Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin nuvi 1100 for the frugal navigator

Garmin nuvi 1100
UPDATE: I’ve now posted a Garmin nuvi 1100 resource page with links to hands-on reviews.

It was bound to happen. A couple days after my nuvi series disambiguation post, Garmin quietly rolls out another model, the Garmin nuvi 1100. This appears to be a response to $59 Black Friday specials and the everyday ubiquity of $79 PND deals. ‘Tis basically a Garmin nuvi 1200 minus text-to-speech, so you’ll just have to make do with “turn right” rather than “turn right onto Commoditization Boulevard.” There’s no price listed yet, nor does it seem to be available for sale at this point, either online or at brick and mortar retailers. But you can bet a rock bottom dollar that this 3.5” navigator will be hitting store shelves long before Black Friday.

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  1. Gatorguy says:

    Phenomenal job lately keeping us up-to-date on Garmin news. Thanks Rich!

  2. I just won a Garmin Nuvi 1100. I’m thrilled.

  3. I actually bought this in Wal-Mart almost 2 weeks ago…

  4. We bought one in Laural MD. as we we’re vacationing to visit the DC area. Very easy to use. We bought ours at Wal-Mart also for around $100.

  5. I’m writing to find out where are these located for pricing, due to I just won one @ a Health Care Conference last week. However it seems like these 1100 series are no longer marketed. Where can I find information about the 1100 series device only. not one that’s compatible.

    Thank You

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