Sunday, March 18, 2012

App Helps Navigate Using Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And maybe, just maybe, a string of pictures is worth more than a map when trying to navigate indoors. At least, that’s the thought behind a new app platform developed by Ziiio. This wayfinding app takes interior navigation down a different route that, to me, seems like it will be bit more useful in complicated buildings like hospitals or conference centers.

Using Bluetooth technology placed in hallways throughout the select building, the app is able to tell where the phone is and compare it to where the user wants to go. Then, using real pictures of hallways, the app will give literal turn by turn directions to any location inside that building. It doesn’t involve GPS, WiFi or any new technology and it’s so simple, I think it’s genius.

The app was first created for the Music City Center in Nashville and already has had a pretty good reception from visitors. To use the app, you have to download it, and then turn on Bluetooth and select where you want to go. If your device isn’t supported, you can send a text and have the directions sent to you. I don’t think this technology is going to stop the rush and heavy innovation for indoor GPS, but it certainly will work in the meantime.

Here’s a video of how the app works:

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