Sunday, March 18, 2012

Step, Sleep Tracking On New Echo Fit

echo_fit_1Magellan has finally announced details of their new Echo Fit, a multi-purpose sport watch that syncs with apps and has a pretty impressive range of features—not to mention the cool design. This newest addition to the Echo line has step and sleep tracking in addition to traditional running watch functions (tracking distance, track, calories burned, heart rate, etc) in an attempt to make an ‘everyday’ watch that will capture a picture of exactly what you do and how to meet your fitness goals.

The Magellan Echo Fit is designed to sync and analyze data for an in-depth analysis of activity trends throughout the day and night. Magellan has their own app, Magellan Active, that works seamlessly with the Echo Fit, but the watch also features third party app compatibility. Compatible apps include Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyHike, Wahoo Fitness, iSmoothRun, iMobileIntervals, AllTrails, Golf Pad, RunKeeper (in September) and more. With an open platform, Echo Fit is designed to keep pace and evolve as sports apps are updated and added. Whether it’s running, hiking, cycling, golfing, or other sports activities, Echo Fit’s deep integration with apps makes it customizable to meet the unique needs of each athlete. The watch is compatible with iPhones running 4S or higher and select Android 4.4 or later models. I couldn’t really find a list anywhere of exactly what Androids are compatible, so double check before you buy.

In fact, the watch reminds me a lot of the smartwatches that are hitting the market this year. While it doesn’t have a touchscreen, you can control your music and sports apps and get notifications without having to pull your phone out of your pocket. I believe it can sync with some popular social media apps as well like Facebook or Twitter.

Unlike smartwatches and such, the Echo Fit doesn’t require charging and instead uses a flat battery that they claim will last 6-8 months with normal use and can be changed out easily, much like a regular watch. It will be available in black, gray, blue or pink and goes on sale this fall from Magellan’s website for $199.99 with a heart monitor and $149.99 without.

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