Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rumor: Controlling Garmin With Handlebar Remote?

garmin control

photo by Bike Radar

I read an interesting rumor today on Bike Radar that suggested that Garmin representatives are contemplating a partnership with Shimano Cycling, a company known for cycling equipment and accessories.

According to their article, both companies were discussing a possible partnership during a cycling conference earlier this week. The partnership, if it happened, would likely be to design technology to control a Garmin cycling GPS with Shimano’s shifting lever hoods. Nothing is solid yet, but both companies seemed quite excited by the idea.

Bicycle Radar’s article reported:

“It’s just a happy accident [there are buttons on the hoods],” Shimano’s road product manager Dave Lawrence jokingly told Garmin staffers at Eurobike. “We were just waiting for you.” Soon after, both parties ducked into the back room of Garmin’s booth.

Of course, neither company will confirm anything yet, and I doubt we’ll hear much for at least a few weeks as to whether or not anything will come of it. Bicycle Radar reported that Shimano is currently partnered with Magellan which would definitely put a damper on talks, to say the least. But who knows?

It is worth noting that Garmin has ventured into the remote control of their devices with little round remotes that can cycle through screens on the newer Garmin Edge lines. However, those controls aren’t mounted to the shifting gears, which would make them not only cooler but more convenient.

If anything comes of it, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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