvi 205 or 1200 before buying something like this.

  4. WEll – here I am again. Sigh. I just FINALLY received a new battery from Garmin to replace the original one in my 855, bought only in late June. It worked fine the first month, but it has not turned on in weeks. It seemed to happen when I was doing the “free” map update. Anyway – new battery is in, unit actually says Garmin. This is big, as I have not seen even that in weeks. anyway, it wont do anything else. So, turned it off for 8+ seconds, as told to by the troubleshooting pages in the manual, put my finger on the screen, as manual said – then it said – Garmin and pre-boot mode. I can actually hear a sort of click when it does this, then the pre-boot sign goes off, and it only says Garmin. Also, went to – it cannot”find” this unit, even though it has been registered, and was “found” before. Does this sound like a dud to you? I am so grateful I did not buy anything for it, as i had wanted to take it on a trip to Europe. Since it looks like I will have to get another one, which do you suggest? and what are my chances of getting this one replaced after all this trouble? Right now it has been a total waste of money and time. As always, thanks for the help.

  5. rangercarol says:

    I just bought a Garmin 1450 to replace my IQue3600. I use about 300 waypoints; mostly buoys and danger markers in our lake. I know that it is unlikely that I can transfer anything from the IQ to the 1450 because of its unique format. However, others in the area have GPX files of the buoys.

    How difficult (dangerous) will it be to download those waypoints?



    • Assuming they are legit and clean files, it shouldn’t be a problem at all, though they will go into favorites unless you convert them to custom POIs.

      Also FWIW, a Google search turns up some IQue waypoint converters.

  6. Does Garmin allow free downloads of the the mapsource software?

  7. I love your website.
    Do you have any experience with the garmin units performance in canada? also are all the same features available? i’m interested in the model 2350 if it makes a difference.

    thankx in advance,

    • Thanks! I don’t have experience using them in Canada, but the 2350 does include Canadian maps. As a matter of fact, Canada is ahead of the US in some features. A recent map update gave Canadians more photo-realistic junction view imagery, which hasn’t made it to the US yet. I’m not sure about other features though.

      Hope this helps. Maybe someone else can chime in too.

  8. Rich
    I’m considering purchase of Garmin 1450LM, but I want to be sure it doesn’t have some of the shortcoming I found after I bought and began to use a TomTom XL330.

    Roughly how many favorites of waypoints can I save in the 1450? I don’t like having to delete some before I can add more. I’d like to be able to save a few hundred.

    With the XL330, the map scale keeps changing as I speed up and slow down. If I try to zoom out to get the big picture of what’s ahead, I get about 5 seconds before it starts to zoom back in again. I never know what scale the map is. With the Garmin 1450, will it stay at the zoom setting I choose?

    • s.j.laponte says:

      I have the 1450LMT and am pleased with it. It is the most user-friendly of the three GPS’s that I own. It will accept 1000 waypoints. It does change scales automatically while you are using the 3D mode but not as much if you use the 2D mode.

      I am impressed by how easy it is to enter your destinations and the amount of useful information displayed. I would have preferred direction to be expressed in degrees rather than cardinal points, but other than that…

      I just noticed that I did not follow up on my previous entry re: waypoints. I was able to convert the information from my IQue 3600 into the GPX format and load 300+ buoyes and danger markers onto the 1450. Thanks to those who told me about the available free software.


  9. @s.j., Thanks for helping answer that.

    @Jay, My 1300, which is based on the same platform, appears to be staying at the zoom level I set, at least until I make a turn.

    • Thanks

      Not meaning to get too far off topic here, but am I the only one who finds Garmin’s manuals so unhelpful? I’ve had several Garmins since the old yellow Etrex, and their manuals have all been dreadful. I’m usually smart enough to figure things out, but it must be frustrating for someone getting his first Garmin.

      For example, with the 1450 manual which I just downloaded, suppose you want to create a new favorite when you know the address or Lat/Long. The only way the manual says how to save a favorite is if (a) it is your current location, or (b)”saving places you find.” Huh? What about saving a place I want to go to?

      Or, if you want to know about MapSource, the index directs you to page 50. There’s nothing about mapSource on page 50 (or anywhere else in the manual).

      Now that I mention it, does a mapSource program disk come with this unit?


  10. sjlaponte says:

    As you say, the documentation is poor. And, I can say that having retired from a documentation and training organization. The good news is that the 1450 itself is pretty intuitive. Indeed, you can establish favorites by entering addresses or coordinates.

    There is no MapSource disk, but you download it from Garmin. It also has its own user manual.

    I found this website to be the most useful of the several out there. Garmin forums is a distant second. You might also check for some in-depth waypoint support.

  11. Definitely a common complaint.

  12. Navigating a route with the 1450LMT

    1. If I set up a route consisting of all the waypoints for the service centers along the thruway, as I cruise along will the data display show the time and distance to the next one, or just the time & distance to the destination? (It’s always nice to know how far to the next potty stop).

    2. Does it display the name of each successive waypoint so I can check my progress and I can see that the next one is Utica and not Albany, for example?

    3. Can I set up data fields so I can see the ETA at the next, as well as ETA at the destination?

    4. If I choose not to stop at a service center, will this GPS keep nagging me to turn around and go back to the one I missed, or will it quickly realize that I’ve decided to press on to the next one?

  13. sjlaponte says:

    Wow – I never even considered doing some of those things much less can I tell you how they work. However, I can answer 2. and 4. based on a few experiences.

    Iem 2 – I set some via points when I edited a route because I preferred a different path to the destination. In that case, the GPS did inform me as we approached and when we reached the via point. I think it will do what you want in item 1, but I did not specifically expect it to.

    Item 4 – I bypassed a via point once by taking an alternate road. The GPS tried one time to reroute me but then seemed to recognize that I was moving on to the next one. It did not continue to instruct me to turn back.

    I hope that helps.

  14. 1. No, but it will show distance to the service center exit.
    3. No.

    However, if you get a newer model from the 2300 or 2400 series, you can…

  15. I bought the 1450LMT. As usual for Garmin, awesome device, lousy manual. I used MapSource to compose favorites and routes, then transferred them to the device. All 300 waypoints showed up, but no routes. What could I be doing wrong, or is the 1450 one of the models that will not accept routes from MapSource? Is there a work-around?

  16. I just discovered the answer to my own question above. For anyone else having the same problem, after the transfer from MapSource, go to tools / my data / import routes.

  17. In the 1450, is there any way to edit the location of a saved favorite? I want to tweak the lat/long that I used to create it originally. The only “edit” functions I can find are: change name, attach photo, change map symbol, change phone no, change category. There must be a better way than the brute force method of deleting the favorite and re-entering all the data from scratch.

    • Glad you figured out the route import.

      The only way I know to edit the lat/long is to do it manually. Open the current.gpx file in a text editor and make your changes.

  18. Leigh Schartz says:

    I have been using the old 6 disk national geographic topo software for many years and have many waypoints in tpg format that I transfer back and forth between Nat Geo Maps and my Garmin rhino 120. Now I have a new Garmin 62st and the new Nat Geo software (i.e., TOPO Arizona 7.5’ maps). The new Garmin 62st makes tpo files. How can I convert the old tpg file data into the tpo format? Basically, I really need to be able to transfer my old data points/files (tpg files) to my new Garmin 62st. My data consist of waypoints and routes. I do not do geocaching. I presume it would be best to retire the old Rhino 120 and leave future work to the new technology.

    I have a feeling that I have opened a new can of worms and that there is going to be some relearning here. Help get me going. Keep in mind that I am pretty well versed in the old system but may need to be taught with some step by step detail, as I’m not a geek.

    Hope you can help.

    • This program may help…

      Or, if you have the old software, I would try transferring directly from it to the 62s or the Rino. Then you can import them back into the new software.

      One way or another, you should be able to get the waypoints. Routes are much harder since NG Topo doesn’t really conform to industry standards for routes and tracks.

  19. Jerry Y says:

    What is this multipoint rounting on the Garmin 2595? Is there a map I install on my computer then down load the rout on the Garmin?

    • It allows you to input a planned route of multiple stops, and optimize them or manually sort them. You can do it on the device or on a computer using Garmin’s free BaseCamp program and their City Navigator maps.

  20. I have a garmin78s and love it. I am also learning how to use my GPS in conjunction with a map and compass. I have changed the setting from Lat./Long. to UTM. I also changed the North Reference to True from Magnetic. My question is, in the position format, do I change my Map Datum to NAD27 Canada or Nad 83. My maps show North American Datum 1927.

  21. Eleanore Lynn says:

    Is there a Garmin that includes maps of Belize in Central America? I hope to go there and want to take a Garmin with me.

  22. I am conflicted, I have had two 52LM models over the past few years. The first died in less than year. Garmin would do nothing, the second also died in a little over a year of use. Both died because the power plug in receptacle at the rear of the model, would keep losing power. First giving notice of loss of power and starting to switch to battery intermittently, dimming and generally becoming a pain as you were forced to check the back connection, when driving. Both progressing from that to no power period and finally to not working at all. Moving, jiggling power cord etc would not improve the issue. With both products there was no play in the connections and the plug into the power point in the car was also good, no movement at all. IMO the problems with both were internal, meaning poor construction and/or quality control. Both times Garmin would do nothing. I resolved never to purchase such a poorly made product again. Here I am again looking to replace the 52LM with perhaps another or taking a chance with an unknown product. My question to your site is, is this common with these products? Both times over the years the products were treated carefully and not abused. Cords, units were stowed away carefully and there seemed no outward reason why they both would fail in the same way. Should I return to Garmin or go to one of their competitors. I am at a loss, I need a GPS, I don’t use a smart phone. I’d hate to throw another $150-$200 to the wind, particularly to a company that doesn’t seem to give a hoot about their product’s reputation or their customers. What are your thoughts, recommendations etc? I can’t believe that I am the only consumer who has had these consistently same problems with Garmin. I’ve looked at your site but I don’t see a section on the quality of GPS products, with a rating on build quality. Am I a dinosaur, who still believes that for that kind of money one should get a little service and some quality? Thank you for your time.

    • rangercarol says:

      I had the same problem with the GARMIN 1450lmt. Garmin wanted $105 to fix it. I took a chance and sent it to SHARCNET-USA
      :to see what they could do for me. I was very please with their service. For $35 they re-soldered and strengthened the broken connection and gave me some other tips on how to care for the GPS. That was 1 1/2 years ago and it still works perfectly.
      I am comfortable in recommending them.

      • Rangercarol. Many thanks, I did not even know that this was possible, live and learn.
        I will contact them and see what happens, thanks again. Stan

  23. Phil Hanus says:

    What is the better unit – Garmin 721xs or 741xs?

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