Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Introduces the fēnix Chronos

fenix chronos

Garmin International recently unveiled its new wearable, the fēnix Chronos. This watch is a premium version of the already popular fēnix products—the fēnix 3, the fēnix 3HR, and the fēnix 3 Sapphire. Like the previous fēnix devices, the watches are multi-sport and feature navigational technologies. However, what sets this watch apart is that it will be the first watch from Garmin that combines fashionable design with adventuring.

“High-end design meets top-tier performance with fēnix Chronos,” Garmin’s vice president of sales, Dan Bartel stated. “With luxurious materials and trusted Garmin multisport technology, fēnix Chronos is a necessary timepiece for anyone who wants to remain stylish through all of life’s adventures—whether its hiking through mountains, training for a race, or heading to a formal event.”

The fēnix Chronos is made with jeweler’s grade materials, and is available with three different styled bands: titanium, stainless steel, and leather. Garmin is also throwing in a silicone sports band that can be changed out whenever necessary.

All three of these styles will come with a high-strength and scratch-resistant sapphire lens. The watches also come equipped with an LED backlit 1.2-inch Chroma Display and a 10 ATM water rating. The device should last up to 25 hours in battery saver mode, up to 13 hours in GPS mode, and up to a week in smart mode. The fēnix Chronos can also be paired with a compatible smartphone to receive calls, texts, and emails straight to the watch, so you can pack your phone away while exploring.

While the most prominent feature of the Chronos is its style, it is still considered a GPS sportswatch and is the newest addition to Garmin’s outdoor division. The different activity profiles include: run, bike, lap swim, open water, SUP, row, golf, and more. The Chronos includes Elevate which measures heart rate and eliminates the need for a chest strap to monitor your heart rate. The fēnix Chronos is also able to calculate calories burned as well as count your steps and monitor sleep.

The Chronos also comes equipped with an omni-directional EXO antenna and supports satellite reception from both GPS and GLONASS. This helps support accurate reception in more difficult environments than GPS alone could provide.

Garmin describes the fēnix Chronos as a “full-fledged smart watch” as it can connect wirelessly, and is completely customizable. All fēnix devices all have access to the Connect IQ store, which means that they get access to more than 2,000 apps, widgets, data fields, and watch faces created by third party developers (supported by Garmin). The new Face-It app even allows a completely unique watch face.

The price of the Chronos varies by style. The leather band is $899.99, the stainless steel is $999.99, and the titanium is $1,499.99. You can find details on the fēnix Chronos on Garmin’s website.

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