Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magellan Launches New GPS Through Costco


The California-based GPS navigation company Magellan has announced a new automotive GPS device today on sale exclusively through Costco stores nationwide. Called the Roadmate 5250T-LM, this 5 inch GPS device has a full line of features including lifetime map updates and traffic alerts and also comes with a limited trial of PhantomALERT Premium.

Priced at a modest $149, this device looks like it’s actually a pretty good deal. All units purchased will come with three years of the PhantomALERT Premium feature, which offers audible and visual warnings of upcoming red lights, speed cameras and more. Once the three-year subscription is up, users can continue the service for $50 per year. The unit supports both landscape and portrait mode to show more or less of the road ahead and to better adapt to user preferences. It has Magellan’s OneTouch Favorites Menu so that users can quickly access locations they frequent.

Here are some other included features:

  • Preloaded POIs – Units come preloaded with millions of branded highway and exit Points of Interest such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations and more.
  • Junction View and Lane Assist – Includes Realistic rendering of freeway signs and lane exchanges to help users stay in the correct lane while navigating.
  • Landmark Guidance – Units use visual landmarks while routing for easier navigation
  • Multi-destination routing – Plan routes with up to 10 stops for easy navigation on trips.
  • Best Parking – Provides parking garage locations, hours of operation and directions to entrances
  • Speed Limit Warnings – Manage your speed with visual or audio alerts for speeding.

The device ships with a windshield mount and pre-loaded maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, with additional maps available from Magellan’s website.

The Roadmate 5250T-LM is available now at select Costco stores nationwide and online. While the normal retail price is listed as $149.99, Costco is currently offering a $20 discount on its website today through May 3, 2015 which will bring the price down to $130 before tax. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Click here to take advantage of the offer!


  1. This would be fine IF you could updated your GPS the services as I know it has been down for five days maybe longer?
    I have emailed Magellan twice
    What do I get a file number
    I now have two file numbers and no service
    We are coming up on a three day weekend
    We are on the road early AM tomorrow Monday
    No services
    We have the model 5135T LM bought from Costco
    It would have been nice to have the coutant updates
    I’m told if you call Magello you Will be charged for the call
    NJCE !
    Tomorrow if don’t hear from Magellan.
    I’m buying a new GPS and it’s not going to be a Magellan from Costco

    • Sorry for the miss spelling that’s an iPad for you
      I in put and the iPad decides what I want to state
      Not so on my pRt

  2. The Best Parking feature is so great. Especially for visiting big cities like SF or NYC. Saved me more than a few times. What good is arriving at your destination when you don’t know how to park?

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