Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dash Express becomes the first GPS to learn your shortcuts


Dash Express users will be getting a major software update today, delivered wirelessly of course. There are lots of changes, so we’ll delve right in and start with the most important.

MyRoutes automatically learns your preferred routes

How long have we pined for a GPS smart enough to learn our favorite shortcuts? Well wait no longer boys and girls — the Dash Express gets bragging rights as the first GPS to do this. The MyRoute shortcut is shown in pink in the image above. Some details…

"The next time that they drive between the same origin and destination, the first route choice will be a MyRoute, complete with traffic-based arrival time data. Drivers can compare their MyRoute to the computed Dash routes, including traffic detours, and decide which one is optimal."

The route will not work in reverse, you’ll have to drive it once each way. This is due to the locations of on and off ramps, etc. It also sounds as if it will be fairly destination and point of origin specific, but Dash tells me that they will be gathering feedback and continue to evaluate, enhance and tune this feature.

Search Along Route with Yahoo! Local search

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