Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Updates Pilot App for Android


Garmin has a number of different markets for its GPS technology and one that we don’t really talk about all that often is aviation. In addition to the recent announcement of Garmin’s new aviator watch, Garmin has also updated its Garmin Pilot app recently. Available to both Android and iOS, the Android version recently gained a few additional features including obstacle and terrain information, simulator support and new upgrade options.

Because I don’t actually think very many of you really utilize this specific GPS market, I’m not going to go too much into the details of the update. However, here are some of the more significant upgrades and updates for the program:

Terrain__Obs_Screen_Shot_copyObstacles and Terrain

  • Garmin’s Pilot app now can overlay terrain and obstacle information on the moving map so that pilots can see dangerous areas without losing important flight information.
  • The app will include a dedicated terrain page to view terrain and obstacles in an arc or 360 view.
  • Premium upgrades will also include both audio and visual warnings when pilots navigate near obstacles or terrain that might post a risk

Simulator Support

  • The app now supports X-Plane as well as “a variety of other compatible simulators”
  • Garmin Pilot will sync flight plan information within the application and simulator for a more realistic experience.

Density Altitude

  • Pilots can display density altitude information on the display. Density altitude will be automatically calculated by the app
  • App now includes a widget for watching density altitude

New Upgrade Options

  • New upgrade will be free to existing customers
  • New customers can sign up for a 30 day free trial
  • Customers can purchase VFR Premium for $50 or IFR Premium for $75 annually; these upgrades include geo-reference SafeTaxi diagrams as well as terrain and obstacle alerts and, for IFR, geo-referenced FliteCharts

For more information on the pilot app, visit Garmin’s website.

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