Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Garmin smartphone mounts

Garmin universal smartphone mount

Garmin has announced two new smartphone mounts, one for the iPhone 5 and a universal mount targeted to Android users.

iPhone 5 active mount

The iPhone 5 active mount allows you to snap the phone into the mount without having to mess with a charging cable, thanks to its Lightning to USB charger. It also works with the case on, fitting cases between 58.6 mm and 76 mm wide and up to 12 mm deep.

Universal smartphone mount

While you’ll have to connect the phone’s power cable when using the Garmin universal smartphone mount, compatible phones can automatically fire up your Navigon app thanks to an NFC chip. The mount includes a micro-USB charger and extra USB port, and is designed to “hold phones between 58.6 mm and 76 mm wide and up to 12 mm deep.”

Mounting options

As you would expect, both mounts work in landscape or portrait mode, but what’s really nice is that they appear to be compatible with Garmin friction mounts and their air vent mount.

Smartphone mounting systems generally suck, and I’d jump on one of these in a heart beat were it not for the  $49.99 price tag. Still, I may end up being swayed just so I can have a decent mount for my phone. I’ve tried a number of solutions and while some worked okay in holding the phone  it was always the suction attachment point that proved problematic. Being able to use this in conjunction with my favorite mounting system could prove a winner.

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  1. Boyd Ostroff says:

    I love that product picture. The GPS completely blocks the view of the road. 😀

  2. If this would work with my S3 with its Seido Convert exoskeleton protection backing, it might be worth it for me as well. I’ve busted a few regular cell phone holders already. I’d want to have some “hands on” to see how study the arms are that hold the phone first.

  3. I still find it interesting that Garmin is moving forward with Android for many things, they are obviously doing things for iPhone users, including the StreetPilot OnBoard For Apple, but NO StreetPilot OnBoard For Android. IT would certainly seem to me to be a natural move!

  4. Bob Mueller says:

    I struggled with a few different suction cup mounts. I have found the RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup works the best for me. It came with my iPad RAM mount, as a kit. I also ended up buying an X grip from RAM for my iPhone. I can leave the suction cup on the windshield and just switch back and forth between the iPad or X grip mount. This suction cup from the iPad kit, has been the best I have ever seen!

    With all suction cups, it really helps to clean the window, just before sticking it.

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