Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Introduces GPS Dash Cam for Truckers


In April, Garmin introduced its first ever dash cam/GPS unit combination aimed to help drivers not only find their way, but protect their vehicles via video recording of incidents. Well, it looks like the GPS giant has reset its sights on a group that spends even more time on the road than most: truckers. The dezlCam LMTHD is a trucker-specific GPS device that not only includes a built-in dash cam and lifetime maps and traffic, but also a slew of features designed to display information that truckers need most.

Dashcam Features

The dash cam in this unit is designed to act as as an onboard witness and will continually record footage while the truck is in motion in order to help protect truck drivers while they are on the road. The device begins recording as soon as it is powered on and will automatically save footage upon impact thanks to an integrated g-sensor which provides Incident Detection. Users can also record other information such as location, speed, date and time for better footage.

Additionally, the device is designed to be easy to remove from the truck with a magnetic mount and allows users to take close-up pictures of the accident with the Snapshot feature. The device also allows for playback directly on the device or on a computer using the Garmin website.

GPS Features

The Garmin dezlCam features a six-inch pinch-to-zoom display which not only displays route but POIs, mile markers, time zone changes and alerts drivers to state and country borders. As expected, the device has a lot of the traditional Garmin features including voice-activated navigation, Bluetooth technology, Spoken Garmin Real Directions that give direction via landmarks instead of distance, Junction View and Active Lane Guidance to help drivers stay in the right lane. The device also features lifetime map updates and lifetime HD traffic.

However, the dezlCam also has a number of trucking-specific features similar to what you’ll see on the rest of the Garmin dezl line. These features include Foursquare integration, TruckDown Locations and Services for locating specific amenities and brands via POI searches, Easy Route Shaping so that drivers can modify a route to include preferred cities, Up Ahead to display fuel stations and restaurants, and a history log that records hours of service, IFTA milesage, fuel usage and more.

Availability Information

The press release states that the Garmin dezlCam LMTHD is expected to be available “this month” but a quick inspection of Garmin’s site shows that the device is actually for sale right now with a processing time of 2-3 weeks. You can purchase the unit for $499.99.

For more information about the new dezlCam LMTHD, visit Garmin’s website.


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