Sunday, March 18, 2012

iOS 8.4 Released, Some GPS Issues Continue


A surprising amount of people use iPhones, iPads or other Apple devices for some form of navigation. Pilots in particular have been known to use iPads to help decode complex aeronautical navigation charts so when the iOS 8.3 update caused a problem with GPS, it was a huge problem. Apple insisted that the next update, iOS 8.4, would fix the problem and it seems like the issue has indeed been lessened. However, it looks like some problems are still occurring with GPS signals on select Apple products.

According to user complaints on Apple forums, many iOS devices are having trouble locking on to GPS and holding on to the signal. The issue mostly seems to be effecting iPhones, but a few users have reported issues with iPads as well. However, it’s not widespread or immediately apparent why some have issues while others don’t. GPS company Bad Elf gave its customers the all-clear a few days ago to upgrade, claiming that compatibility tests went just fine, but a lot of users have been reporting that GPS apps no longer function properly.

If, for whatever reason, you happen to be having GPS issues with your iPhone, there are a few fixes available:

  1. Turn the GPS on and off again, then restart the phone
  2. Reset your Network Settings
  3. Do a hard reset of your phone (basically a factory wipe. Be sure to back up anything important first!)

These solutions seem to be working for some users but a universal fix has yet to be found. You can read more indepth instructions for each option here.

I suppose this is just one more reason why you shouldn’t rely on mobile devices for GPS instead of using a dedicated unit.


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