Sunday, March 18, 2012

Navigation fail

Navigation fail

What’s wrong with this picture?

Take a close look at that screenshot above. Do you see the error?

Yesterday, my wife was driving us home from our trip to Michigan when I heard her say, “which way do I go?” I looked up and saw the screen above. What’s going on is contradictory directions. The pane on the left and the top bar show the correct maneuver, bearing right to I-71 South. The Junction View image on the right however, indicates that we should go left to I-71 North. I’ve never seen this type of error before.

We were using the new Garmin nuvi 2497LMT, which otherwise performed pretty well on a trip of nearly 2,000 miles.

I’m assuming this is a database error, where junction images were miscategorized in some way. Have you ever seen anything like this? What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever encountered on your GPS?



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  1. Atlas Cached says:
  2. Happens with TomTom as well! Last week I was traveling south of Asheboro, NC and my TomTom GO Live 1535’s voice said to keep left on the highway (about 4 lanes, I recall). The onscreen map on the other hand said to take the exit right! Split second guess to trust the map not the voice meant I took the correct road. Scared the heck out of my elderly sister. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a piece of paper to note the exact location so as to report to Map Update.

    I’m still waiting to hear of an accident case where the victim blames the GPS.

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