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Magellan RoadMate 1475T with lifetime traffic


Magellan has announced the RoadMate 1475T, their first product with lifetime traffic. The 1475T is identical to the RoadMate 1470 I recently (and favorably) reviewed, with the addition of the traffic receiver. It carries a suggested retail price of $299 and will be available immediately.

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  1. Rich Owings says:

    GPS elevation data is much less accurate than lat/long positioning.

  2. Jeff—let me know if you have any luck with Magellan regarding lag. I can put up with this but it is annoying.

    • Nope
      The lag is terrible. How can they sell as GPS if it showws you 30-40 feet from the location. Its oging back and I am getting a GArmin.I have a TOMTOM and Navigon and both track right to the spot

      • And when you read what people say is wrong with them as well … other than that they don’t lag … you gotta do what you gotta do. All the reviews I read on every manufacturer lead me to selecting the Magellan. A few feet isn’t going to kill me, nor be anywhere near annoying as a voice that isn’t loud enough to hear, or the unit freezing up, the great FM broadcast not being strong enough to reach an antenna in the back window or on the opposite side of the car on the front fender, the unit taking me in circles with it’s directions … Geesh .. have you read the reviews even? Apparently, none of these are perfect or even close. You gotta choose your poison basically. I’ve used my kid’s Tom Tom … I know they are horrible. I’ve read Garmin plots the same way as them. Good luck.

    • no luck. The tracking still is lousy. It shows your position at least 30-50 feet behind where you actually are.

  3. Bought my 1475 from Amazon Christmas Eve, received it yesterday. So far, so good. One thing I posted above is that it DOES charge the battery when plugged into my PC with the USB cable that came with it, despite the Magellan site saying it does not charge via the USB to PC connection. When I opened the box, the switch was in the ON position. I turned it OFF and to Reset, then back ON, and no video. I do not have the AC adapter, and did not plug it into the car, and about 30 minutes after being plugged into the USB on the computer, it gave me screens whn turned to ON. It fully charged itself overnight.

    Driving to work this morning was my first chance to try it out. I put in and saved my office address, a 20 mile drive, that I avoid the freeways and take a zig zag route on secondary streets, surface roads as we call them in California. It first plotted the freeway route, but when I selected the Options and sai Least Use Of Freeways, it plotted the exact zig zag route I’ve been using for the past 8 years. Kudos to Magellan for that.

    There did appear to be some lag in the icon, but then again, it almost looked like it was putting the upcoming street in front of me rather than actually lagging. The turn ding dongs were right on the money. It alerted me to upcoming turns 2 miles and then 1/2 mile in advance. And then said I was approaching the turn when I was within a few hundred feet or so. It did not get excessive or annoying.

    I also found the voice to be sharp, crisp, and easy to understand. It doesn’t have the choice of voices that others have, nor the choice of vehicle icons … but really, how much do you use those toys? I prefer having the AAA Guidebook as the gimmick, a very useful gimmick actually. And a good clear understandable voice with very good volume range … even for this guy with hearing aids.

    I am very happy with my choice so far.

    • Neil, my experience is pretty much the same as yours. I too wear hearing aids and had no trouble discerning what the unit was saying which is pretty incredible because I am always asking people to repeat themselves.

  4. I got mine for 149 for Christmas at BJs. (with $50 coupon) Once registered with magellan and updating to 2.2 I had no problems other than the lag everyone talked about. From a positive perspective, it seems to give you some time to identify your street before making the turn in advance. Replaced a 2 year old Mio C520 with a lot of features but no new maps upgrades. As others have pointed out the chime is on-time. I can live with it.

  5. I received a TomTom 130 ($79.99 at Staples)and a Magellan 1475T ($179.99 at Costco)for Christmas. The TT130 had a much smaller screen. I hooked them both up and rode around while my gf drove. Each had its advantages. The TomTom seemed to have more accurate street names. It also had several nice features such as many voices to choose from, and different car icons instead of just a triangle, but it seems to me these are unimportant compared to basic functionality, and probably take up a good bit of the memory. It also had a neat feature where it not only told you your speed, but also the speed limit on that road. I also like the fact that you could see the time, ETA, speed, etc all at once. I also like the fact that TomTom users can submit map updates which other users can get for free. But, you had to subscribe for $9.99/month to get traffic reports.

    I returned the TomTom and kept the Magellan.

    I really wanted the traffic feature, and was ready to pay $35 – $80 for a traffic link cable, when I read on Magellan’s site that I did not need one, since mine has a ser# beginning w/ 0791. (It actually said I needed a certain cable, but when I found a picture of it, I realized it was the one I had.)

    On Christmas day the traffic icon was red, and stated that there was “severe weather 11 miles north on I-95.” This alert remained active for 3 days; not very timely IMO.

    I traveled to a different area and the traffic alert changed to green, where it has remained for the past 2 days.

    When I go to traffic settings, it shows an antenna with four bars (as long as it’s plugged in, with either the car adapter or an AC adapter). maps show plenty of coverage in my region (Phila., PA).

    I did a test today at rush hour. showed many traffic jams within 15 miles. So did Google maps, and (my fav:) My 1475T showed nothing. I am disappointed with this feature.

    I also have noticed a lag, or 10-15ft inaccuracy in position. Once I was in a left hand turn lane, and the 1475T showed me in the right-turn lane, and thus recalculated that I needed to make a U-turn ASAP. Once I made the left, it corrected itself.

    Overall though, I am real happy with it.

    I do like the AAA and Magellan POIs. While it does miss a few local stores or gas stations, and lists a restaurant or two which are closed, I do find the info useful, and very extensive.

    I also found the “User Handbook” which came with it, very basic. I would recommend everyone download the “User Manual” which is much more detailed. It can be found at:

    Many of the posts of complaints I’ve read here, seem to be operator error. Mine gave me crazy out-of-the-way routes too, until I realized I had the “avoid toll roads” box checked. I do like that it gives 4 options for calculating routes, but I still think gives the best directions.

    This thing will help me if and when I get off my planned route, but I’ll still plan my route before getting in the car.

    • wrong
      Its not operator error when it shows that you are 20-30 feet from you real position

    • I found the “real-time” traffic to be fairly useless but it’s sometimes good as a reminder of ongoing construction projects on roads you don’t frequent.

      • Yeah, fairly useless. I’m glad I didn’t pay extra for it. I really was looking forward to what they advertise:

        * Receive traffic alerts for life with Traffic Link.
        * Avoid upcoming road incidents with up-to-the-minute traffic alerts on your screen.
        * Reroute around traffic delays to help reduce your drive time and save fuel.

        (BTW, for the person who asked, the manual says it has to be set to “Show Traffic along route” to be able to reroute.)

        Yes, I SURE WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE “UP-TO-THE-MINUTE TRAFFIC REPORTS FOR LIFE.” That would be GREAT! Maybe they’ll update it, again. Mine is running software ver. 2.20.

        And, I still get “Best Western” ad banners with the live traffic disabled. :/

        • OK, so it snowed about an inch this morning, and the traffic icon is now RED, showing severe weather just north of here on I-95. It corresponds with mapquest traffic alerts of bad roads, and shows me an alternative route. I guess it does work after all. Yeah!

          • OK, 3 days later the same weather related traffic alerts are still being displayed, even though there is no snow, and the roads are fine. I have turned traffic off, then back on (all while the unit is plugged in, since you get no traffic reception on battery power) and still the same weather alert is being broadcast. I don’t think this is a Magellan error, I think it is Navteq, which broadcasts the traffic alerts.

  6. Took a short trip yesterday towards Philly from my area. Heading west on 38 traffic icon turned red and once I tapped on it found numerous traffic situtaions identifed on numerous local roads. It identified construction delays, weather related and normal congestion delays. I was not on a specific route and my selection was not “traffic along my route” I had all traffic incidents reflected. Worked great- More impressed everyday I use it. Note: I have not seen any pop-up hotel banners yet. I’m assuming they come up when you’re actually following a selected route.

  7. Received the 1475T for Christmas. The thing has some REALLY great features and is a pleasure to look at. Unfortunately, it’s operationally a piece of cr*p. While I noticed some deficits immediately out of the gate, they became pretty obvious after a 7 hour drive up the East Coast. You’d think by the time the manufacturer got to V2.20 (that’s two point twenty, not two point two point oh), they’d have worked out the bugs. Instead, I have a really gorgeous piece of hardware with a display that freezes and point lists that randomly pop op and won’t go away on command. The thing that annoys me to no end, though, is the auto zoom at turns. Well, the auto zoom works fine but this incredibly stupid unit does not zoom out back to the original scale! So every time I come to a kink in the road, I have to manually unzoom my screen?! I mean, did these people actually test their code or are they asking their customers to do it for them?

    Frankly, I’m a bit insulted. I’ve been developing software for 30 years and a POS like this should never have gone to users for beta testing let alone for sale with V2.20 software! I do find it fascinating, however, what folks are willing to put up with. To me, it’s inexcusable. The program manager should probably be fired, engineering restaffed. (Actually, this has all the hallmarks of offshore software development combined with inadequate test and integration. Shoot the executive team.)

    So, my slick Magellan 1475T goes back to Costco where I’ll get a refund and use it to buy a GPS that can at least block and tackle.

    Hope you find these comments helpful. 🙂

    • I, too, was a bit annoyed at the 1475T (v2.20) sometimes zooming out to the entire US after a turn, then having to zoom back in manually. Not always, but when I had zoomed all the way out before setting a route it did. If I had zoomed in to a certain level, it generally zoomed back out to that level.

      One can, if one prefers, turn that function off by going to Menu > Tools > Map Options, then un-checking the “Auto-zoom after turns” box.

    • Nope, not helpful at all … more bitter actually. Version 2.20 does not mean that they went though twenty versions of version 2, and anyone who’s involved in software should very well know that. Software numbering is usually a code, as is the government software that I work with. We do not go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and so forth. I have had none of the problems that you have with the same version … no locking up at all. Yes, there is a bit of lag as far as the on-screen location updating … but then too, that allows me to more easily read the streets at a quick glance without trying to keep an eye on a constantly moving display while also paying attention to the road. I do find the turn tones to be right on the money, so the unit is pretty accurate as far as knowing where it is.

      Nor do I have any windows or lists that pop up at random, nor that won’t close on my command after I command them to open. Unless you are referring to the traffic report ads. If so, you won’t want to get the FM free traffic with any other either. You can always enjoy the Microsoft pay for subscription traffic … which goes away in another year. As the free traffic is ad supported, all devices that offer it will have those pop-up ads that you can’t control. And any traffic is only going to be as good as the service that provides it. Radio station traffic out here on the West coast is usually way off … alerts being delayed until they are reported and then delayed until they get to the traffic desk, and vice versa on clearing them. I remember them being pretty much the same in the NY area, almost more aggravating than useful.

      You sound like Garmin fan to be honest. Perhaps a good shot of whiskey is in order to take the edge off?

      • I commented a few days a go about the 0791 versus 0782. I have been using the 0791 and I think that it is an excellent tool. This is the first GPS that I have ever owned and I feel that it lives up to its promise. I would much rather endure the pain of a 3/16″ wide Best Western Banner even constantly rather than pay 5 dollars a month. You people who would rather pay are the same people who have given the world cable TV, you are the same fools who used to watch 162 baseball games for free but now choose to pay for it!. I fortunately live in a spot where the TV reception is very good and can still get about 12 useful (I can get more than 12) Television channels for free, and so I do but I can’t watch the Yankees like I used to for the first 30 years of my life because some people think that it is logical to pay for the exact same thing that you used to get for free.
        Going back to the the 1475T:
        On Thursday Morning It got me out of a standstill snowy traffic jam 1.5 miles East of the Verrazano Bridge on the Belt Parkway. It told me to get off (which I absolutely would have done anyway) and swiftly re-routed me to the Bridge Entrance on the BQE side. I would have done this on my own but no where nearly as easily. The unit did it’s job superbly. Right after that it picked up a blocked route and sent me on a pretty circuitous route in Staten Island to get around it (it may have been the correct thing to do I am not sure on this one, It might have been better to slog through the blocked route). Later that day I picked up my Sister in Law at the Princeton Junction Train Station. I asked no one for directions the 1475T menu’s found the correct station and took me the fastest way through a part of town that I had not been through before (I live in Queens NYC). When you use the menus to find a POI if it does not show the exact address you should call and get the exact address because it may take you nearby but not right to the spot (that is a flaw that you must work around yourself).It worked well in 2 other instances getting off a crowded highway entrance rerouting me to another entrance and saving me a few minutes each time without me worrying at all about finding the alternate route. That is pretty damn good if you ask me. I am a construction manager and have nothing to gain by sharing these comments. The 1475T is a powerful tool that does what it is supposed to do. It is not perfect, you must use your own judgement in certain cases. I would highly recommend it.

        • Thank you. It is nice to see someone else who is happy with their unit. Some just want to pick it apart … and look at the devices they like … those are being picked apart on their own areas. The grass is always greener, and you can’t satisfy some of the people ANY of the time. 🙂 None of these are perfect, but you can make the best of what there is if you don’t moan about it non-stop.

  8. Took the unit out for a drive last night to re-evalulate. No screen freezes (by which I mean the big arrow does not move, though the unit still responds to touch commands). It did, however, get lost at one point (by which I mean that it forgot where it came from if not where it was going — that’s something at least, isn’t it). No user input for about five minutes before that event. Not a critical failure as we’re more interested in the road before us than the road behind us, right?

    Re versioning: LOL. Please. 2.20 means there was a MAJOR revision from pre-release 0.x to 1.0 (or 1.1) (normally) and then another from 1.x to 2.0 (or 2.1). Then there were twenty minor revisions between 2.0/2.1 and 2.20. I don’t know about your experience, but I’ve never skipped numbers in releases. 😉 So, yeah, at least twenty revisions. Judging by this and other threads, at least a dozen have been released to the public since 1.0/1.1. Thing should be solid by now. ROCK solid. Yeah, bitter is a good observation. I love the concept, the big screen, the GUI is ok, and am frustrated as hell that they can’t get the software right. It’s not rocket science. Really.

    Re turn lists: As I was driving down the street yesterday, I had the turn list pop up uncommanded. Turns out, it’s an “undocumented feature”. Very cool actually. When the unit loses satellite contact, it doesn’t know where to put its little arrow head, so it puts up the turn list so you can figure out manually where to go. Neat idea. Without the documentation, it’s confusing. (A banner that says sat comm was lost would be even more helpful.) In my case, I program the unit before I leave the house, turn it on when I start out the drive way, comm not yet established. The other time was when I was in a tunnel. So, “random turn lists”, not random, not a problem.

    Re zooming: my unit gives me the option to zoom AT turns, not after them. I had assumed by deselecting that, the unit will no longer zoom in and out. I want it to zoom at turns… and unzoom after them. And I want it to do it right. Really, is that too much to ask? (I could probably just turn the unit off and all the problems would go away. :-)) I do tend to run highly unzoomed, probably 2 to 20 miles per window width. Your comment suggests you see the problem when zoomed out that far, too? Another “undocumented feature”? If so, I don’t see its upside. Zipster, did you start at V2.20 and, if not, did you have the zoom issue in prior versions? Do I understand you correctly that once you’re underway and zoomed way out, there is also no zoom issue (only zoomed out PRIOR to choosing the destination)? My experience is ongoing. It looks like it dezooms to a fixed magnification a step or two higher than the zoom scale.

    Re garmin fan: I don’t know Garmin from Magellan from a hole in the ground. (I did use a Tom Tom for a month once, though. It had a smaller screen, didn’t have many (any?) bells or whistles, but it worked right.) I’m simply frustrated by shaky performance. The only experience I’ve had with GPS has been those with my flight computers, one of which resides on an 8-year old PDA with public source software (XCSoar). Slow hardware, great and free and (and generally reliable) software. Garmin and Magellan: sorry, no previous exposure. Tom Tom 1(?): reliable, frills free navigation. That said, I like features. Hope I don’t have to choose between features and reliability.

    Re ad banners: you get what you pay for. I don’t find them too intrusive. I get only Best Western ads. That’s not a good sign for their business model nor ultimately for “free lifetime* traffic”. Anybody see anything other than Best Western?

    Re traffic monitoring: indeed, only as good as what’s input. On my drive up to boston, we ran into a massive traffic jam, unannounced by the unit. In this case, it was an accident, just happened, I assume it hadn’t hit the transmitter yet. It is what it is. But it’s free and you get what you pay for, etc. And yes, the unit helped get us around it. But that’s why I bought it for crying out loud! No extra points. I drove off the off ramp, found another exit, followed the green line. Interestingly, it took me OFF another highway had me do a u-turn, then put me back on the same highway in the same direction at the same interchange as where it took me off! LOL. Ok, if I were flying, that would be a problem. Here it was somewhere between mildly annoying and amusing.

    Mumbling: I love that it says street names and says them mostly right. The latter is pretty cool. But has anyone else noticed that it mumbles the street names? There seem to be three speech volume levels. The loudest is the direction: left, right, etc. The next loudest is the distance to the turn. The least loud is the new street name. Listen carefully next time. With road noise and all, I can easily hear “Turn left”, less easily hear “in 0.5 miles”, and “on Stowroad” is almost a mumble. Reminds me of my teenage sons. Kind of funny. But again, a software problem?

    Re slow: Ok, here’s an interesting one. During my original usage, the unit was always behind. The little ding would go off after I made the turn or in the middle of the intersection. By the end of the long trip, that seemed to be getting better. During last night’s drive, the chime happened at the appropriate time. Adaptive?! Not likely, right? Turns last night were local roads. I’ll take it out on the highway on its way back to Costco to see if it’s a speed-of-vehicle issue.

    Re picking apart: Look Neil, this isn’t a fan club board, is it? I’m posting my experiences with the device for other people interested in knowing it’s pros and cons BEFORE they buy. When I buy a commercial product (ok, so this was a gift), I expect it to work. Toasters, TVs, cars, sprinklers, computers, and software. GPS is a great invention, I love it both in the air and on the ground. But I expect the unit to work as well out of the box as anything else I buy. The Tom Tom I used did. This one doesn’t. And nobody is sorrier than I am because the 1475T has terrific potential.

    My apologies for the expressed frustration. Shooting senior management was supposed to be tongue in cheek. Mostly.


    • Well, that is certainly more civil. Maybe you have a faulty unit, flaky chips or memory in it. I have not had freezing up on my screen in the week I’ve had mine now. I am not a Magellan fan per se, I am still playing with it. I am definitely not a Tom Tom fan though after that sucker did it’s best to get me lost driving in circles between the Seattle airport and Seattle proper. You wouldn’t think a major freeway, the 5, going to a crosstown freeway would be a major deal … that thing had me crossing streets it already took me down. I bought 3 for my kids two Christmases ago, one took it back right away, the other two rarely use it due to it’s flaky routing.

      And no, as far as I know, its not a fan club board. But a post made out of anger is not exactly a fair assessment or review either. This post is more reasonable.

      My 1475 has not lost its way yet, so perhaps that is why I have not seen any flaky windows popping up. My turn dings have always been right before I hit the corner, a very appropriate timing to say “Here it is, now.”

      As for software or firmware versioning … I have been in the hardware and software business for quite a while myself, 8 years with my current software company, and a few good years before that with hardware companies. In each one, we did not have released versions that followed in exact sequence. In fact, our current scheme is a year – month – inhouse version. For example 9.9.1, our latest, being “2009 September release 1.” Our updates are mostly every other month to comply with/incorporate changing laws.

      At any rate … good luck with whatever you buy next.

  9. I have an old RoadMate 300 and it works well but way past time to update. So I saw the 1475t @ Costco and liked it features and in reading the comments above it seems most people do as well. But I have a couple of questions I haven’t seen addressed here. In the old 300 when you save a location, you can’t delete the entry so you end up with a long list to scroll through, is it the same with the 1475T? I understand I need to look at serial numbers to be sure it is a 1475t and not 1470, is the serial number on the outside of the box? And I guess you are stuck with the Magellan map updates @ $70 a pop? – Thanks Bob

    • When you save an entry into the One-Touch screen, where you assign saved locations to, you can select to Edit any of them. You can change any details in the edit screen, or you can click on the Delete button and free that location for another item. Not at home where the box is, so I can’t answer that serial number question. Mine came from Amazon, and was the one with a regular power cable, the traffic being built in to it.

  10. If I go with the 1445t or 1475t, can I trust Magellan will be around for a while since they were bought out, rather than disappear like Navigon, or should I play it safe with garmin and get the 755T ?

  11. Also, Does anyone know if the 1445T has these same problems written here…lag, etc.? Thanks

  12. A feature is ” multi-destination routing with route optimization lets the user plan trips with multiple stops in the order they want or optimize a trip for the most efficient route, saving them time and money”
    How do yo plan in advance and set up multi destinations?

    • You create a multi-stop trip by adding more destinations then you can edit the trip (optimize etc). I don’t use this much but sometimes it’s a good way to force the GPS to use a better route. My routine is to use Google or Yahoo maps to verify location/routing then check what the GPS shows because the GPS route is usually not as good – then use stops to force whatever route looks best.

  13. I got my 1475T from COSTCO before Christmas for $150. It was a 1470 plus traffic link. The software version was 1.1 and had an issue of freezing first day of use. I upgraded it to 2.2 and it works fine now. The biggest concern is the lag as mentioned in the previous posts. It seems worst when you drive slowly on local streets.

    Routing: The unit does a good job to guide you to the destination. However, the route may not be optimal. I believe this is the same to other brands. The fastest option chooses big roads as much as possible and the shortest option does the opposite. If you choose to avoid certain maneuver, it seems to provide a detour around the spot rather than a new clean route. It is helpful to review the turn list before driving and use multiple destinations to optimize the route if possible.

    Traffic alert: It picks up the message but it is not easy to view where is the delay. It is better to look at the road. Otherwise you could be involved in an accident.

    Lane assitant: It’s great and shows up about 0.5 mi ahead of major highway intersections.

    GPS tracking: The lag is by and large 50 feet. It is really an annoyance but does not affect you to find the right street. I think it is a display issue and the GPS location is accurate. The ring for turn is right on the spot. I use the current location feature to set my driveway as the home. It will tell me “arrive at destination” right at the entrance without delay. I hope the next software update will correct the lag.

    POI: Very helpful. It is extremely useful if you want go to a place where street address is not available, e.g. airport parking. The accuracy is 95%. It is good to call and confirm before you go to the POI.

    In short, this is a decent GPS unit.

  14. I bought the 1475T at Costco right before Christmas. It has the lastest firmware 2.20 and has traffic integrated into the unit (no cord necessary to get the traffic signal).

    My only complaint is the lag (which many people are experiencing). As the previous poster indicates, it seems worst when driving slowly on local streets. And for me the lag seems anywhere between 50-150 feet.

    Wondering if anyone knows if this lag is happening on the majority of 1475Ts. I’m considering returning my unit to Costco and buying another one to see if I have any better luck. Appreciate any comments.

    • the lag is bad. I have done a reset , a few times and it helps but the lag returns. There is something wrong with this unit. I am also thinking about returning it to COSTCO

  15. even after turning traffic off I still get B3st W3st3rn offers, I considering throwing it away :/ I definitely wont be going to B3st W3st3rn or be recommending the T version to anyone

  16. I thought mine lagged, but after using it for several weeks, it seems to me that the unit shows my position in the CENTER of the screen, while the little arrow is 3/4 of the way down the screen.

    I can get used to that.

  17. Folks,

    Hello again (since Nov. 23) – since too many of you were misguided about this product once again *sigh* *shaking head*

    Let me share my recent episode with this GPS and answer your questions / correct the wild accusations against Magellan.

    I’ve traveled thousands of miles with Magellan GPS – more than 45,000 miles!!

    1. But first let me clarify how you can identify the product:

    I bought Magellan Roadmate 1475T from Costco – it matched and verified that it is 1475T product not 1470. If it is 1470 – go back to Costco and tell them it’s not the product supposed to be. If Costco defend and claim that it has travel link – true but it’s still a fraud to sell 1475T package that has 1470 GPS instead. Show them the bottom of GPS that state which model it is – they can be sued for selling wrong product. Otherwise they must change the advertisement to 1470 with travel link instead.

    According to web site – 1470 has travel link cable that is required for traffic report to work. 1475T does not require travel link since it is built in.

    2. Lagged issue – cry baby you people!!

    Pay attention and get to know the equipment – do your homework!

    It works fine for me – let’s discuss how it worked well:

    A. Turn off the “auto zoom on turns” from Map Options under Settings (doesn’t work well – confusing)
    B. Zoom out a bit to see when there’s upcoming turn to make
    C. Pay attention to header on name of street and how much distance left before the next turn
    D. I’m still working on “set gps position” to get better result

    3. Best Western Header – Advertisement

    Wow – bunch of cry babies – selfish – come on it’s free!

    Think of this way – there are BUNCH of ADS on web sites – do your homework – because this keep the websites free and operational.

    I prefer to avoid paying monthly fee – the ad on GPS doesn’t happen very often and last only short time before it disappear – does not interfere with the navigation process!

    If you don’t want ads on GPS – then *salute* welcome to real world – pay up or no traffic report!

    4. Traffic Report

    It has been accurate and up to dated often enough – very reasonable – it’s functioning normally as expected without a problem. It might have to do with either city not communicating what’s the latest traffic report or you’re in weak coverage (ex: rural area, driving in tunnel, etc)

    5. I bought this 1475T last November and someone broke in my truck – broke the driver side window and stole this GPS.

    I wanted to share this with you in case you face this in the future.

    Of course I reported it to:
    A. Police
    B. Insurance
    C. Company who I work for
    D. Magellan (with the police report)

    Magellan is working with me to flag on this serial number so no one else can obtain service for it – they’ll notify the police agency involved. They also offered me loyal customer program including free map updates, discounts, etc.

    I went back to Costco but this time it was different branch and guess what?! I got 1470 – I was upset and went back to different branch where I got 1475T – discussed this matter – they were surprised and agreed to work with me to be sure when I exchange it to get 1475T – and I got the refund and went in to open the new one to make sure it is 1475T

    I noticed 1470 GPS came with travel link – bulky cable that it is required for traffic report. I told the representative(s) that they can be sued for this – they nervously agreed and made sure I get 1475T instead.

    Once again people – if you have ideas or feedback on a particular product – you always can give feedback to Magellan to update the changes – that’s what new firmware is for! You just give up without doing homework / update the firmware / modify the settings that works for you!

    6. My next feedback on this 1475T is:

    A. When I enter an address – I want to start zip code instead of city but hey there’s no other GPS (even Garmin) offer both options (city and/or zip code)
    B. Modify the GPS Position to update the actual location to fix possible lag issue for you guys
    C. Coil power adapter instead of straight line cable – to keep it neat and tidy
    D. Etc (still evaluating)

    Overall I’m still impressed with this product comparing with Garmin, TomTom, etc – other GPS manufacturers are joke of year – am not biased – thank you very much!

    *pacing away from this topic*

  18. “I’ve traveled thousands of miles with Magellan GPS – more than 45,000 miles!!”

    “– am not biased”

    You fooled me. Shame on Magellan to resort on its own employees to write positive reviews.

    “correct the wild accusations against Magellan.”
    Wild accusations? Nah. After dealing with two units that died when I tried to upgrade the software I called Magellan and I said “thank you for making such great products. I wasted my time, and money, but it’s not a big deal. I feel horrible to return your junk.”

    I’m glad the unit “works” for you

  19. I have a number of postigs re 147/1475.

    I finally got the true 1475 and like it.

    The address book is waay (exagerated) better than the 1470 or others.

    The ads disappear from my unit after about 30 seconds or less having only come on if the icon shows red and is better than paying for traffic service.

    Lag; yes it is there but not bad. The chime is pretty much on which is OK for me as I listen more than look at the screen when driving.

    My frustration is gone after returning 2 prior units.

    Am I partial? Kind of but if I had gotten another 1470 or the TTS not working it would have been hello Garmin.

  20. 3. Best Western Header – Advertisement

    Wow – bunch of cry babies – selfish – come on it’s free!

    Think of this way – there are BUNCH of ADS on web sites – do your homework – because this keep the websites free and operational.

    well something that’s ad supported isn’t actually free. some sites are ad supported and you get what you pay for. this is obvious.
    I have the option of not using or going to those sites. if I could I would remove the traffic altogether and not see the ads.

    it’s not whining, if I had known ahead of time there were ads I wouldn’t have purchased the unit. period.

    same thing with OTA television, ad supported, guess what, I don’t watch it.

    this idea of ‘deal with it’ is wrong headed altogether. again what did I pay for?

    when I purchased my car I did t get the navigation system, the ONLY reason being the monthly subscription. whether it’s monitary or ads, I don’t want it

    but if you pay for the T version which is the traffic version, then I shouldn’t be seeing ads. if I knew there would be ads I could not switch off, I would not have gotten that version. period.

    • My feeling is completely opposite. I will go out of my way to patronize Best Western Or Red Lobster. (I also got a couple of Red Lobster Flashes inviting me over this past Friday night). I feel that they are sponsoring my free traffic, AND I APPRECIATE IT. If the ad was blanking out the screen or a 1/4 of the screen or an 1/8 of the screen I could perhaps see some annoyance. But 3/16 of an inch? Robert you have a right to your preference as do I. Analytically speaking however, I agree with Spitfire, it is a very petty quibble.

  21. Anyone who has a problem with the ads for free traffic has a rather serious bigger issue. They need to learn how to properly use the gps, and how to DRIVE SAFELY. Come on, the ad shows for 10 seconds and then clears. It is only 3/16″ wide, at the top of the screen as well, and is barely visible. If you find this annoying, you are looking at the screen way too much when you should be paying attention to the road ahead of you and the cars around you. Once you set the trip route, you should be going 95% by the voice and sound prompts, and perhaps occasionally glancing at the screen if desired for visual. If you are on the same roads as me though .. please pay attention to your driving!

    If you don’t like the ad sponsored traffic, return the unit, that’s how it comes. It was not a secret.

  22. “If you don’t like the ad sponsored traffic, return the unit, that’s how it comes. It was not a secret.”

    “I agree with Spitfire, it is a very petty quibble.”



    “Integrated traffic service provides subscription-free, live traffic updates.”

    “It’s frustrating to sit in traffic, waiting impatiently for traffic updates from your favorite radio station. Get out of grid lock- even avoid it before you reach it – because you’ve got integrated traffic service to give you subscription-free, live traffic updates.”

    “Integrated Traffic Service provides subscription-free, live traffic updates. Traffic Coverage.”

    Do you guys work for them? (Magellan)

    Nowhere and I mean NOWHERE on their site do they say it is an ad supported service. Above are 3 sections of text taken from the site, the only text I can find that references this ‘service’. This, in my opinion, is deceptive advertising. If the ads are part of the service, that should be clear.

    Ad supported, is NOT free. The cost is, I have to be subjected to third party ads. and whether it takes 1/20th of my screen or the the entire screen, it is still a ‘cost’. In absolute terms, it IS a cost.

    You get what you paid for?
    I paid for :
    “Integrated traffic service provides subscription-free, live traffic updates.”
    I didn’t pay for:
    “Integrated, ad supported, traffic service provides subscription-free, live traffic updates.” (which is text you’ll NOT find in any description I’ve found on the unit)

    If they were up front with this option, I would have never purchased this unit. Like I said, I will be relieving myself of the unit as soon as possible, and getting a real GPS unit that doesn’t resort to these tactics for providing a ‘subscription-free’ service.

    If there was a way to turn it off, I would be happy. If I could turn of the traffic service, and not see the ads, I would be happy. But at this point, I have turned OFF the traffic, and I STILL get the ads. Really?!? Thats gone from ‘subscription-free’ to intrusive. Now Im seeing ads for a service Im not even receiving.

    In advertising, even a maligned product is a remembered product right? Good for B3st W3stern. I hope this is what they set out to accomplish.

    And believe me, this unit is being returned.

    I absolutley DO NOT recommend the Magellan 1475T or use of the Traffic Link™/Live Traffic Service to anyone.

    • No, I do not work for Magellan, nor for Garmin, or the others that also offer the “FREE” traffic service. The only other traffic service is Microsoft’s subscription service … which is going away at the end of the year according to MS. So you better hurry up and find a gps now that does not offer any traffic service at all … or forever hold your tongue. Watch out which Garmin you buy … they do it too … free Best Western ads.

  23. Right, I get it. To have ‘free’ traffic I need to see ads. Something that isnt explicit in the product description.

    But I have traffic turned off, and still see the ads. That is my issue.


  24. George:

    Seriously I do travel often – often as everyday since I’m the manager for 8 states – I just don’t make up 45,000 miles..

    No I don’t work for Magellan – I’m just the customer speaking out the truth from my experience..

    You probably travel few hundreds eh? Piece of cake! That explains how short fuse you had with this gps 😛

  25. “but if you pay for the T version which is the traffic version, then I shouldn’t be seeing ads. if I knew there would be ads I could not switch off, I would not have gotten that version. period.”

    Wow – bother you that much?

    Well it didn’t because it only appeared for few seconds then gone – again like I said it only appeared for few seconds and did NOT interfere with navigation use with this GPS

    Piece of cake!

    But you may have point if you turn off the traffice report to stop the banner then give the dang feedback to Magellan to have the option to work to show banner if traffic report is enabled otherwise banner to be disabled when traffic report is not in use

    Like I said we’re the customers – the most powerful ones – the “boss” – go ahead and share the feedback to Magellan to put that in consideration and release new firmware 2.25 *waving hands* congratulations!

  26. “My feeling is completely opposite. I will go out of my way to patronize Best Western Or Red Lobster. (I also got a couple of Red Lobster Flashes inviting me over this past Friday night). I feel that they are sponsoring my free traffic, AND I APPRECIATE IT. If the ad was blanking out the screen or a 1/4 of the screen or an 1/8 of the screen I could perhaps see some annoyance. But 3/16 of an inch? Robert you have a right to your preference as do I. Analytically speaking however, I agree with Spitfire, it is a very petty quibble.”

    There you go dude – you’re seeing what I’m seeing – same point here

    Guess everyone else is selfish to have everything free and go their way as well

    I would complain if I am to pay $10.00 a month (remember that in the past?) and have to see the banner as well

    But it’s free – scratching each other’s back – it’s strictly business and no brainer deal – works for everyone but not for rest of the customers – I’m shocked and confused

  27. “Right, I get it. To have ‘free’ traffic I need to see ads. Something that isnt explicit in the product description.

    But I have traffic turned off, and still see the ads. That is my issue.”

    Understood – go ahead and share this feedback to Magellan to modify it to release new firmware with understanding if traffic is disabled then turn off the ads..

  28. Hey folks,

    After I played with the settings – so far *thumbs up* I’m happy with it

    FYI: my background is in information technology with all fields and years of experience in computer field

    It’s all about playing / experimenting / testing and give feedback to Magellan to release new firmware

    I just played with setting GPS position – looks like it fixed the lag issue (that most of you claimed) – it’s pretty much accurate especially I turned off the auto zoom feature and zoom out a bit to see the upcoming turn to make..

    It’s working nicely as I like to see – am gonna keep this nice toy for a long time

    Unless Magellan release new GPS to be able to be tracked in case my GPS get stolen again – I can track this sucker to bust the theif 🙂

    Just my 2 cents – I’m giving this product 2 thumbs up!

  29. Wow guys…I posted something very early in this forum, mainly to say that I really liked the unit but the lag was very annoying. I wound up keeping the Magellan over returning and getting a Garmin 265 only because I saw one in action and it sucked.

    So a few things–

    1) The Lag issue is annoying but it is not the end of the world. The audio part works great in terms of turns it is just behind visually sometimes 30 feet. I have adjusted to this and live on. Spitfire—you mentioned a way that you may have corrected (or at least minimized this issue)—can you explain what you did by ‘playing with the GPS position’?
    2) Magellan Support-overall I am okay with their service. They were very responseful when I logged the problem with the lag but after 3 emails back and forth they tell me that they turned it over to the right dept. I have had nothing back in a month. I also work in the IT field, and this looks like to me a classic case of sweep it under the carpet and hope that the customer does not pursue. I am hopeful that they see this forum and realize it is a problem with their unit..and they should fix it, but again–it is not the end of the world.
    3) Ads-reiterating what others have said—deal with it. Nothing is free in life and any expectation as such is foolish, especially in the commercial market. The ads pop up for just a few seconds, I take a quick glance and it is gone….again, it is not the end of the world.

    I have had the unit for about 2 months now (bought at BJ’s right before Thanksgiving) and other than lag, have never had a problem. True I am not driving hunderds of miles a day, but it does get used—and whether once or dozens of times, it is what it is—again, it a GPS—lets keep it in perspective.

    I am sure that this post will trigger dozens of responses and so be it—it is personal preference—you can not please everyone all the time—

  30. I posted a couple weeks ago about the software problems my 1475 appeared to have and was savaged by self-appointed magellan net police. Hoping he’s off at a donut shop now.

    So, to finalize this for anyone interested, the problems with the 1475 (software V2.20) make its release beyond comprehension. To wit:

    a) when zooming is auto and “normal” is “wide view”, unit does not return to normal after zooming in at an intersection. That one is pretty obvious. And massively annoying. Software problem.

    b) sometimes it misses letters when I type; it SAYS them, it just doesn’t enter them. ?!! Software problem.

    c) the voice mumbles at it gets further along. Its like getting directions from a teenager! “Turn right” is clear as a bell. “… in 0.5 miles” is subtly quieter”. “…Onto Tahanto Trail” is quieter still. Another software problem.

    d) I can’t find documentation for the reset switch. Maybe it exists, I just can’t find it. The scary thing is that it’s part of the on/off switch so if I accidentally slide the switch to reset, does the unit smoke like Mr Phelp’s Mission Impossible tape recorder?

    e) The unit often lags, but not always. And it has become lost once or twice. And it stopped tracking a couple times and had to be nudged.

    Sorry, folks, I think a company who can release a product in this state does not deserve our money. Well, at least not mine. It’s inexcusable.

    Wasn’t sure the state of things in the commercial GPS world, so I bought a Garmin 755T, about $50 more, to see if the product execution is as crappy. It’s not. The Garmin does exactly what it says it does. Haven’t run into any noticeable bugs. It unzooms, for example, and it doesn’t mumble. (You can even download different voices. :-)) The 755T has some really cool features, including a media player and FM transmitter you can use to pipe to your car radio. And some other nifty ideas. It has an “eco” mode that gives a route with best gas milage and monitors your driving to improve that. Etc. Both have traffic notices (and issues) and lane advice. By and large, however, I have to say I like the Magellan 1475’s user interface somewhat better. And the ability to add multiple destinations on the Magellan is head and shoulders above that of the Garmin.

    But at the end of the day, the Garmin 755 works like a champ and the Magellan 1475 works like a prototype. Money is a bit scarce around here at the moment (the 1475 was a christmas gift), but spending $50 to get a unit that works was money well spent. The Magellan goes back to Costco this week.

    No flames, please.

  31. I use both 755WT and 1475T when I travel. 755WT has better traffic signal, inaccurate touch screen and simple(boring)sreen, no POIs display on screen, and much much lack of lane assist. From VA to Orland it only display lane assist only about 6 times.

    Magellan 1475T has nice POIs on screen, One Touch is plus. Better search/find function, specially do much better on Find along on the Route, When I do in Garmin, it got stuck on search mode more than 20 mins that I have to reset it. Lane assit come up every main interstate HWY. I setup one touch with Flying J, Wal-mart, Camping and many frequen use POI in the One Touch Feature. try to do(spell) it in Garmin when you driving in 70+ mph.

    Overall, I have to use both GPS to satisfy what I need in the road. Can someone combine the goods of these 2 into one?????
    I use Garmin when I am home. Use Magellan in travel plus Garmin for Traffic info.

  32. Brian Griffin says:

    Has there been any firmware updates to clear up the 2.2 bricking and the lag of the vehicle on the screen ? Also, the 1475T is currently $149.99 at BJ’s…is it worth it with these problems? Does anyone know if the identical (but smaller screen) 1445T has any of the above mentioned problems? How is the routing ? I read the new company who bought Magellan (maybe here?) last year is already trying to unload it. Is it worth taking a gamble on a Magellan? These units are visually nicer than the others except for my friends’ Navigon. Need I settle for a Garmin?

  33. Hey again,

    I just got back from long road trip – 1475T did great job – noticed after I reset the gps position – it has greatly reduced the potential lag and much more accurate on the position instead of up to 100 ft off

    But since I got new one after my gps stolen – didn’t upgrade the firmware yet because I don’t need voice.

    The point is when I upgraded firmware on first gps – the gps position is no longer there, correct?

    Like I said – I turned off the “auto zoom” feature and map viewing size – shift one step back instead of default view

    Bingo the trick did work but again not sure if I should upgrade the firmware yet

    The traffic report is pretty accurate here in Seattle

  34. Uncle Moe says:

    Has anyone checked out the new Cydle T45H online? You may have to go to their site as reviews are not in yet. I was in the market for the Garmin 755T/765T or the Magellan 1475T but may hold out for the Cydle.

  35. Rich Owings says:
  36. Rich, somehow I liked the look and feel of the previous GPS Tracklog website better than this current iteration—or is the difference due to me now using Windows 7? Nonetheless, they say change is inevitable but in this case it is not for the better.

  37. just a heads up , since the traffic isn’t really free (ad supported) I was able to turn off traffic an the ads by using a regular cable (5v lighter adapter to mini USB) and no more ads! again, nowhere on the packaging or site do they tell you it’s adsupported , this could be a class action waiting to happen….

  38. Having spent way too much time already researching PNDs I have a few questions to ask the from the collective wisdom of this group before making my final decision. Firstly, about me, this will be my first PND. All my life I’ve navigated using paper maps and and Google Maps. I have only used a PND twice in my life, both was through rentals via Hertz, which basically is a Magellan device. The first time I used it was in Brussels and got a bit lost despite the device because I have never used one before and I didn’t have a paper map as backup!

    Anyway, reason for getting a device now – I travel for work a lot and getting just a bit tired of carrying paper maps, which requires advance planning of the route I need to take. Most of my travels are major US cities, although London and Brussels is always on the list.

    My main requirements:
    1) segment avoidance (e.g. I don’t want to take I-95 to New York) – this is very important for me because, being a female traveler I don’t want to be driving through neighbourhoods I shouldn’t be in.
    2) some form of traffic info and ability to re-route
    3) early and multiple warnings of upcoming turn to take
    4) lane assist (junction view is bonus but not required)
    5) basic pedestrian mode is very nice to have but I also have Google Mobile Maps on my Blackberry so I can fall back on that or onto StreetWise/StreetSmart laminated maps (which I own anyway for the cities I travel to often like New York and London)

    Not important:
    1) bluetooth
    2) extras like MP3, photos, etc.
    3) Pin-point accuracy isn’t a big deal, consumer PNDs will always have a margin of error

    So, it is down to the following devices:
    Magellan RoadMate 1475T or Maestro 4700
    Garmin nuvi 765T/775T or 1490T
    They all have their own pros/cons and problems.

    Based on my research, what I do like about the Magellan is the ability to explicitly tell it avoid one or more roads in the set of maneuvers it had mapped out and will re-route. Does any of the Garmin have this feature? On a Garmin I know you can specify “avoid highways” but that’s not what I want.

    That said, what I can’t find any information on is whether the Magellan can be used in a basic pedestrian mode? I know most of the Garim, based on research, can do that (at least the ones on my short list) and the newer 12xx, 13xx, and 14xx models also supports enhanced pedestrian features.

    I’d also like to hear others thoughts on total-cost-of-ownership. In other words what’s the cost of map updates for the life of my owning the device? I see that Garmin now has a “lifetime map” upgrade program for what seems to be reasonable cost, but what’s about Magellan?

    After all the reviews, comments, etc., on the various websites, including this one, the above is my short list, and my “short short” list is RM 1475T vs. nuvi 1490T.

    I’m looking for any thoughts people have on my choices and answers to my three questions above. Thanks in advance.

  39. After having the 1475T for 2 months now, I am very impressed with it. I’ve used it on 4 business trips, and it has done a fantastic job. One time, it did get a bit off track when I made a slight detour to grab a bite to eat. I had time to spare, and finding where I was heading was easy, so I followed it just to see what it would do. It took me in the wrong direction when I returned to the main road, but just for two streets, them had me make 3 right turns followed by a left to take me back on route. That was strange, but much less worse than a previously borrowed TomTom which got totally lost in Seattle, going off freeway and in circles. Even in the Washington State wilderness, the 1475 was right on. And the lane assist was fantastic and invaluable.

    As for the Best Western ads, which is all I have seen so far … as long as they are not vocal, who cares! They appear briefly, almost transparent, and I have not seen them that much as I tend to watch the road as I drive, with occasional glances to the gps screen, but not to stare at it. It has also been great finding various stores in nearby cities. In fact, I used it once returning home from the airport after a trip. My wife had picked me up at the airport and we knew traffic was a nightmare on the 55 Fwy on a Friday evening at 6pm. So I plugged in the 1475 before leaving the airport and told it take me home with least use of freeways. It was fantastic! Definitely beat sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway. I’ve used it around town some to see what it would select when I went a different route. Which brings up another very strong point of the 1475. It doesn’t say it’s recalculating, but within a half block of taking a different turn that it suggests it comes right up with the proper next turn and uses the road you wish instead of trying to take you back to the road it wants to go on, as the TomTom was so fond of doing.

  40. InBoston says:

    Neil, thank you very much for sharing your experience after 2 months use. Your last statement is very encouraging as it shows the device is “flexible”. Based on all the comments I’ve read here and on another forum, and someone on another forum confirming that the Garmin cannot accommodate explicit route exclusions from a list of maneuvers I will spring for the RM 1475T and give it a try. Thanks.

  41. You are quite welcome InBoston 🙂 I honestly am enjoying the use of the 1475T both at home and on trips. I got it for business trips, mine all being in California and Washington states where our clients are. It really has performed extremely well. I’ll be using it again next week for a trip in Northern California, San Jose to Hollister CA, and between Hollister where the courthouse is and Gilroy where I’m spending the two weeks. It will come in handy finding restaurants as well as guiding me from and back to the airport in San Jose, an area I am not the least familiar with. Yes I know the way to San Jose, Southwest Airlines … but not my way around there 🙂

  42. Well.. I went with this unit (Magellan 1475T)over the Nuvi 265WT. First of all, I went to the Costco in Cranberry Twp, PA (north of pIttsburgh) and they had already sent back all of the 1470’s in 1475T boxes. So the unit I received was the proper one. After one day on the road for sales calls I can honestly say that with the new software (2.20), this unit is FAST! It’s very intuitive, easy to use, and has a fast re-routing time. Also, it seems to just be quick when you navigate through it’s screens. Anyway, so far so good!

  43. I bought a Magellan 1475T from Costco here in Los Angeles in November 2009. I upgraded to 2.2 software right after buying it. I liked the unit as it was very sleak and a decent size. Prior to this, I used to have a Plenio 7″ one that was stolen. My biggest problem was the lag. Although the lag is few seconds (may be 2-3) that translate to missing an exit or taking a turn. I go to all unknown places taking my son for audition. and it simply didn’t do the job. So eventually I returned it. Hoping that they must have fixed the issue by now, I bought another one from Costco last week. It has the exact same problem. It simply is not working for me because of the stupid lag. How can they mke a machine that fail to do the basic thing that it is supposed to be doing at the first place. Why have they not fixed it after this long.

    Anyone is aware of any solution. If I can get the lag issue resolved I would like to keep it. I don’t mind the Best Western ad. Have no other complain.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Ron,

      it would appear that you are alone with this complaint as a two to three lag is unacceptable and renders the unit virtually worthless. Tell me, does the chime lag too?
      I have no problems with my 1470/1475T (not quite sure which model), it works great and even exceed expectations. Perhaps you should consider firmware 2.03 (if still available). I downloaded it last November and it made a great unit even better.

      • I was under the impression that this lag is an established issue and some folks are willing to live with it and others may have found some solution. I was thinking the company must have done something about it. The chime, I don’t know. I’ll pay attention the next time I use it.

        So you have no lag issue? Have to wait till weekend to do some research and check the 2.03 firware. Thx.

        • Ron, do you actually watch the screen as you’re driving … or keep your eyes on the road and go mostly by the audio prompts? I would hope the latter as you are driving in the L.A. area and may be on the same roads as me. 🙂 At any rate try turning off the auto-zoom at turns, and perhaps zoom out just a tad, one click from default, rather than looking at a close-up view. When zoomed out I find the display to be quite accurate. In either case though, the voice saying you are approaching your turn is just before the turn itself and is not a block or two off. Then the chime announcing the turn is pretty much right on 99% of the time, if not better. And if you do make a wrong turn, the 1475T is extremely fast and competent adjusting and getting you back on track without making you double back if possible.

          On my current trip, the 1475T did a perfect job despite the construction detours at San Jose airport. I put my faith in it and followed its directions rather than trying to figure out the off road screen display, and it got me right through the confusing task of trying to exit the airport. I mean turns I was supposed to take were closed roads with detours going off in different directions. San Jose is about the worst airport I’ve encountered yet. The 1475T took me to Hollister, my destination, with ease.

        • Hi, I believe you are correct that the “lag” is an established issue. Its mentioned in other previous posts regarding the 1475T. From reading the posts in this site and others, it seems the lag is related to firmware 2.20. So if you have an earlier firmware versions, you won’t have the lag issue. Also, I don’t believe you can go back to an earlier version of the firmware once you’ve installed 2.20 (this is what I gather from the things I’ve read online).

  44. Found at Costco for $129, also on Amazon for $149. The Costco price includes a $20 instant rebate that expires later this month…

  45. I attempted to download the software update on my 1475T, which by the way I have been using with great success. I have had 1 or 2 instances of the unit locking up, but restarting solves it. The ad is a pain, but I can adjust. However, when I updated, explicitly following their instructions, my GPS was locked. It would not advance past the opening screen. I re-tried it and no change. I then called Magellan. When I explained the problem to them, the person immediately, without hesitation, and unquestioningly said that the unit must be returned and I would receive a new one! What? I have never heard of anything being this easy!!! It makes be believe that they were aware that there was this problem, knew that it was a fatal flaw, and did nothing to change it or make people aware!! Does anyone have any information or similar experience. I just get a bad feeling. If I could, I might take it back, but beyond the time frame. Thanks!

  46. Scott Jones says:

    I returned my Magellan 1475T after about a week. I purchased a garmin Nuvi 780 which was ranked the #1 gps at top ten gps. it comes with MSN direct which gives you the same traffic info without the ads, plus weather and a whole lot more. it has an mp3 player that plays through your car stereo, and bluetooth for hands free cell phone calling through the gps, and much much more than the Magellan and although the Garmin sells for around $350.00 to $500.00 I found it on (brand new in the box, not refurbished) for $169.00 with free shipping, and no tax. It is far superior to the Magellan 1475T.

    Only problem is that the subscription to MSNdirect is free for 90 days, then it is a one time payment of $29.00. until January 1, 2012, at which time the service will cease to exist unless there is a replacement. however, the MSN direct hrdware is in the power cord just like the traffic hardware is in the power cord of the Magellan 1475T is in the power cord. (without the power cord you have no traffic updates). That is why a new power cord for the Magellan 1475T is $69.00.

    • Perhaps if Costco charged a 20-percent restocking fee you wouldn’t be so cavalier and apathetic about returning the unit. It won’t be long before you’ll be saying the same thing about the Garmin 780. A GPS is designed to give navigational directions from point A to B. Anything else is fluff and worth paying for.
      Nonetheless, have fun with your Garmin.

  47. Scott Jones says:

    Perhaps you should mind your own business and get a real life!!!

  48. I bought mine at BJs at the beginning of March after favorable responses about this unit from some folks on this thread, particularly Neil. Now, I made sure that it was the 2nd edition unit (i.e. serial beginning with 079) which has the integrated traffic receiver, therefore no need for a “special” power cord with the traffic receiver dongle.

    I did not upgrade the firmware right away to 2.20. I tested it driving around locally and I found that it is accurate and recalculates route quickly when I deliberately not follow it’s directions. Secondly I don’t set it to the most detailed zoom because I like to “see ahead”. I set it to 1 or 2 levels above the most detailed level and set it so it does not zoom after a turn (I find that feature very annoying). I did not find considerable lag. Secondly if you listen to the voice prompts it provides sufficient lead time notices about the next turn.

    I successfully upgraded the firmware with no problems, took all of 10 mins or so. Again, I had no problems with the unit. The accuracy is sufficient for me. I loaned it to my brother-in-law who was visiting town in a rental car and he successfully used it – now he’s tempted to buy one for himself. I used it yesterday to head to an event in a town that I’ve never been to before and it was accurate in telling me where to turn, staying on the correct side of the interstate, etc.

    For the $160 (with taxes) that I spent on this, it is a great value unit. Most importantly for me in choosing this over Garmin is being able to tell it to avoid a certain road in the route list it comes up with.

    I am happy with it.

  49. spitfire says:

    Hey again,

    I’ve been laughing about people who complained about this product and switched to different brand (garmin, tomtom, etc)

    I’m still enjoying this product Magellan Roadmate 1475T – past few weeks, I’ve been traveling thousands more miles especially in Alaska – it still rocks! No lag issue and has been accurate without any problem

    Like myself and others have said – turn off the auto zoom and step back one step to have better viewing on what’s upcoming turn(s) and it’s working well

    Like I said if you know how to work it around to get this to work – it’ll work just fine like it has been for me

  50. spitfire says:

    One more thing – more of you are talking about luxury features such as mp3, and other add ons to GPS like Garmin or whoever is selling

    Question is what if MP3 is not working properly or doesn’t have same features as mp3 player alone – I don’t think it’s worth extra bucks to have all in one product – I never believe in all in one crap but good luck folks *shrugged*

    I just need a working gps but big screen and its features – this product does the job I need

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