Sunday, March 18, 2012

Waze Updates Allows Geotagging, Parking Reminders

Google acquires Waze

Waze, the popular social mapping program, got an update last week that introduced a set of features called “Places.” This feature allows users to add POIs to their Waze app to mark fun and interesting places that they find while traveling. In addition to information about POIs, users can add photos to help others know they are in the right place. Sounds an awful lot like the popular waymarking pastime, except instead of a scavenger hunt to try and find places, you can actually get directions there.

In addition to this feature, Waze also now can track your location via GPS and put a marker when you park your car so you don’t ever have to wander up and down isles hitting the ‘panic’ button to find your car again (Maybe that’s just me). Anyway, all of these new features have been integrated into the scoreboard system, which encourages Waze users to update and keep maps as current as possible and to share the cool things that they find while out and about.

Waze is an intelligent mapping program where all users can contribute to better improve the routing and driving experience. It is available for free on Windows phones, iOS and Android phones. For more information on how this app works, check out their website.

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