Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smart Tracker Blows Through Crowdfunding Goal


I am always a little hesitant to write about anything that gets funded through Indiegogo, as the site is slightly less reputable than Kickstarter. And while all tech startups are a little risky, ones on Indiegogo seem to be even more so. However, all of that aside, today I discovered this cool little GPS tracker that does, well, everything. The flex funding campaign gives me a bit of pause, but with more than three weeks left in the campaign, it has already surpassed its goal and is barreling towards the stretch goals.

The Smart Tracker, honestly, almost sounds too good to be true. With an expected delivery date of August of this year, the device costs around $180 on Indiegogo (there are still some Early Birds left for $130), and I wouldn’t be surprised for it to cost quite a bit more once the campaign ends. However, in the world of GPS trackers, a sub-$200 device really is pretty cheap.

Unlike a lot of GPS tracking devices, Smart Tracker doesn’t require a monthly subscription from the GPS company, but does require a data SIM card in order to work. The developers insist that the device uses minimal data, but the numbers they give look a little low to me. Who knows?

Rather than listing out the excessive list of things that this tracker supposedly can do, here is a video published by the company with examples of what the device is capable of:

While I’d love to give this little device my full support, I can’t help but feel like it looks a little too good to be true. However, if the device does even half of what that video suggests, then it would be well worth the time.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign yourself or visit the website for more information, and then give me your thoughts. Does it look like a scam, or do you think it’s legit?

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