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TomTom GO 930 / 930T review


UPDATE: This model has been discontinued. For current recommendations, please refer to our TomTom comparison chart.

The TomTom GO 930 updates the TomTom GO 920 with a couple of new features — advanced lane guidance (pictured above) and IQ RoutesTM.

The 930 has a 4.3″ wide touch screen, pre-loaded maps of the U.S., Canada and Europe, and text-to-speech. The latter feature means that you’ll hear “turn left on Oak Street” rather than just “turn left in 1/4 mile.” It also includes Bluetooth for hands-free calling, a built-in FM transmitter and TomTom’s Map Share technology, which allows users to make some map corrections and share them with others. TomTom doesn’t give an exact number of points of interest (POIs) on their devices; they simply say “millions.” Regardless, I find TomTom devices to have an adequate number of POIs.

Step up to the TomTom GO 930T to add live traffic, though this can be added later to the 930. Drop down to the TomTom GO 730 and you’ll lose the maps of Europe, the remote control and the 930’s Enhanced Positioning Technology that offers continued tracking when satellite signals are lost. The 930 is so similar to the 730 that I highly recommend you check out my hands-on review of that model.

To see how the 930 compares to other units, check out my TomTom comparison chart.

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  2. I bought it following the positive advices on various websites. This TomTom joke is not worthed the money. First, one cannot trust its accuracy in location positioning. Often, one misses the turns one has to take in the city, because the location is wrong. One finds only later that we should have turned to the left/right one street earlier. Since you cannot trust its location, you can try counting on the displayed map how many streets should you cross until a turn is needed. Well, good luck with that, the 3D display of the map is mis-leading and pale; hence, it is difficult to count, while driving, the number of streets until a turn is needed.
    On the highway, the typical location error is in the order of hundreds on meters, particularly if one drives above 100 km/h. If you have to take the only exit in a range of kms, then, no problem, you won’t miss it. However, if you exit the highway, and then you should immediately turn left or right to follow a specific direction, then, good luck doing that. The device still announces you that you should exit the highway, while you are busy wondering which is the appropriate direction to go.
    Probably, this device is good in villages where one has two streets and a cow, but in large cities, forget it. Go Get something decent. I don’t know which device, but certainly not Tom Tom 930T. So, conclusion: to avoid at all costs.

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