Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin nuvi 3550LM and 3590LMT: Super-thin with a 5" screen

Garmin nuvi 3500 Series

UPDATE: I’ve added links to the product pages for the new models (see below).

UPDATE 2: Read my reviews of the Garmin nuvi 3550LM and the 3590LMT.

Torn between the super-thin Garmin nuvi 3400 series and the 5″ 25×5 models? Well fret no more, as Garmin has announced the nuvi 3550LM and 3590LMT, bringing these two popular form factors together. Don’t expect a lot of new features though; this release is all about size and style.

The 3550LM will include lifetime map updates, while the 3590LMT will add Bluetooth, HD Traffic, voice-activated navigation and Smartphone Link support. If you’re ready to plunk down your hard-earned cash, you won’t have to wait long, as both models are expected to be available come February at MSRPs of $369.99 and $399.99 respectively.

Here’s the full news release.

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  1. TheOfficeMaven says:

    There’s some pretty nice photos, and a video, of the nuvi 3590LMT over on Engadget if anyone wants to see what the device actually looks like:

  2. TheOfficeMaven says:

    More info about the 3500 series in the Garmin UK Newsroom:

  3. Rich, Any word on whether Garmin will work with their Navigon division in a future stand alone GPS?

  4. Offthegrid says:

    Rich this should have the ability to save a search right? I don’t see anything on the Garmin website about that feature but its something I’d like to have.

  5. Rich,

    Do you expect to get a 3590LMT for a review?

  6. So…. did ya get the 3590?

  7. So how was playing in traffic??? Will you be releasing your review soon?

  8. Offthegrid says:

    Navteq now has specific HD Traffic coverage maps up on their website.

    The older RDS coverage maps here:

    • Excellent. Thanks for sharing that. I included it in my Waypoints link roundup this morning. I wish you could zoom out on the maps and check fringe coverage.

  9. Hey Rich,

    As you are doing your 3590 review… will you be able to test with SmartLink? Wondering if Garmin has fixed the issue with traffic on Smartlink when connected to the GTM-60?

  10. Ok… so as I have read you cant use the GTM-60 power cord and use the SMartlink traffic at the same time?

  11. Rich, I am in Canada, will the GTM60 work in Canada? I know there is no covergae but will it use the existing coverage that the GTM35 would use. I travel to the US and am contemplating a 3550LM which I can get though a rewards program for nothing and might as well get the best traffic updates available.



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