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Garmin Air Vent Mount review

Garmin nuvi air vent mount

I’ve been testing Garmin’s new air vent mount (also available at Amazon) for the past few weeks and wanted to share how it’s gone. I’ve tested other vent mounts before but have never come across one I liked enough to stick with.

The Garmin mount has a couple of arms that you can see below, which slide into the vent around a louver. Then you tighten them using the twist knob. There is also a hinged support arm that rests near the bottom of the vent.

Garmin nuvi vent mount

I did lose satellite reception once while using the mount, but only momentarily, and that could have been due to the unit (a 2497LMT) being placed farther away from the windshield. I live in mountainous terrain and don’t expect this would be an issue for most people, especially if you use your GPS on a regular basis.

The more significant issue I ran into (in my Honda Accord) is that it made it impossible to adjust the vent louvers vertically. Horizontal movement was also limited but less so. Still, it’s the best vent mount I’ve ever tried so if it appeals to you, I say go for it.

Here’s a quick video I shot of it (a little fuzzy due to the short focal length)…

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  1. Thanks for the write up. While I like the concept of vent mounts, I’ve always been scared of them for two reasons; 1) I feel like it’s too much stress on the thin vent louvers considering the weight that is being supported, and 2) that the constant cold air directly onto the back of the mounted device greatly increases the potential for condensation inside of the device when operating with AC (a lot of vents can’t be fully closed when a vent mount is in use). I like how Garmin has attempted to address the weight issue with the fold down support that can be propped on the bottom of the vent, but, what is your opinion of operating an electronic device while chilled air is constantly directed aginst the back of it? Thanks again for all that you do.

    • Interesting. I never thought of that, although I did consider that it would cool some units which tend to run hot. This is especially true for the 3xxx series.

  2. Can’t say enough about this Vent mount, works great, I hate mounting on windshield, this cures the issue completely. I too live in a mountainous region, but have not lost the signal using the Vent mount. It is a great addition to your Garmin. In my opinion, this is a must have if you do not like the windshield mount or mounting on your dash. Two thumbs up!

  3. Ralph Stern says:

    This mount has been great for rental car use. There has been only one car in which the viewing angle was marginal. I do not thnk that a vent mount is a good solution for long-tern use.

    • Why? Do you think there is wear and tear on the vent?

      • Ralph Stern says:

        Three reasons:
        1. For everyday use I like a more secure mount;
        2. it limits use of the vent; and
        3. it probably does increase wear and tear on the vent.

        • Thanks Ralph.

        • I use this vent clip everyday and it is very secure, also my viewing angle(s) has been great on my vehicle. I think this clip might just depend on what type of auto you drive. I drive a Toyota Sienna, like I stated in an early post, it works awesome. My wife has a Prius, it would be difficult to use with that model car.

          Thanks, Andrew.

  4. I have a ’06 Hyundai Elantra. The vents are vertical, not horizontal. Is your write-up saying that it will work on my vehicle. I have the 7″ garmin nuvi which has a significant weight to it. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for this review.

    i was considering buying a garmin gps, but with this information I know they are still the best 😀


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