Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Removes Viago App With No Fanfare


Do you remember the Garmin Viago app? Unless you were one of the several thousand people who downloaded it, I am going to guess probably not. We covered its release in June, but I admit after the article was published, I never really gave it a second thought. And as it turns out, I’m not the only one who wasn’t very impressed with the app.

Immediately after launch, the app had poor reviews on both Google Play and iTunes and now, eight months later, Garmin has officially and quietly shuttered the program. The Viago launch page currently features a message that the app is no longer available for download although all the rest of the PR marketing material is still there to read through, strangely enough. I’m not sure when, exactly, this happened (as I wasn’t using the app) but Android Police claims it was earlier this year.

hand-holding-samsungDesigned to help turn your Android or iPhone into a Garmin GPS device, the paid Viago app was priced at $2 (or $1 if you got it on sale) along with $5 – $20 In-App Purchases for various things like additional countries and locations and… well, I’m not sure what else and the website doesn’t really say.

Overall, Garmin’s marketing team pretty much dropped the ball on Viago. And, since the mobile market is pretty much teeming with any number of free mapping applications, I can’t say I’m surprised that Garmin’s paid app was a flop. As much as I like Garmin, I don’t think I’d pay for a smartphone mapping application; especially one powered by HERE Maps (which, by the way, has its own free application with the same maps).

For users who DID purchase Viago, you will still be able to download the app from your personal purchased app collection listed under your account. For now, the app is still supported and should be updated, etc, although I’m not sure how long that will last. Android Police reports that users can still buy In App Purchases for the Viago app, but personally I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m rather hoping that Garmin has learned its lesson and will stick with what it does best—dedicated GPS devices and related products. Leave the mobile mapping to the other guys.

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