Sunday, March 18, 2012

Connected Garmin nuvi 2598FL clears the FCC

Well this isn’t what I expected to wake up to on Independence Day, but here it is; a Garmin nuvi 2598FL has cleared the FCC. And I would say that the model number is just a place holder, but the documents clearly state that it’s the marketing name and describe it as a connected personal navigation device.

We can’t discerne a lot from the FCC filings, but we can say that the 2598FL comes equipped with a GPRS/GSM/HSPA+ cellular radio.

So what do you think? Is this simply an updated 25xx version of the nuLink 1695? Is the connectivity fee going to be charged as part of an AT&T shared data plan? Does the FL mean it will only be available in Florida? Chime in with your Independence Day speculations. Oh, and feel free to hit the link below, but if you’re squeamish about Web security, just know that FCC links tend to throw an expired security certificate warning.

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  1. Offthegrid says:

    Is that device a 16 by 9 ratio? HSPA+ speeds give this a lot of possibilities. Real time traffic cameras & traffic, detailed weather radar and a lot of other things.

    Does this mean the smart link products were not the success they hoped for?

    I have almost no need now for a gps never mind a connnected device but this does peak my interest.

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