Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin ecoRoute hd

garmin-ecoroute-hd We first reported on Garmin ecoRoute hd back in November, when it was called ecoRoute ESP. Basically, this tool allows you to use your nuvi to monitor onboard vehicle diagnostics and performance data via a wireless connection with the car’s standardized onboard diagnostics port (OBD II). ecoRoute hd will be compatible with many current and future nüvi models, including the nuvi 1260, 1370, 1390, 1490 and 1690. This is a paid app (MSRP of $149.99), unlike the free, but more basic, ecoRoute feature included in many recent nuvis. It is expected to be available in March.

Real-time data monitored by ecoRoute hd includes:
• Intake air temperature information
• Coolant temperature data
• Throttle position and engine load
• Intake manifold pressure
• Battery and charging system information
• Mass airflow rate
• Timing advance
• Emissions

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  1. We’ve been getting many questions from readers about ecoRoute about how much they’re likely to realize in fuel savings. Has there been any independent testing? We’re a real believer in the GPS as a fuel-saving device, even without ecoRoute, but it would be helpful to quantify this. Thanks.

  2. Fernando Kvistgaard says:

    You say at in marts it will come more ecorout features. Does this mean that is beter to wait purchasing a new device after marts? Or it will just be an updating?

  3. Rich Owings says:

    I don’t think there is any need to wait. Just make sure you’re getting a compatible model.

  4. Fernando Kvistgaard says:

    Thank you for replying. I have at last quetion. I understand that ecoRout hd receives information via wireless connection to the diagnostic port OBD II. We learn each day a litle more. I knew there is a port which is used to test the motor performance, but didn’t know it could be wireless. I have a Mazda 6. Is it true I have to purchase af an OBD II sender in connection with the cars port?

  5. Rich Owings says:

    It looks like this plugs into your OBD II port and allows the nuvi to receive data over Bluetooth. This is what the $149 gets you:
    Garmin ecoRoute hd (Amazon)

  6. That does sound like pretty useful data to have. I wish something like this was available for bikes; there’s a cadence sensor, but nothing for brakes, and it’s surprisingly hard to “back into” that data, at least without a cadence sensor. ( Did I slow down here because of a hill, because I stopped peddling, or because I hit the brakes? )

    I’m curious how much people will put this data to use, ie change their habits based on seeing a more long term picture of their own behavior…?

  7. I went ahead and bought an 1390T to use with the Ecoroute HD module (backordered). Unfortunately I have found that the 1390T has significanly worse GPS signal accuracy than my old 785T. To top that off, the Ecoroute HD compatible nuvi models (1260, 1370, 1390, 1490, and 1690) do not have an external antenna connector. I can understand Garmin’s logic in using Ecoroute HD compatability as a selling point for newer nuvi models, but it’s a shame that these newer models are a downgrade from the earlier 7xx series nuvis. My old Nuvi 785T should have been able to work with the Ecoroute HD module with just a firmware update as it has bluetooth functionality. Very disappointing move, Garmin. Very disappointing.

  8. I received my ecoRoute HD yesterday and installed it today. It paired up to my 1690 just perfectly and seems to work very well. I am pleased with the ecoRoute HD.

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