Sunday, March 18, 2012

Discover Wyoming’s Stories with New GPS App


Down every road and through every terrain there are stories waiting to be told of the people who once lived there. It isn’t hard to imagine as you are walking through the countryside of Wyoming that the 17th century landscape wasn’t all that different. But who has time to go through all of the research about a stretch of road?

Introducing the Travel Storys GPS app, a multi-platform app that is designed to do just that.

Created by founder Story Clark, the Travel Storys GPS app uses your phones GPS to help tell interesting and historical stories as you drive or walk through select areas of Wyoming. The idea behind this interactive platform for making the beautiful countryside a little bit more fun and interesting was to help visitors more thoroughly enjoy the small gems hidden in the Wyoming area.

“These stories, they just makes one’s travel experiences in a place so much more colorful and interesting,” Clark said in an interview with Kelsey Dayton.

The app is currently only available for select areas of Wyoming, but it’s still new–more places are likely on the way. There are six different tours with dozens of locations filled with pictures, anecdotes and historical information all told in a story format. Here’s a demo to show how the app works:

While it’s not the sort of thing that you could do in the car by yourself, it would be fantastic for family trips across what might otherwise be a rather dull trip. You can download the app for iOS and Android for free and run it on a phone or tablet.

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