Sunday, March 18, 2012

Voice-Controlled GPS Helmet Coming Soon

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Reuters reported yesterday that a Russian company has invented a new smart helmet that will display GPS navigation tips on the visor so motorcyclists can use navigational technology without having to look away from the road. Only slightly bigger than a regular motorcycle helmet, the visor will have something similar to a HUD display. Originally slated to be released last year, the helmet is still in the pre production stages and expected to go on sale this summer.

navigationexCalled LiveMap, this GPS helmet is basically a hybrid between a GPS unit and a connected motorcycle helmet. The device runs on rechargeable batteries that are slightly larger than a smartphone battery and the developers claim will last an entire day. Like a traditional GPS unit, it comes with preloaded maps and has voice control for searchable POIs (which will require a data connection).

The helmet was initially slated to launch last year but had to be pushed to this year due to setbacks. This is pretty common for a start up company, especially one that looks even partially to crowdfunding sources for income although company material states that it received a grant as well.

Neither the website nor the Reuters article stated specifics about the GPS portion of the helmet, but as it is a Russian company it is likely to include both GPS and GLONASS capabilities. Other similar products include Skully, which is already on the market and is priced at $1500.

Consumers can preorder LiveMap for $1500 right now or wait until it goes on sale in May of 2015 and purchase it for $2000. Check out the video below or visit LiveMap’s website for more information.


  1. Didn’t they have that tech way back in the 80’s? In the film Firefox with Clint Eastwood? 😉

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