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Dash Navigation wins best of CES honors from CNet and Laptop Magazine

Dash Navigation’s Dash Express has won Best of CES awards from both CNet and Laptop Magazine. CNet had this to say:

One of the most eagerly anticipated aftermarket car tech gadgets at this year’s CES is the Dash Express from Dash Navigation. Dash Express is the first portable navigation system to have built-in two-way connectivity (cellular and Wi-Fi), giving drivers access to a whole new world of information via the Internet and the network of other Dash-connected users. The system display real-time traffic data, which comes from the network of other Dash drivers, while Web connectivity gives drivers a points-of-interest database served up by Yahoo Local, with whom Dash announced a partnership last week. Here are some of the major functions of the Dash Express:

Dash Network Traffic: The Dash Express takes a two-pronged approach to traffic information. First, the system comes preprogrammed with historical traffic flow data for all major roads, so it has an idea of what the road conditions are like in the area during all times. The real-time traffic data comes from the network of other Dash drivers out there who anonymously report their traffic conditions to other devices in the area. With this information, Dash Express can select the best of three recommended routes.

Read the full CNet awrds report.

Laptop Magazine had this to say:

The Dash Express is the first automotive navigation device that connects to the Internet to bring you the most up-to-date maps, routes, traffic patterns, and even real-time traffic jam information.
Every Express on the road connects to the Internet using a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. When it has a Wi-Fi connection, it searches for larger downloads, such as maps. When it has a cellular connection, it performs smaller tasks such as getting traffic feeds and sending traffic reports back to the service. This all happens automatically, and the effect is that if you’re cruising down the highway and you suddenly hit a traffic jam, the Express will tell you how long your delay is expected to be, based on how quickly other cars with Express are moving through it.

Read the full Laptop Magazine awards report.

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