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Magellan drops NAVTEQ maps for Tele Atlas

Magellan-Tele-AtlasI started hearing rumors about this a few months ago, and today we have confirmation; Magellan portable navigation devices (and apparently apps too) are switching from NAVTEQ maps to Tele Atlas. The Tele Atlas agreement covers other MiTAC owned brands as well – Mio and Navman. It remains to be seen how smoothly the switchover will go, as some early concerns have been posted at GpsPasSion by a few Maggie owners who received the new maps in a recent update.

I asked a source at Magellan about the switchover recently and their somewhat cryptic answer, combined with the wording in today’s news release, leads me to believe that the company may continue to use NAVTEQ maps in their new eXplorist handheld line. On the auto side, there’s no word on when we’ll see Tele Atlas maps preloaded on new devices, although it should be soon since some updates are already incorporating them.

Here’s the full news release.

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  1. I just received a reconditioned Roadmate 1470 that was shipped on November 14, 2010. The unit was a replacement, my previous one had frozen.

    I had purchased and installed the 2010 map in my previous GPS and it seemed to work fine

    With the new unit, (and newest maps) I cannot locate municipalities that were in my previous unit and one street that had been in my previous addresses is in the map, but the name has disappeared

  2. The TeleAtlas maps seem to be fine. My wife has a Tom Tom and the maps are fine. However, there seem to be some issues with the Magellan software. I have TeleAtlas maps and the routes are weird in some cases. In some cases, instead of making a left turn at a light. It will have me go straight, then make a U-turn and make a right. I have had GPSs or years. This one takes me places that no other unit has ever taken me. Including turning onto a dead end street. I think the Magellan software and the TeleAtlas maps are not playing well together.

  3. Hopefully, they will eventually fix this. They have been known to fix some of these issues with firmware updates before. Hopefully, this will be next.

  4. The new Roadmate 5120-LMTX is available at CostCo and appears to use new maps compared to my older 1475T. The map version is 41 – firmware 4.53 and has significant map errors that were not on the 1475T. Magellan doesn’t even have the 5120 on their website yet but content manager says it’s current. I liked the 1475T well enough – not sure I can live with the map “downgrade”

  5. Glad I cam across this information as I was tempted to purchase the Roadmate 5120-LMTX. No wonder they are offering free lifetime map updates – might take a while to get the bugs worked out. I have been using a Roadmate 3220 for a couple of years and its’ maps have lots of disconnects and “recalculating route” where freeways have been modified. Many instances of voice instructions to turn left but the display indicates to turn right. Initially thought it was my hearing and not an error made by the GPS

  6. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. elvisfan says:

    I guess the bottom line is that they are using TeleAtlas maps now. If we are going to continue using Magellan GPS then I guess we have to get used to it. I don’t see what the difference is between the new 5120 and the 5045LM. However, the 5045LM is cheaper at Amazon.

  8. elvisfan says:

    The firmware is now 4.53. I wish I knew what was different between this and the 3.15 I have on my unit. Mine did a lot of strange things. There is no way of knowing if any of that has been fixed, because Costso does not have a working unit.

  9. My Costco has a dummy unit also – an alarming trend where everybody loses – customers waste time buying a GPS they couldn’t try in the store and Costco gets a bunch of returns. I avoided several GPS when I tried the demo units and found you couldn’t enter a zip code – demos with products like GPS are critical – everyone has their preferences and you can’t tell much from a dummy unit.

  10. The traffic is very poor – it will warn me that a road is closed but will not tell me what road is closed or offer to route around it! You have to look at the turns and then look at the traffic map, figure out what turn put you on the closed road and then tell it to avoid the turn – I’m not making this up – what a joke!

    The 1475T(even though the traffic service is discontinued) has better maps as long as you don’t update to the Tele Atlas version of the maps(v41 is Tele Atlas, v37 isn’t)

    I’m returning the 5120-LMTX and going back to the 1475T – really surprised that Magellan couldn’t do better than this…

    • Wow, that sounds really bad!

    • I have the Magellan 5045LM. If it is similar to mine, then you can tap the traffic triangle and it will display a list of alternate routes. Alternate routes are not always available though, but it will say that. Part of the confusion, if there is one, is that the menu option and screen progression changes, perhaps depending on whether traffic is available on your route.

      I wish I had found this site before. I thought Magellan used NavTeq maps. That’s why I bought it. It explains why my maps are so out of date even after updating them with their weird software and map update tool!

  11. Tom Conobre says:

    Roadmap 5120-LMTX now avail at COSTCO for $119.99 ($30 off reg price). Now I know why! Many routings are too weird with several main streets not taken into account. With routing options set to “mostly freeways”, this gps leaves the elevated freeway 1.5 miles prior to the airport exit to take you thru 4 traffic lites at ground level only to needlessly circle the airport terminal complex to get back to the upper level where it would have been had it stayed on the freeway in the first place! Every combination of “routing options” were tried to no avail. I can’t believe Magellan could release such an inferior product. I purchased this for the free map updates and slightly larger screen! This is my first Magellan and it’s also my last! Returning it to COSTCO tomorrow. I’ll stay with GARMIN from here on!

  12. Ian Charron says:

    Grave erreur à Magellan d’avoir passé de NAVTEQ à TÉLÉ Atlas pour les cartes, beaucoup d’erreurs, les cartes de tele atlas ne sont pas à jour,

    ex. des autoroutes qui ne sont pas des autoroutes

    des noms de rues qui ont changés depuis 3 ans qui sont pas encore changés

    GPS ne connait pas les Hôpitaux, reconnait plutôt les cliniques vétérinaires

    Les points (POI) sont tous mélangés ( pas dans les bonnes catégories) et en plus ne trouve pas des endroits TRÈS bien connu.

    Magellan devrait revenir avec NAVTEQ pour les cartes.

  13. I have a 3250 Magellan with 2008 navteq map. I also have a new magellan Road mate with Atlas maps, which are rubbish. It takes me round and round, or it points left instead right. From my home to deer valley airport in Phoenix is to Cave Creek Rd to highway 101. it tell me to turn left to bearsley Rd which is parallel to 101, and it stops two miles with 180 turn, Oh this is the V43 new updtes. And there are many many errors which takes you to nowhere. Also four dry cleaners do not exist, and many other stores. They exist in Navteq but different stores, and is 2008 maps.
    I thing Magellan if it keeps it up, it will not be around in the future. two of the people of Magellan support said that their sales are down, and they have an extreme high volume of phone calls. Today I called them four times and four times I was disconnected.

  14. The new firmware 4.82 is really bad in my 5045lm. Especially if you force it to do a recalculation. I have found that if you set a route and look at it, it will be fine. If you force it to recalculate by skipping a turn or something. It gets totally confused. I have started to cancel the route, then set it up again. This usually works. I hope they get it fixed. I have always liked the interface on the Magellan better, but it is getting to be too much for me. All the errors. Obviously TeleAtlas gave them a better deal.

  15. Simon Fraser says:

    I am extremely disappointed with the canadian maps even my home address is not available… how can i trust my GPS

  16. Ian Charron says:

    Serious mistake to Magellan to have increased from NAVTEQ to Tele Atlas for maps, a lot of mistakes, Tele Atlas maps are not up to date,

    ex. highways that are not highways

    street names that have changed since three years are not changed

    GPS does not know the hospitals, veterinary clinics rather recognizes

    Points (POI) are mixed (not in the right categories) and most can not find the place very well known.

    Magellan should come back with NAVTEQ maps.

  17. I’m glad I read this, I have an OLD magellan and a 1yo Garmin that don’t have free maps. I was going to buy the 5120LMTX today, seems that I’ll stick with Garmin or try Tom Tom.

  18. Stelios Demetriou says:

    My first Magellan GPS was the 3250. Navteq maps. Maps were very accurate and since 2008 maps are still more accurate of a Magellan unit 5250mt roadmate. Lost me totally, it tell me to go left instead right. If I missed the turn it was totally lost. I have to set my destination again in order to work.
    I just bought a Garmin 1450mt. It is accurate, and if I passed my street to turn, it tell me what to do next, without going blank and lost.

    Stelios 12/08/2011

  19. Believe me, it is not just the maps. We have a TomTom and it does not do the crazy things that my Magellan 5045 does. It is a combination of the maps and the software. The old software simply does not work well with the TomTom maps. Instead of having me turn right out of my complex, it has me turn onto a street that does not even go through. Then go out a different way and turn right. The TT does not do that. It is the software. If you make too many reroutes, it gets totally confused. From the entrance to my complex, it is 2 turns to my house. If there are too many reroutes, for example, if you choose not to take the expressway, it will reroute. Once I get to my complex it will have me make 13 different turns. Basically, turn on a street, then make a loop to the main street. Then do that on every street between the start of the complex and my street. I have to cancel the route and redo it to fix it. That has happened on different routes. I keep hoping they fix the software. They did with my Roadmate 1470, until they changed maps. I keep it because I like the interface better then the TT and the Garmin’s. I like the fact that you can tell it least of use of freeways without having to go through the menu.

  20. As of December 8, 2011, nothing has changed for the poor in Magellan Tele-Atlas maps (TOM TOM). Before you put your card up to date, think about it. If you are offered to download new maps, learn from Magellan to see who is the supplier of the proposed version, if Tele-Atlas did not download their maps are full of errors. Complain to Magellan for him to come back with Navteq maps and if you have any examples of errors with the maps Tele Atlas mention them … MORE PEOPLE THIS complain. NAVETQ WILL RETURN

    1-800-707-9971 OR [email protected]

  21. I previously owned a Maestro 3225 unit for about 3 years and loved how it worked. When it died recently (battery) I got a 5120LMTX. Love it too except for garbled voice problems and no MAC update support (And I bitched about this 3 years ago with my Maestro) . Customer support in India said new operating system software (V4.90) for 5120LMTX would fix both these problems. After multiple “I am sorry Mr. K” India phone calls, I still could not find out when this is to be released.

    My map version is 41. Version 43 is current and V45 is due out and NO target date available after “I am sorry Mr. K” India phone calls.

    Content Manager (required for map and operating software updates) is only PC compatible (there is No MAC support) and my “I am sorry Mr. K” India phone calls could not provide an answer as to when MAC support would be available (if ever). As advised by India, I tried to update from a PC and could not do it – Content Manager was useless – Magellan’s “Content Manager How-to” video is ludicrous! It should be effortless to update an software and maps on your GPS and not require someone with a degree in computers to do it.

    The Magellan 5120 LMTX/user interface is great – too bad the user support and update interface sucks. Get with it Magellan Geeks! It should be seamless, effortless and painless on the end users part – PC & MAC! How many years do you need to get it done and properly?

  22. I have a 5045lm and I have version 4.90. However, I saw no difference from 4.84 to 4.90. Still many routing issues. I suggest you download a new version of content manager. It is version 2.4 and it seems to be more stable. For example, with the old version, it would not find my GPS. I had to use my wife’s computer. Now it finds my GPS.

  23. Stelios Demetriou says:

    I have a magellan GPS with all its problems,and me paying for it and getting lost, turn right instead left, I placed it back in its box, and I bought a new Garmin nuvin. It takes me where i need to go. maybe when Magellan management realize what they did, if there are still in management and correct what they did, then I will take it out of the box.

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