Sunday, March 18, 2012

GPS Tech Means You’ll Never Lose Your Wallet

GPS Wallet

When looking for a gift for that impossible someone (because let’s be honest–we all have one) I have found the best thing is to look for something unusual that they might not consider getting for themselves. If you have someone on your list who is interested in technology (GPS or otherwise) or who is constantly forgetting things, then the Royce Leather Freedom Wallet is definitely something to consider.

This genuine Italian Saffiano leather wallet features GPS tracking technology (via Bluetooth) so that you’ll never have to worry about losing your wallet again, and a stolen wallet suddenly isn’t as terrifying as otherwise. The wallet uses the Trackr mobile platform and Bluetooth technology in order to send alerts to your cell phone and allow you to pinpoint the location on a map. This new luxury wearable technology is available at Macy’s and retails for around $100.

In addition to GPS tracking, the wallet also has a built-in RFID blocking technology to prevent thieves from scanning the contents of your wallet. The Macy’s version comes in Black, while both mens and womens versions are available in multiple colors from Royce Leather Gifts’ website.

GPS technology is being integrated into everything nowadays, and I think we are still seeing just the beginning of that trend. Now if they could only create something to help me stop misplacing my debit card, I’d be set.


  1. That’s great :D, wish I could grab myself one !

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