Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Use Garmin Handhelds as Trail Cam Viewers

Magellan eXplorist 310 Hunter Edition

Hunting season is still a ways away, but in the cold winter months and the coming spring is when trail cams are among the most fun. In these months, you’re more likely to catch a glimpse of an animal wandering to search for food, shelter, or a mate. It’s also a good time to get a feel for where your favorite game animals are located so that you know where to start in the fall, when hunting season opens.

Each trail cam is slightly different and features different ways to view the images. Some of them require owners to wait til they get home to check the content, while others will include some sort of trail cam viewer which can be used at the site to review the images. However, there’s a much easier way; instead of lugging the viewer all the way to the site and back, simply use your Garmin. read more

Garmin Introduces New Golfing GPS: Approach G30


Garmin has announced that it has added a new device to the Approach line of golfing GPS devices. The new Approach G30 is the most recent in the line but, unlike previous devices, is not a watch but rather a small clip-on device that can be easily attached to a golfer’s bag, waist, cart, or wherever else. The small 2.3 inch color touchscreen allows users to view a variety of statistics and game information to help give golfers a competitive advantage and better understanding of their game.

Much like other Garmin Approach devices, the G30 comes preloaded wiht 40,000 courses around the world and free map updates so that users can always have the most accurate and up-to-date information. Other features include: read more

Garmin Debuts Two New inReach Devices

Whether you’re out backpacking through the wilderness by yourself or headed out on the trail with a group of friends for an afternoon, communication and the ability to call for help is extremely important for not only your safety, but the peace of mind of your loved ones. One of the more popular devices for this has always been DeLorme’s inReach devices. As one of DeLorme’s bestsellers, inReach provides the ability to not only call for help, but also communicate with others, track your location, and provide peace of mind.

Early last year, Garmin purchased the faltering DeLorme and folded it into Garmin’s expansive GPS empire. And, as with any business acquisition, it shed some doubt on what would happen with DeLorme’s product line. However, fans of DeLorme’s inReach devices will be pleased to hear that Garmin recently introduced two new devices at the 2017 CES. The inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer+ are the first Garmin devices with satellite communication technology, courtesy of DeLorme. read more

Garmin Adds JOIN Cycling Platform to Edge 820, 1000


Garmin announced recently that it has partnered with the cycling platform JOIN to provide some additional features to its popular Garmin Edge 820 and Edge 1000 products.

Available through the Garmin Connect IQ Store and the App Store, cyclists can use the app to find routes across the world, invite others to join them, share experiences, and even create their own routes. read more

Garmin Announces vivofit jr. for Kids

vivofit jr, Broken Red, UNITED STATES

The sport and fitness tracker is expanding at a rapid rate, and with automotive GPS starting to taper in recent years, it’s no surprise. However, most trackers are basically more of the same—designed for adults who are looking to either track their fitness, or simply get reminders to stay active. But, Garmin announced recently that it has released its first fitness tracker for kids: the vivofir jr.

This device is designed completely with children in mind from the waterproofing to the bright fun bands suitable for any child. The stretchy band comes in a variety of colors including black, broken lava, digi camo, purple strike, and a flower pattern. The tracker is designed for children ages four to eight, and there are two sizes of bands to fit every kid.  read more

Garmin Releases New GPSMAP 276Cx


Back in 2004, Garmin released the GPS 276C which was very popular, as it was an all terrain device that could be used on land and sea. Since the navigator was so well-liked, Garmin decided to revamp the device with up-to-date technology and recently unveiled the GPSMAP 276Cx.

“We’re excited to introduce a fresh and versatile update to the classic all-terrain navigator… Back by popular demand, and updated to fit the 2016 user, the GPSMAP 276Cx can handle anything users want to put it through, no matter if they are out on the water, hitting the trails or cruising through city streets,” Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales boasted. read more

Garmin Acquires DeLorme


DeLorme, previously a private company, has been acquired by Garmin Ltd. This was completed in April of this year. DeLorme designs satellite tracking devices with two-way communication and navigation features. The company’s most well know products are its inReach series, which are GPS-enabled devices that allow users to send and receive texts, or an emergency SOS signal, via satellite from anywhere in the world.

“Our inReach technology is invaluable to hikers, hunters, boaters, and pilots who often find themselves in remote areas – Garmin’s core customers. We are looking forward to completing the acquisition and are excited to help leverage our expertise into enhancing their already outstanding products,” said Michael Heffron, CEO of DeLorme. Heffron went on to say the acquisition will expand DeLorme’s consumer base to more markets than they are used to, since Garmin has a global distribution network. read more

Customize your Watch Face with Garmin

fenix lineup 2

Last week, Garmin International released a new app called “Face-It”. This app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Face-It will essentially allow you to customize watch faces on wearable devices with access to Connect IQ.

Face-It will work with newer Garmin devices that are compatible with Connect IQ, including: Fēnix 3, Fēnix 3 HR, vívoactive, vívoactive HR, Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, Forerunner 630, Forerunner 735XT, Forerunner 920XT, D2 Bravo, D2 Bravo Titanium, epix, quatix 3 and tactix Bravo. read more

Garmin Adds Driver Alerts to New Dash Cams


This week, Garmin has released information on its next generation of dash cams, which will provide not only an impartial eyewitness but also some new safety features. Garmin’s dash cams aren’t a huge segment of the GPS company’s business, but it has been working in the market some this year with the release of several new updates earlier this year. While these new units, the Dash Cam 30 and 35 will not include GPS routing, they will come with new features including driver alerts.

The new driver alerts will only be available on the Dash Cam 35 and include: read more

Garmin Announces New Forerunner 25


Garmin has a handful of devices in its up-and-coming GPS running watches, most specifically the Forerunner series. Well, earlier this week Garmin released details on its newest running watch aimed at both beginner runners and people new to the running watch market. Designed to be a successor to the popular hobby running watch the Forerunner 10, this device is even lighter in terms of functionality which may or may not appeal to some.

The Forerunner 25 is, at its core, a pretty basic running watch. It includes the ability to track all of the things you’d expect on an entry-level running watch including distance, pace, heart rate (when using a heart rate monitor), number of steps taken and calories burnt.

The press release doesn’t say anything specifically about tracking route, I would assume that it also does this although I am sure that you’d have to upload the data to a computer to be able to view it. The device also is capable of Live Tracking when compared with a compatible smartphone so that friends and loved ones can follow your runs and workouts. read more