Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video: Garmin’s new Active Lane Guidance feature

Active lane assist Garmin nuvi 2597LMT

Active lane assist on the Garmin nuvi 2597LMT

One of the biggest improvements in the latest Garmin nuvi Advanced and Prestige series models is (IMHO) the active lane guidance feature. It’s simply more clear what lane you are supposed to be in and when to move into it. This is especially true as you approach a multiple exit interchange such as you see above, something that might be labeled Exits 10A and 10B. The older versions of lane assist and junction view simply could not make the maneuver as clear as it is with active lane guidance. 

Here’s a video of it in action…

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  1. When I try to play the video it says it’s private.

  2. I wonder how long until the first lawsuit when some driver switches lanes exactly when the GPS tells them to and sideswipes the car that was already in the lane. But Judge, the GPS told me I needed to switch lanes at that exact spot.

  3. Hmmm …

    Having watched it three times now it just seems far more confusing than helpful, so I’ll be sticking with my 1490. Would have to be a really worthwhile improvement to make me switch from a nuvi that uses the older style ‘route planner’ to a new one using ‘trip planner’.

  4. Your example doesn’t show it but it seems that this feature is limited to single lane, even if multiple lanes lead to the same direction.

  5. Al Castleman says:

    I have a 2797LMT. Works great. Big screen is much easier to see. Lane change feature is very helpful if you are in a large city with a lot of freeways and exits. (ie Dallas and Houston Texas) Glad I updated. Now I need a mount for my motorcycle.

  6. I was trying to find out the differences between the different Garmin models and I found the Compare page but now I am trying to see some of the features like the 2013 Active Lane Guidance feature.
    I am not able to see the video on this page because it says that I am missing a plugin. There is a link that says upgrade and that link leads to a (bogus? and changing) download page (LINK REMOVED) which has malicious software attached. Can you check on that link and tell me how to get the plug-in I am missing so that I can watch the video.

  7. Rich – Would you forgo the Bluetooth and voice activation in the 2595 (and pay $40 more) to get the Active Lane Assist in the 2557?

    • Personally I would give up Bluetooth but really like voice command. The key questions are, do you travel much alone? If so, voice command comes in very handy. And do you need Bluetooth?

      • Lisa Yount says:

        Hi Rich – I almost always travel alone. As far as Bluetooth is concerned, I’m not really sure what it is for. If it is for using the phone while driving, it is not essential. I use a headset with my iPhone. I’m in the market for a new GPS because the screen calibration on my tom-tom is going bad. One of the features I definitely enjoyed with my tom-tom is “leeway “. I believe that is what they call when the GPS asks when you need to arrive to your destination and tracks how far ahead or behind you are in your ETA. I drive a 2005 vehicle, so I do not have any fancy Technology built in my car. I really just want a reliable GPS for under $200 with the most features possible, as I travel long distances by myself for work. Thanks, in advance, for your time and advice.

        • Yep, that is exactly what the Bluetooth is for. The Garmin’s don’t have the leeway feature, but it does always show your ETA on the map screen.

          • So, it looks like if I want voice command, I have to choose between the 2497 and 2597 in order to get active lane assist. Do you have an opinion on these (other than the obvious size difference)? Are there any comparable TomTom models you would recommend?

          • The larger screen is nice if you’re doing manual input. For a TomTom, check out the VIA 1535TM.

  8. I just purchased the 2597 LMT cant seem to get active lane guidance to work. is there a special setting or is it not a service that is available in Canada?

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