Sunday, March 18, 2012

Holux Introduces Multipurpose Bike Computer

sportrex 1305

Holux Technology launched their latest multi-function handheld GPS device this week. The SporTrex 1305 designed for all kinds of cyclists from serious to hobby. The device has features designed to for touring, competitive cycling and mountain biking, and has can measure and calculate a number of information fields in addition to recording tracks with GPS. The SporTrex 1305 is also shock resistant and IPX7 water resistant.

One of the cooler (albeit rather pointless) features is the Carbon Reduction Function, which converts the amount of carbon emissions you are saving into trees planted in a sort of odd numbers-game. The device itself is advertised as “earth friendly’ and uses lithium-ion batteries and low power consumption to help the environment.

Here are the function and features of this lightweight device:

  • Tracks speed, distance, altitude
  • Uses GPS to track route
  • Can be used with ezTour Planner to plan a route
  • Fast satellite acquisition
  • Specially-designed bike cradle to make disassemble efficient and simple
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Shock resistant
  • IPX 7 water resistant
  • Electronic compass
  • Altimeter
  • Personal assistant tools: add calendar, computers and stopwatch
  • Geocaching

The SporTrex 1305 can be purchased online from Juniper Systems and later this month. I didn’t see a price listed anywhere, unfortunately.

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