Sunday, March 18, 2012

iPad mini – Too big for your dash?

iPad mini GPS navigation

Apple unveiled the iPad mini today, and the cellular versions come with GPS + GLONASS. But at 7.9″, that is going to be one huge navigator.

I can see it appealing to the RV crowd; not so sure about truckers. Would you consider using this on your dash?

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  1. “But oh, sir – it is just wafer thin!”

    This was my thought also when I handled on at the Apple store yesterday. I agree with you that it would be too big for the dashboard – or to carry everywhere as one does with a smart phone. But it very solid feeling, light, and it really is wafer thin.

  2. I will probably get a 3rd gen ipad some time soon refurbished from apple. I will get the wifi + cell model and was wondering if I don’t activate the cell service right away will the gps part still work if I have an app the has maps installed or do you need cell service for the gps to work?

    • You do not need cell service, but it will be slower to get a lock without it. For the best results, have it stationary with a clear view of the sky until it locks. Having WiFi on may also help speed location acquisition.

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