Sunday, March 18, 2012

GolfNow Launches Premium Golf App with GPS


GolfNow, the popular golfing technology platform, has launched their new GolfNow app for both Android and iPhone. The free version of the app allows for tee-time reservations and booking along with some basic information about prices, time and rating.

However, for the serious golf enthusiast, the premium app adds some pretty nifty features like golf course mapping. The premium version of the app costs $29.99 for a year subscription and allows access to more than 5,000 courses in the US and a few international courses as well. It might be a little pricey, but if you golf a lot I can see how it would be totally worth the money.

The premium app has several functions including:

  • GPS mapping of each course including hole-by-hole yardages at thousands of golf courses around the world
  • A statistical tracking of golfer stats to continuously monitor and improve your game
  • In-round scoring function for up to four players with multiple game play formats

The GolfNow App will work on both tablets and phones, and booking with it can get you a pretty sweet discount. Both versions also include easy access to several Golf Channel digital properties, including Golf Channel Mobile, Golf Channel Academy and Golf Advisor. GolfNow also allows for some personalization, including the option to create a “Favorites” list based on courses frequented the most.

To download the app or to check out more information about how it works and what courses are covered, visit their website.


  1. Harry Zaplor says:

    Do you only provide maps for courses that you deal with? Where can I a list of course available for the service?

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