Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sygic Expands App Capabilities With Update


Despite the fact that dedicated GPS units tend to outperform smartphones as far as actual GPS signals go, a majority of people utilize some form of smartphone GPS application instead of a dedicated unit. I can’t deny it’s more convenient, at the very least, as most people won’t leave the house with a smartphone in hand. But, if you’re using your smartphone for directions, then you have the conundrum of which GPS app to use and you haven’t got any shortage of choices.

One of the companies that we don’t talk about all that much is Sygic. Unlike the more common free alternatives, Sygic is both more expensive and arguably more accurate. Powered by TomTom maps, Sygic offers an experience that is more akin to a dedicated GPS unit than a smartphone. Recently the company added a slew of features that might just be enough for you Google Maps users to sit up and take notice.

With the most recent update, Sygic has announced that its Sygic GPS Navigation application is now focusing on not only driving, but also walking, booking and general travel needs. The goal was to create a “map for everything” so that users wouldn’t have to weigh down their smartphones with multiple applications.

This new update provides an improved mapping experience, integration with TripAdvisor, Yelp, Viator and Foursquare to help users discover new locations and search through memorable POIs near their destinations as well as live services (add-on purchase or subscription depending on the service) and smartwatch support for pedestrian navigation.

Sygic GPS Navigation technically has a free service, but since routing is not included with the mapping, it’s honestly not worth your time. The app itself costs about $40 for a lifetime subscription which includes world maps and updates every three months. And, while it might sound like a lot for an app, the entire thing functions offline and basically turns your phone into a dedicated GPS unit sans the slightly upgraded GPS equipment.

The Lifetime Premium version of the app includes POI search, voice directions with street names spoken aloud, route planning, 3D maps, speed limit warnings, lane assist and junction views, turn-by-turn navigation and optional life traffic services which cost around $20 per month.

While personally I would really just recommend that users spend the extra money and buy a GPS unit to save phone battery life, I can definitely see how with this most recent update the Sygic app would be a good investment for some people.


  1. How to create track log?
    So that next time we can easily follow and use the same route we have travelled before.


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