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Oddball Garmins – nuvi 2455LM and 2555LM

Garmin nuvi 2455LM and 2555LM

Garmin nuvi 2455LM and 2555LM; one-off models for the holidays?

Thanks to sharp-eyed reader “A,” we’ve learned of a couple of oddball nuvi units out there, despite their absence from the official nuvi 2012 series list.

The nuvi 2455LM even has its own product page, and appears to have been available down under since this past summer. It seems to have hit North American shores more recently as a holiday special at Sams Club.

Meanwhile the nuvi 2555LM is absent from Garmin’s website, but is available from a couple of sellers via Amazon and a smattering of other places like Costco and BJs.

Basically, these are the 4.3″ nuvi 2455LMT and 5″ nuvi 2555LMT, minus the traffic receiver. When Garmin announced their 2012 line, we saw 2x55LT and LMT units, and now we have ones for folks who eschew traffic models.

It’s not unusual to see one-off units, exclusives and model number variations this time of year. In my Black Friday predictions I mentioned the TomTom  START 50/50TM, VIA 1400M and Garmin nuvi 30LM. Now we have a couple more models to add to the list.

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  1. Jersey Joe says:

    Hi Rich
    I have a TT XXL540TM from a batch before the lemons started coming out and am very happy with it and the ability to tinker with it legally unlike the later models. My question is my older brother is looking for his first GPS which does the basics, has a 5″ screen, basic (not “live”) traffic and hopefully has bluetooth. I know you are partial to Garmin, which I think is a good choice for an older person who just wants to get to a location and has an easy menu, but would you consider a TT for him with its IQ routes and spoken traffic details (10 minute delay ahead, still best route, or reroute?) as opposed to Garmin’s telling you to view the screen for the red lines of traffic? Garmin hasn’t updated to TT’s detailed traffic where you do not need to look at the screen yet, have they? He would keep it between the front seats and mostly listen to the directions. Thanks

  2. Here in Canada, Best Buy and Future Shop sells the Nuvi 2555LM and The Source sells the 2555LMT.

  3. Hi Rich
    What difference between 2455LM and 2455LMT

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