Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chopper-bound Garmin zumo 340 and 350 clear FCC

Hitting the open road on your Harley this spring? There may be a GPS in your future. The Garmin zumo 340 and 350 have cleared the FCC, so we expect an official announcement in the near future, possibly even later today. Those low model numbers are especially welcome, since many folks are scared off by the 500 and 600 series price tags. These will be the first lower-end motorcycle-friendly units that Garmin has introduced in two years, since the zumo 220. Also noteworthy, these are the first models to drop the nuvi-like flat-form factor in favor of the more Rubenesque shape found on the zumo 550.

If the draft manual from the FCC filing is any indication, there will be LT (lifetime traffic), LM (lifetime maps) and LMT (both) versions offered for the 340 and/or 350.

The new zumos include many of the features from the 2012 nuvi line, such as an updated search screen, map layers and exit services. At least some models offer the ability to save a recent track to the Trip Planner, something more than a few nuvi owners would surely like. Also showing up in the manual is the option to record your bike’s service history.

And no, I’ve no idea what that is sticking out of the top right of the unit in the photo at the top of this post. I see nothing in the manual or other photos (including the one below) to indicate that there is an external antenna. It may just be a screw up, which could be why we’re seeing the FCC info without an official announcement – perhaps someone in Olathe is scurrying around trying to get new PR photos this morning!

Via FCC (expect a big ole security certificate warning if you follow the link, cause the feds can’t get their IT act together)

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  1. Bram Frank says:

    That thing hanging off the Zumo 3X0 is a USB cable.

  2. Looks like they just didn’t do a very good Photoshop job of removing the background to me.

    Rich, I’m wondering if the rounded shape implies that it can be used as a handheld in portrait mode?

    • I’m with you that it’s a Photoshop issue. I don’t see anything in the manual to indicate that they intend it to be used as a handheld, nor anything about portrait orientation. That would be good for trail bikers though.

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