Sunday, March 18, 2012

Android PNDs coming?

androidsDigiTimes has a brief article up today, citing several GPS navigator (PND) trends for 2011. Among them…

While most PNDs are based on Linux or Windows CE, some vendors are developing Android models to minimize R&D costs, and to leverage the availability of Android-based applications and connectivity with tablet PCs, handsets and other hand-held devices, the sources analyzed.

Who might we see turn to Android? Don’t expect Garmin to give up their well developed Linux platform. And TomTom just switched to a Webkit interface, which I believe is still running on Windows CE. Which leaves Magellan/MiTAC as the most likely large US vendor to switch their PND operating system to Android.

The article also notes the move to 5” screens, and an increase in processor speeds “to enable video recording of car movement at 1080p resolutions.”

Via DigiTimes

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  1. A Reader says:

    Er, Android is Linux, too.

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