Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin nuvi Advanced series now shipping


UPDATE: Read my hands on reviews of the Garmin nuvi 2495LMT and nuvi 2555LT.

I was prepping a first looks post for tomorrow on the Advanced nuvi series (I lucked into a 2495LMT) when I discovered that quite a few of these models are already shipping, well ahead of the dates we were expecting. Here’s where you can get them…

Model Distinguishing features Garmin GPS City Amazon
2455LT 4.3”
Lifetime traffic
1-3 days In stock In stock
2455LMT 4.3”
Lifetime traffic
Lifetime maps
4-7 days N/A 3rd party
2475LT 4.3”
Lifetime traffic
European maps
Pre-order Est. 10/22 N/A
2495LMT 4.3”
Lifetime traffic
Lifetime maps
Voice command
4-7 days In stock 3rd party
2555LT 5.0”
Lifetime traffic
1-3 days In stock 3rd party
2555LMT 5.0”
Lifetime traffic
Lifetime maps
4-7 days Est. 9/23 Pre-order
2595LMT 5.0”
Lifetime traffic
Lifetime maps
Voice command
4-7 days Est. 9/21 Pre-order

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  1. Waiting to purchase a 2495 or 75 til your review, time for an upgrade, I’m running with a old Nuvi 350 with the flip up antenna. Thanks Rich.

  2. Looking at the manual of the 2595, seems it does not have a powered mount. When do you expect to have a review of the 2595 posted? thanks

    • Yeah, I was expecting a powered mount, and am very disappointed. I should have 2495LMT and 2555LT reviews posted within a few weeks, so hopefully between the two, that should tell you what you need to know.

      • If you don’t mind, would greatly appreciate it if you posted the unit’s startup time. Specifically from the time you push the on-button, to the time the warning message appears. Thank you!!! (you may remember I returned the 2460 because it took ridiculously long to start up)

        • 22 seconds. But it has a sleep mode that brings it back to the lock screen in one second! The manual says it will last weeks on a charge in sleep mode. And the default is sleep mode BTW. To fully power down you must hold down the power key for 3 seconds.

          • Thanks! Sleep mode is a welcome addition.

            What does it do when left plugged into lighter and ignition is switched off? Does it enter sleep mode? Then when ignition is switched on, does it show lock screen in a second?

            I wonder if it enters sleep mode or completely powers off when external power is cut off…

  3. My 3790 is like this. Goes into sleep mode when external power is cutoff unless you cancel. But the 3700 series has an active cradle (like the 3400 maybe?). If you turn it on in the cradle – even without external power – no lock screen is shown. If you turn it on using batteries while NOT in the cradle, you have to double-tap the lock button.

    BTW, I let my 3790 sit for over a month in sleep mode (because I don’t use it now that I have a Montana 🙂 ). When I tried to start it up, I got nothing which is what I expected with a dead battery. But it wouldn’t even start up on external power. Let it charge for an hour…. still would not start. Tried again after 3 hours… still dead. At this point I was getting worried. After 6 hours it started up finally but when I unplugged from external power it gave the low battery warning. I would have expected more of a charge after 6 hours (I was using a genuine Garmin AC charger too). After 12 hours I got a full battery indicator.

    Anyway, just a word of caution if you ever leave one of these sitting for a long time. It may take a number of hours charging before you can actually use it, even on external power.

  4. @ZEnvy – The nuvi powers up automatically when you turn on the ignition. Turn the car off and it says it will power down in 15 seconds, though it actually enters sleep mode. Turn the car back on and it comes back to the main menu in about one second, without presenting a lock screen. Pretty nice.

  5. I found the spot to put in an Sd card,can you tell me how to retrieve the information on the Sd or is it not possible? Other than that, I am very happy with my garmin40. Regards, axelle.

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