Sunday, March 18, 2012

SkyCaddie Mobile GPS App Now Available

skycaddie mobile

SkyGolf has announced a new mobile app designed to complement their golfing watches and other accessories. Utilizing the GPS in your phone, SkyCaddie Mobile allows golfers to search SkyGolf’s extensive library of more than 35,000 courses. The app is available for free on Android and iOS, but also has a premium version available for $30/year. The premium app includes additional features such as mapping, detailed green information, auto-hole information and various other metrics.

The free version of the app, however, has some pretty good functionality and allows golfers to score their rounds, capture basic stats, find course ratings, scorecards, dress code, prices and even includes in integrated camera function to record highlights and moments.

However, despite all of the cool features included, the SkyCaddie Mobile App isn’t designed to be a standalone, but rather to complement your GPS golf watch or other golfing technologies.

“We don’t expect SkyCaddie Mobile to replace traditional SkyCaddie devices” said Richard Edmonson, CEO of SkyGolf in a press release. “There are inherent issues with smart phones on a golf course such as battery life, risk of damage, intrusiveness and of course the difference in accuracy imposed by the phone’s limited GPS precision. But our mission is to be the rangefinder of choice for all golfers, regardless of ability, frequency of play or budget.”

To check out SkyCaddie’s other products or for more information, visit their website. Everything they have is, of course, geared towards their own product line but I expect that SkyCaddie Mobile could be used in conjunction with any number of other golf GPS apps/devices.


  1. Pamela Patrick says:

    Skycaddie golf watches stop charging. When you give them card number for postage to return, they charge you again. Now I have paid for two watches and they refuse to resolve.

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