Sunday, March 18, 2012

California court: Don’t use maps on your phone while driving

California Appeals Court rules hands-on use of smartphone maps illegal

Appeals Court rules hands-on use of smartphone maps illegal

A California appellate court has effectively extended the states’s texting while driving law to the use of maps on your phone. The statute in question says you can’t use your phone while driving unless you do it in hands free mode — don’t touch.

Here are some relevant quotes from the decision:

It may be argued that the Legislature acted arbitrarily when it outlawed all “hands-on” use of a wireless telephone while driving, even though the legal use of one’s hands to operate myriad other devices poses just as great a risk to the safety of other motorists…

…This statute, however, is specifically designed to prevent a driver from using a wireless telephone while driving unless the device is being used in a hands-free manner.

Only use your navigation using voice command? Don’t worry, they may outlaw that too.

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  1. Guess people will just have to drive while looking at the old paper map laid across the steering wheel. 🙂

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