Sunday, March 18, 2012

Game Golf Launches Free GPS Tracking App


In the world of golfing, GPS can play an integral role to better understanding the game and improving with every swing. While there is no shortage of expensive wearables for golfers to choose from, sometimes it can be hard for casual players to justify the additional expense. Well, GPS GOLF announced a new free GPS GOLF Tracking App today that will give players a glimpse of how GPS can help better improve their game.

“If you don’t truly understand your game it’s hard to improve. The free GAME GOLF Tracking App allows golfers to see their shot performance in real-time, something which many amateur golfers will never have had access to before,”John McGuire, CEO of GAME GOLF said in a statement. “Further, it affords everyone access to the GAME GOLF platform to gather stats, collect data and share their game with friends, family, coaches and instructors.”

The GPS GOLF Tracking App doesn’t require any additional hardware purchases to use and can help golfers get a better view and understanding of each hole available through the app with various features including distances to key locations and fairway accuracy.

Here’s a look at all the app can do:

  • Provide an aerial view of holes on 36,000 golf courses
  • Provide distances using the GPS Rangefinder feature
  • “tag” each shot by selecting the club used for comparison
  • See greens in regulation
  • See fairway accuracies
  • track putts per hole
  • See club distances
  • Track scrambling percentage
  • View golfer profile and data
  • compare information with friends and clubs

The GPS GOLF Tracking App is available for download now for iPhone and Android devices.

In honor of the release of this app, the company is currently running a contest that could land four lucky winners with an all-expense paid golfing trip to Ireland. For more information, check out the press release or visit the website.

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