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TomTom GO 910 review


UPDATE: This model has been discontinued. For current recommendations, please refer to our TomTom comparison chart.

The TomTom GO 910, featuring multi-continental map coverage including the US, Canada and the whole of Europe, this all-in-one navigation device has a long list of features. The 910 has a 20 GB hard-drive and includes a remote control, an MP3 player,  iPod compatibility, a wide four-inch screen, and text-to-speech functionality. One especially nice feature is hands-free calling via a Bluetooth connection. To top it off, the TomTom GO 910 is equipped with the new SiRFstar III GPS chipset.

To see how the TomTom GO 910 stacks up against other units, check out our TomTom comparison chart.

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I’ll be posting more hands on reviews as they appear, but in the meantime, here are some…

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  1. MojoMaster says:

    The SiRF III chip, iPod connectivity and good reviews have me pretty anxious to get my hands on one of these.
    Does anyone else have first-hand experience?

  2. Thanks MM. Keep an eye out here. I’ll post links to them as soon as I can find them. And I’m watching daily!

  3. My wife is a home health therapist and, before entering her visists into the 910, needs to be able to first plot out her daily visits on her pc, using the same gps maps, in order to figure out the most efficient visitation sequence so she doens’t zig and zag all over town. Does the 910 have that feature? If so, I’m buying!

  4. Chuck,
    I wish I could tell you, but I just don’t know. Some people call this the “traveling salesman problem.” I would ask at the Yahoo TomTom GO forum or at the GpsPasSion TomTom forum. If you find out, please report back and let us know!

  5. Chuck,
    I don’t think thats possible at the moment. the only way it could work is if the tomtom allows you to enter multiple destinations. It should be possible in the near future cause its a good idea. in the meantime checkout my site for free tomtom downloads;
    if you have a tomtom You can download free tomtom voices at:
    you can also download different map colors.
    and splash screens

  6. Regarding the Go 910.
    I found the claim that the unit works straight from the box a little misleading. My 910 would not locate it’s position over the first few days until I used the reset button which I only found out about after I logged onto the support site. This happened while on holiday and I was fortunate to have internet access.
    The go 910 has also been quite unstable when connecting to my PC via USB which found mw reaching once again for the reset button. However it has not failed yet whilst mobile on a route.

  7. Thanks Derrick. I had heard reports to this effect elsewhere. I’m glad to hear that navigation is working well though.

  8. I would prefer to download my audiobooks directly into my device, like a phone (with gps ;-0), or iPod, rather than PC first then into device? I am waiting for my phones (and I know there are some that allow it) to handle downloads of my audiobooks. Why carry 3 or 4 devices with you? Here is a audiobook phone compatible list
    Not many right now. Found in audiobook phone compatible list

  9. Thanks. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a natural.

  10. Can anyone post a full TomTom 910 backup on Rapidshare ?? ( ??

  11. I have bad luck with GO 910. The navigator was working fine until I loaded music and photos. Since then it crashed about 10 times. The soft reset on the back would bring the unti back to working state. Now, the device is not powering up at all. It has been only 60 days. I am going to go through the hell now to get this unit fixed. I am not recommending anyone buying this peice of junk.

  12. Aargh! That’s terrible. Please keep us posted so others will know whether or not TomTom resolves this for you.

  13. Antoni Agramunt says:

    Same as me. Bought yesterday. Went fine til using (as TomTom recommends to do so) the TomTom Go Home. It hangs… always. I opened a tech. request. All the people with similar problems posting in the web let me see that this unit is not full-user-friendly. I have a full money back warranty and I seriously considering to return this equipment tomorrow. This is absolutely unbelievable.
    If anybody can give me advise, please contact me @ [email protected]. Thks.

  14. Camarillo Porkchop says:

    Bought a 910 on 8/22; worked great out of box until I did the recommended update process- it froze and never worked correctly again except when connected to my desktop and to turn it off I had to push the reset button each time… Many days later and hours spent waiting for a person to answer the customer service phone and none of the support able to help me get the 910 working right, I returned the 910 on 9/10 (Seemed appropo to return the 910 in 9/10…) and got my money back from where I bought it. The manager of the electronics section told me she got 10 in, sold 9 and I was the 9th one to return one for a full refund… She pulled the last one and is returning it. When I finally reached customer services at TomTom each time, they were curteous enough but admitted they were having lots of problems with the 910. TomTom might be #1 in GPS but their top of the line is the bottom of the pits in my opinion…

  15. Thanks. Folks like you taking the time to comment helps others not make the same mistake.

  16. Go with a blueooth GPS and a PDA
    Car Audio Manuals

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